TOT#22 – 4th Anniversary Special!

Welcome to our Fourth Anniversary Special TOT! This episode is a lot of behind the scenes and some looking back at how we started. This wasn’t meant to be a fourth anniversary episode, but it turned into one!

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TOT ani 4 part 1

[00:00:00] John: So we’ve had a new cable. This is a world’s best camp. That’s what I have.

Kenric: Holy shit.

John: World’s best cable is fucking zoom. Just like yelled in my ear at this meeting is being recorded. Like super loud for that. We’ve

Kenric: done this before and we’re like, shit, we should have recorded.

John: Yeah. Yeah. Got ourselves some motherfucking shirt, but I was on the mic so often lately.

I know. Right? Kind of blurry.

Kenric: No. Are you using the  same one you have? Yeah. Yeah. Did you download the the logic tech camera

John: settings? No, but it’s not, it’s not my camera

Kenric: cam control because then it’s not like an off the autofocus and stuff.

John: Well, it’s not out of focusing on me. It just doesn’t look right

Kenric: yet.

John: Oh, there we go. That looks better.

Kenric: Yeah. Now you can see all your

John: mess. Yeah. Ooh, that looks, I don’t know if I like that. My room is a [00:01:00] mess.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. I can’t wait to hear, I’m gonna move the camera done, dude. You have no idea. So excited to get it fucking, just duck, still see my mess. Fuck. I got a thing in the middle of my nose, so I’ll get that right in the bridge.

What was that about? No,

John: you know, I guess that’s better. I’ll be a little crooked now. The hell.

So if you don’t release them, it’d be riveting watching us change our cameras.

Kenric: All

John: right. Whoa. Oh, let there be light. When the fucker,

Kenric: the blue light there, I just do a, a slight tinge. I think it looks pretty good

John: now. You’re super fucking, now you’re getting loud as

Kenric: hell. Yeah. See, I think it’s something on your side, dude.

John: Or maybe your mic had to warm up.

Kenric: No, my mic had a warm up.

Come on.

One thing with the road. It was one that was road Mike’s dude. You could fucking run them over and they still work. [00:02:00] Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, that’s sure SMB seven is that it is a nice mic.

John: Yeah, I like it so far. I was I was beatboxing to earlier. Oh God, I didn’t recall it though. How bad was it? It was amazing.

Kenric: What’d you think of Jeff’s did you watch it or did you just, just that little segment

John: I watched part of it. I didn’t have it. I didn’t have time to watch all of it, but I mean, what I watched was fine. Yeah. Yeah. I was trying today. I had to get edited out R make my Marvel TV. Low-key one and two. I got that one done and throw off Maureen goo, which goes out tomorrow about talking.

With Casey come out, comes out fine. Casey, didn’t record it side by side. So it records like who’s talking back and forth, which is, which is, I guess, fine, whatever, but it just means that I’m not going to have, I wasn’t going to go through and like put up their tags every time it was switched back and forth.

Yeah. So I went through and I put up like once and I was like, okay, [00:03:00] that’s fine.

Kenric: That’s when you use that crawling.

John: Yeah, I don’t, I haven’t, I haven’t forgot how to do calling texts and Vinci. I haven’t tried.

Kenric: You just Google it. I’m sure. I know. I know. I just find it. I think I sent it to you.

John: You did, but I haven’t had, like, I haven’t had the spare time to learn something new in it where I’m just trying to, I’m just trying to literally try to get the next episode out right now

Kenric: first day.

And like a week in like two and a half weeks, I think that I didn’t do 12 hours. Right. And so then when I’m done, I’m so burnt out. I can’t fucking do shit. I don’t want to do it.

John: Yeah, no, I get it

Kenric: today. That’s why I was on a meeting and did Jeff’s I didn’t even listen to it. All I did was I did it all through.


John: if, if we released, as we told, listen to every everything, we totally double check

Kenric: everything. Yeah. So actually, you know what.

[00:00:00] John: I don’t care.

