Two Men and a Baby – A Review of The Mandalorian – Chapter 2

After an excellent and explosive first episode of Disney+’s new series, The Mandalorian. Excitement for episode two was out of this world. Our first adventure in the first ever Live Action Star Wars show had a lot to live up to.

Chapter 2 didn’t disappoint.


The Journey Begins

After finding his mark at the end of the last episode the Mandalorian now has to escort this 50 year old toddler to the Client. However, just like any good story things don’t go as easily as the characters would like. He and the child are making their way to leave the planet but are confronted by a group of Trandoshan’s. After dispatching of the group, one by disintegration.

They continue their journey through the barren lands of Tattooine. At one point we see the Mandalorian aiding a wound to which the child walks over and appears to want and try and help but is quickly put back in its levitating bed.

Upon arriving at his ship the Mandalorian sees Jawas ransacking and stripping it of all its mechanics. In a very western type sequence the Mando chases the Jawas who are in their Land crawler. He, in epic fashion, makes an attempt to board the vessel and reclaim his property but is quickly dispatched by a handful of the little despicable creatures.

Kuiil Has Spoken

Kuill the Ugnaught returns in the series after the Mandalorian, no without a ship, makes his way back to Kuill’s moisture farm in hopes that he can assist him on getting back to his journey.

The Mando, voicing his displeasure about the Jawas, is corrected by Kuill and informed that he will have to go and barter with the Jawas to get his parts for his ship back. This sends the two men and the child on a quest.

After arriving at the Jawa camp it’s discovered that the Mandalorian has nothing to trade. Because of this a deal is struck where he will go retrieve an egg.

Battle for the Egg

With the child at a safe distance the Mandalorian takes on a rhino-like creature to retrieve the egg the Jawas desperately desire. After failing multiple times to subdue the creature the Mando only holds up a knife at the charging creature, believing all is lost, when all of a sudden the creature stops and begins to float.

The Mandalorian looks over at the child to see it’s eyes closed and reaching out towards the creature. Just then the child, worn out, falls back into it’s bed and falls asleep. The creature drops to the ground and the Mando is able to stab it with his knife ending its life.

The Journey Continues

With Egg in hand the Mandalorian returns to the Jawas and receives the parts for his ship.

He and Kuill then make the repairs needed. Before the Mando and the child leave the planet on their way to the client.


Directed by Rick Famuyiwa Chapter 2 wasn’t exactly as exciting as the first in the series. But was an absolute treat to watch. Clocking in at roughly 28 minutes of actual story we begin to see where things may be going while still raising questions.

For me this episode was more in line with what I was expecting to get. An episodic formulaic show taking its good old time getting from point A to point B.

Obviously we knew there would be something special about this child immediately upon seeing it. The fact that it has Force abilities is an interesting twist. Especially since at this time in the story the Jedi have been all but extinct for more than 25 years. What could this mean for the grander universe? Will there be a connection to this being and Luke Skywalker at some point?

The lack of dialogue in this episode enhanced the scenes between the Mando and child. Absolutely an excellent choice by the writer and director. The Western feel is still prevalent and the aesthetic of the universe is as much Star Wars as we have ever gotten.

With two episodes in the bag, what questions do you have in regards to this series? What is the importance of the child? Will the Mandalorian hand the child over to the client? Let us know in the comments below!

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