Update on Wytches TV Show From Scott Snyder!

Recently Scott Snyder was on the Spoiler Country podcast to promote his new book with Tony S. Daniel Nocterra 1 (On kickstarter now) and Kenric asked him about Wytches and the planned movie by Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B (they bought the movie rights to the series back in 2014).

So the, they decided, they repurchased it for TV because they read more of our plan for arc three and decided that they wanted to expand those mythos. So then we were like, alright, if you involve us more. And so they hired Jock as art director and me as (writer), to do the pilot and to do a couple episodes of it. So we’re starting that right now. Yeah, I’m really excited. So I don’t even think it’s like public yet, but we’re in the middle of that.

Scott Snyder on the Spoiler Country podcast

Check out the full interview below:

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