Kenric: That’s easy. No, we’re back. I just didn’t want to say what we’re saying. And then yeah, we leave it in somewhere secrets people can’t know about. Right, right. It wasn’t really that big a secret it’s just right now, there’s an asshole. We don’t want to say that

John: I’m there

now. But talking about, you know, we, we, we, we released so many episodes of a week right now and it’s right now, we’re behind. We’re just behind. But if we went out Monday, if Monday, Wednesday, Friday were our interview release days every Monday, Wednesday, but those were interviews only. We have the editors of the week for like, whatever quick,

Kenric: quick releases, if we have to, whatever it is.

Yeah. Quick

John: release is a taught make mine Marvel TV or anything like that. We can do this with any of the day of the week. We just keep Monday, Wednesday, Friday is a static day for interviews. Yeah. I mean, if we did that, that would kind of, that would relieve some stress.

Kenric: I think we should do something like that.

And, and honestly, it’s [00:01:00] like, I want to help dude, but like right now, I’m so fucking far behind at the moment at the job that pays my bills. I can’t, you know, I can’t, what do you do? You know what I mean? Yeah. And it’s terrible, dude, when you’re like, oh, I’m doing this and I’m getting, and I know it has to be stressful for you, you know, it’s super stressful.

And I don’t think, and it shouldn’t be, this is supposed to be our fun time. Right, right. Not, not that it should, none of it should be stressful. And I just kind of feel like

it just, it doesn’t

John: make sense. Yeah. Well the only, my only, the only contention I have is if we start releasing enemy only Monday, Wednesday, Friday, with the exception of one that had to be prompted and quickly. Yeah. That puts us where every endeavor we do from today forward is not going to be released for three and a half to four months.

Kenric: I think that’s fine. If it, it depends on who. Yeah. And got to, it’s just the way

John: of the world. I mean, got to make sure that people know that that like, Hey, you’re going to, you’re not going to drop for three or four months just because of [00:02:00] how many people we have do interviews. We have, you know, you, Jeff Casey, Renee and Melissa, sometimes me you know, it’s like, and we’re doing, we’re still, still, we’ll still interview on like five or six people a month.

But I think we got it. I’m fine doing it three a week, you know, and moving forward. But we need to, we need to make sure Jeff tells people are, or each interviewer tells people, Hey, unless if you need this released by a certain date, you need to know because it’s the right timing for like your book coming out or your movie or TV show come out or whatever.

Or if if you don’t care, then we can throw it into wherever it needs to go. When it, whenever it comes out, you know, we need to know these things. And if we know that

Kenric: about charging for people that want it a quick.

John: That’s awesome. I don’t think we’re quite there yet, but that may mean

Kenric: putting a tear in it and it’s not it look more happy to do it all for free, not a big deal, you know, but if it’s for free, you have to understand the amount of people that are in the queue.

It’s not that we don’t want to get you pushed out it’s that we just have this many people wanting to get on this.

[00:03:00] John: Yeah. I mean, we’re doing five to sometimes 10 interviews a week right now. Yeah. Yeah. It’s nuts. Nuts during the six of us. I mean, I only do, I only do like a one a month maybe because I don’t like doing them, but yeah,

Kenric: but it’s nuts.

Yeah. But you do enough, you don’t need to do them. Right. You know, it’s like, Dude, we can’t sustain this and have it actually keep going unless we had money coming in. Yeah. And

John: we could pay somebody. And so those are the only two things that he thought about. There’s two things that like, I make me reserved about going to three weeks.

Yeah. We don’t have to be three. It can be four. I mean, no, but it dropped dropping down anything besides daily, right? Yeah. Even though we’re not quite doing it right now, because we’ve lost like three weeks with my back surgery and because everything else kind of behind it, And you’re going to think it’s a stupid, you’re gonna think I’m silly, but like, I really had that mental, like goal of hitting a thousand episodes by my birthday.

Kenric: No, I know you did. I know you did. And then we can still try to hit that

John: where 275 episodes away.

[00:04:00] Kenric: Yeah. And you get almost a year. Yeah. So like, am I to hold faith, man?

John: We’ve got

Kenric: why can’t we do a thousand by my birthday.

