#UsUnited: Remember November 17th for the VICTORY Not the Despair

As we approach the anniversary of one of the most disappointing films in recent history, we must not live in the Despair of that but rather live in the Victory of the monumental achievement in pop-culture fandom. We must remember that this was the day fans came together as one to to not simply fight for a film but more importantly artistic integrity.

When Justice League released in 2017 some thought the film would fix the perceived wrongs the franchise made thus far after four previous movies. Sitting here three years later it has become abundantly clear this particular movie is a prime example of many of the issues which have plagued the entertainment industry for decades.

Even before Director Zack Snyder left the project for personal reasons, he had been pushed to his limit in unreasonable requests interfering with his artistic vision of the story he was hired to tell. Speculation was already running rampant prior to Zack stepping down where it was believed drastic changes were taking place when Avengers Director Joss Whedon was brought in to “help” with re-writes. It wasn’t until the movie released that fans began to see that what was happening behind the scenes was far worse than could have been imagined.

White Washing, muddled story-telling, threats on set, a disconnected cast and crew. This is just a few examples of what happened during production of 2017’s Justice League.

If Hollywood wasn’t going to rectify this, the fans had to.


November 2019, after two years of gathering the troops on a united front, fans around the world, as well as some well known contributors to the film, stood together making noise and causing Warner Media, Hollywood and the rest of the World take notice. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut became one of the biggest trends on social media. All for a movie that had never been released.

Prior to this particular event, the movement made small splashes around the World with billboards, airplane banners and a steady social media presence. However, it wasn’t until November 17, 2019 when everyone came together a tsunami was formed.

Jump to May 20, 2020, the World is in the midst of a pandemic and the future, as a whole, looked bleak. There was no better time for Zack Snyder to reveal the ramifications of that November 2019 event. In a very nonchalant way with his wife Debbie, Superman himself Henry Cavil and a handful of diehard fans Snyder revealed what we all hoped to see. Warner Media had agreed to Release The Snyder Cut and it was coming in 2021.

The fandom exploded with excitement and questions began to run wild. Is the Snyderverse being restored? Will we see the cancelled Ben Affleck Batman movie? What does this mean for the DCEU as a whole?

While the full ramifications of this exciting news is still yet to be officially confirmed, something else began to happen. The pieces of the puzzle in understanding what transpired during production started coming together. Cyborg actor, Ray Fisher, found the courage to come forward with allegations of mental abuse, racially charged motives and more… The door blew open.

Currently there is an investigation going on and the hope is all the wrongs will be righted thus changing Hollywood for the better moving forward.


The story of this incredible movement will be told in an amazing way this coming February when Sean O’Connell’s book, Release the Snyder Cut: The Crazy True Story Behind the Fight That Saved Zack Snyder’s Justice League, is released. But for those of us who lived through it and partook in the journey, we must always remember how this all came to be.

While there is a small group of loyal fans who truly began the movement, it grew into something larger than anyone could have ever dreamed. If you are someone who used the hashtag, donated to AFSP, posted blogs, created videos and more. It all helped make this a reality and pushed the message to heights not seen before.

If it wasn’t for all of you, none of this would be possible.

Fans will forever be grateful for those first few who took the initiative giving us all a chance to have our voice heard. Hollywood has faced many movements and fandoms in the past, but they never faced a fandom like ours, especially not #UsUnited.

Make sure to make your voices heard on November 17th, 2020 using the Hashtag #UsUnited on all social medias. This is to be used in celebration of the victory of artistic integrity and so much more. No reason you can’t use other hashtags related to the amazing work the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement has done thus far. Also keep your eyes peeled as the Spoilerverse will cover any and all of the news that drops that day.


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