TRC: Disney’s Looking to Buy Fox

What’s happenin’ and thank you for tuning in to The Remote Control Podcast, a Podcast were A Couple Nerds Geek out about Movies, TV, Video Games, Music & More.
 This week we were joined by our good friend, Jonathan Phelan.
On this week’s episode we will be talking the CW Arrowverse, everything happening in the DCEU and continue to build up the Justice League hype. With that with also talk about the hype around Ultra INstinct Goku in the newest episode of Dragonball Super. With eveyrything else thats going on, we find time to discuss the newest releases in videogames, and the newest fighters added to injustice 2. For the topic of the episode, everyone discusses what the possiblities could be if Disney strikes a deal with 20th Century Fox.
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