John: This is my 40th birthday. And it’s kind of cool to have a thousand on my

Kenric: 40th, whatever nothing happened in my forties when I was doing my 40th to take care of him. Yeah, mom,

John: 40th. We’re doing a podcast.

Kenric: Four people call me to say happy birthday and my sister and my brother and Tofino

John: bullshit.

I know I texted cause you were here at Mon. We were probably talking about.

Kenric: Probably, but I’m just saying, you know what I mean? It wasn’t like some big, special thing. And then when I hear people, oh, you got to do for my 40th and just like, yeah, fuck you. I don’t want to

John: do anything big. I want to do the podcast.

We have 252 days to make 275 episodes. It might happen. I mean, it happens to be super cool cause I, yeah, but I mean, it [00:05:00] doesn’t, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t, I mean, we’ll still hit a thousand next year. Anyways.

Kenric: Have you noticed how much better Eli’s art is getting? Yeah, he has like a definite style to it. Oh yeah.

You know what I mean? But it’s gotten better and better and better for the style that he does. Well,

John: yeah, he’s doing it like every day. All the time. Yeah. Yeah.

Kenric: It’s kind of. I mean, it’s not funny. It’s cool. It’s super

John: cool. I think I wish Eli would join us for the verse, but it’s a whole nother, a whole nother can of worms.

Kenric: I know he doesn’t even do the meat. What the meme anymore?

John: Well, he, he he’ll do them if we, if we, if we, if we give them a topic. Oh,

Kenric: really deep. A deeper meaning, a deeper meaning. Yeah. I mean, it’s just a great time. You’ll do it

John: if you give them a topic, but I just haven’t, I haven’t had time to find one that’s into them.

4th Anni Tot Part 2- COMBINED: Yeah.

Kenric: Yeah. Well, yeah, it’s just a. Let’s see, I said that mic sounds good, dude.

John: Yeah. The Shure SM seven B. Got it for, I was shocked. I lived there was legit sock. I mean, [00:06:00] that’s a pretty big gift for.

Kenric: Yeah, he just wants his car. So it’s just buttering.

John: I don’t think that I don’t think that’s it, but

Kenric: share, share, keep telling yourself that buddy.

John: I was going to do it. So I have, I’ve got the pro-Castro back there and I’ve got the over here. I’ve got the, the super 55, right? I was going to do a comparison. I put them all in the same time, like compare back and forth. Yeah. I haven’t had, I haven’t had time that I’ve been one today’s my first day back at work for my back surgery.


Kenric: How is your back feeling? I was

John: doing good. It’s it’s sore and it hurts. But I don’t have the nerve pain down my leg anymore. I mean, I’m walking on and not have to like stop.

Kenric: And it was so funny because you had the back surgery the next day is like my mom’s birthday and you and Kaylee Pope, like, doesn’t it.

Picture from like five years ago, you holding two kids and I’m like, and all I see is you holding up two kids and what I’m like, what the heck are you doing? And all those kids are two

[00:07:00] John: 13 in that picture.

Kenric: I just saw you pick it up two kids, one in each arm. And you literally just had back surgery that like the date.

John: Yeah. Well then the next day I ended up Cody graduated high school. So we went to his graduation, which was nice. And I was like, we couldn’t walk, you know? No, I ended up using Kaley as a, as a cane.

So I hold her hand, like walked next to her.

Kenric: When you get to have around, it’ll take you where you want to go.

John: But I got to put our monitor leaned on her for the whole day. It was super quick. Like, what they did is we drove up, we dropped him off. He walked through the school. We drove around parked and they had like five bays and we went to, we went to bay number three, which is great. Cause I’m the third, the three’s my favorite numbers worked out well.

And then it was like, we stood there. Maybe 10 minutes as came down, watch across, they read his name that I’ll share it. We recorded it, walked down and took some pictures and left

Kenric: at the high school, [00:08:00] around the corner from my house. They literally posted all the seniors pictures on the lawn. I’ve got it.

I’m like, I would hate that if I was a senior, I would be

John: like, no, don’t mind pushing the fucking laundry.

Kenric: Yeah. What are you doing? It’s so, so Tofino and Ella are going. To Michigan tomorrow. Oh, nice. For three weeks.

