Venom is a great movie …

So, this weekend I saw Venom. A Sony movie loosely based on the Marvel character of the same name and truly this is the only thing the Marvel character and movie have in common. The movie itself is fun and satisfying for a big budget CGI fight fest. Venom doesn’t hold back in the action or head biting and you genuinely have fun watching.

BUT, it’s not a true Venom movie.

This movie is about alien invasion a new take on the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, at least that’s how I looked at it because it’s not the true Venom.

Venom is a direct causality of Peter Parker rejecting the symbiote. It’s a psyche that cannot be ignored in the historical makeup of Venom. Spiderman is as much Venom as Eddie Brock. Why you ask? Are you not familiar with how Venom became Venom? Let’s look at how Venom came to be. To do this we have to go waaaay back to 1984 and read Secret War were Spiderman’s suit is tattered and he uses a machine that he believes will make fabric but instead a black sphere comes out and envelopes him creating the now Iconic “black suit”.

Now we are not going into the whole storyline (but you should read it) step by step but Peter “wears” the black suit for some time enjoying the unlimited webbing and enhanced strength. Until its realized that suit has bonded with Peter and is in fact alien. During this time, we are introduced to Eddie Brock a beat reporter for the Daily Bugle. At some point Brock is discredited and he of course blames Peter Parker at the same time Peter is struggling to remove the symbiote from permanently bonding with him.

Through sound waves Peter is able to remove the symbiote. When the Symbiote flees Spiderman’s body it finds Eddie Brock distraught over losing his job and contemplating suicide. After bonding with Eddie Brock Venom is born, his power set is based off of Spiderman’s from its time of being bonded. His level of insanity is coupled with Eddie Brocks hatred of Peter Parker and Venoms hatred of Parker’s rejection.

Taking this away removes everything that makes Venom, Venom. This movie would have been a great second Venom movie, first the origin with Spiderman and second the ensuing invasion of the symbiotes. See the movie it’s fun, just remember you are watching an alien invasion movie not Venom.

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