John: So we’ll have kind of podcast

Kenric: tomorrow. We’re going to have lots of time to podcast

John: Kaylee.

This week is going over to her friend Jackie’s house all week because they just bought a new house, deep cleaning because it’s disgusting. So they bought it and the old owners left it and, you know, Yeah, they left a bed there they’ll to a bunch of shit there except to go to the Dom and Katie’s going to have to help them.

And I, unfortunately, unfortunately, unfortunately I can’t help them cause my back I’ll be coming over the next weekend to help stuff. But this weekend I got to relax. So all, all this week from like three to like nine or 10:00 PM. Well, I’m here myself

Kenric: tomorrow. I am taking my mom [00:09:00] to dinner. Oh, nice. You should go.

I should go back to Europe. Yeah. And do an episode and get back to money plays, baby brown, chicken brown,


John: Yeah. We came back here and this one is awesome. I got, I got, I got Mike.

Kenric: Yeah. Get the mix for it, man. I am sweat.

John: If we come here, I can give you your comic book. Oh, you found it? Yeah, I kept it. I kept it the same place to sit and write. Hey Joel, let’s see. Is it like three years ago? Oh, dude. It’s from like five per yeah,

Kenric: it’s the, it’s the the Wolverine, right?

John: It’s let’s see. I think it’s right here. Yeah. It’s the X one

Kenric: X 23. Yeah. Yeah.

John: Yeah, next 23, a variant cover from Comicon Comicon, but yeah. Yeah. It’s it’s I got it right here. It’s frightening. Yeah. As soon as I found it, as soon as I found I put it on my [00:10:00] shelf next to my desk and left it there.

Kenric: Yeah, that was cause you got the teenage mutant ninja turtle one

John: or something like that.

The team 91, I got the salmon one

Kenric: and I was like, okay, I

John: got the team and team. When we got it, we

Kenric: got signed. You had to give one away to someone that sucked. It was one that we both wanted to. Yeah. But now I don’t remember what it was.

John: It was T T T teenage mutant ninja turtles, and a Sakio Jimbo. We had signed and sketched by Stan.


Kenric: That’s right. We put money in is a thing for the heart foundation or what is it called? Hero foundation. Heroes

John: foundation. Yeah. Your initiative hero initiative. There you go. That’s what it is. We actually had one of the people from the heritage stuff on the podcast a long time ago should go check that out, but I can’t know what the name was, so yeah.

Kenric: Just so you guys know this is sports for country. Yeah. Welcome back to school. I got drink. I haven’t done that in a long time. Woo that’s right. Yeah, I did it so often that [00:11:00] when you tried to do the intro, that one time, I like it. You can’t have you do

John: it later on,

Kenric: later on. And then I was like, all right.

I’ll. Yeah, but now it’s just like,

John: We have so much going on. I want to get back to doing the code, opens the intros and stuff. I liked it. I liked, I had notice of the shows, but there’s this right now.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. The cold intros are fun. Yeah. Yeah. They’re a fun

John: thing. See my cool tattoos.

Kenric: I did. You got stars?

John: Yeah. Stars on my wrist. And then I got the Avengers thing right here.

Kenric: Like which Avengers?

John: Hold on. I’ll show you. Let me get listed from the British TV show. No, what the fuck? I don’t know. Yeah. So it’s like the AA for Avengers, captain America, the arrow for Hawkeye. So there’s like a whole thing. And there’s a whole thing about it means

Kenric: the guy that literally is not it’s the DC PERT guy and he gets a fucking Marvel tattoo.

John: Well, there’s, there’s reason behind it. Right? So the reason behind it is because your wife told [00:12:00] you to do it like the opposite. My mom’s birthday is May 3rd, right? More of a releases that our vendor’s movie for a long time, it came out on the weekend of May 3rd. Okay. That’s when, well, even before that, like Spider-Man and X-Men, and Spider-Man came on May 3rd, always went through a

Kenric: Marvel movie instead of celebrating your mom’s birthday.

John: We went with her, it was the thing my dad and my whole family did. Right. And we still do it at least when we can we go together as the Marvel thing, I was on her birthday. And it’s, it’s mainly with my dad and my mom and stuff. 10 years ago where mom was turned. Well, mom turned 60. Hey mom, when you’re seven years old, we’re going to tattoo together.

She goes, yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever show me. No, no. I’m going to hold you to a mom say guess because, okay. Yes, I’m great. In 10 years, when you turn 70, we’re getting a fucking tattoo. She goes, I reminded her when she turned 69. Hey mom, next year, we’re getting a tattoo. You said? Yes. She goes, no, I did. I’m like, no mom, I have witnesses.

Fuck I did. And I shouldn’t say fuck someone, doesn’t say, fuck. Yeah, I did. [00:13:00] And so all year we’ve been talking about yeah. And she went through three. She did. She went first. So,

Kenric: if, if I got a tattoo, I should get one. This is the planes, the plane.

John: Why? Because it’s a tattoo.

But yeah, so she did it on her. So my mom got all the same tattoo. My mom got it. I got it, Hailey got it. My sister got it. Cody got one and manipulate to get one. So all six of us got the same tattoo. Nice. And the while I was there, since we were paying for the a hundred dollars for the hour, anyways, the tattoo literally took less than four minutes to do.

Yeah. I had it that we kill and I both got stars on her wrist. The long story behind that is when you came. When I first got together, we had this like kids tattoo kit, like not to kid, but like temporary tattoos, right? Yeah. And it were these little starfishes that were just basically like stars and Kelly had put them, put them on her wrist.

I used to call her my in-laws starfish because she had dark on her res, which is very, every emo plays to get tattoos. I was kind of making fun of her, but in a joking, me loving my, [00:14:00] so for a long time, I called her the nickname was email starfish. I actually forgot about the email star. First thing. But she always wanted the stars on her wrist.

And so finally come full circle. We just went ahead and did it. You guys are

Kenric: dorks. I love it.

John: We have the tech stars where they’re open in the middle so I can color them in if I want to. I want color. I can add color to them. Yep. Yeah. Not, not, not, not, not tattoo color, but like I’ll take a marker and colored in for the day or something.

So I can change the color. Right? One day I have a blue, red, or pink or whatever, you know, why not?

Kenric: So that the guitar one looks a little faded, dude, you might need

John: a, yeah. One is a nine years old. It’s time

Kenric: to

John: touch it up. I got it when I was 30

Kenric: and you should start you in. That tattoo cream that you can get.


John: Yeah. Yeah. I think about my next tattoo. So, you know, this one, so it’s funny. Cause Kaylee has more nerdy tattoos than I do. [00:15:00] Yeah. She has to Harley Quinn diamonds on her hip and now they have Andrew’s one. So I got my next tattoo will be a DC tattoo. Nice. So I think I’m only going to get there’s this really cool design of like it’s a Batman holiday Quinn.

Yeah. It’s a Batman it’s like the Batman symbol from like Batman begins sorts, like the straight lines on the top. And it has like some, some coloration to the designs of the diamonds inside of it. So, okay. I like that one. Or I’ll get the original 1938 Superman shield.

Kenric: There you go. That’ll be cool.

John: But I’ll do it. I’ll do it. I’ll probably do it just black and gray. I won’t do color it and apply it and I’ll probably do it like right here in my chair. Well, as it goes, I’ll be getting it from my dad, you know,

Kenric: so

John: well, not in the middle. I’ll put it off to the side. I’m not going to in the middle. Not that dorky.

It’d be awesome. Did we do it in the middle? I’d have to get it all the Avengers tattoo on my chest right here. Cause I want to go, I wanted it like this big, but I ended up doing it there and I got the stars instead. So

[00:16:00] Kenric: yeah. Sometimes I think about getting a tattoo and then other times I’m just like, I don’t think I’ve liked anything enough to put it on my body.

That I’m still going to enjoy being there five years from now.

John: Oh, I see. I got my mega mega guitar nine years ago and I still love it. Well,

Kenric: there you go. That’s good. See, I’m just saying, be personally I can think of anything. That’d be like, oh yeah, I’ve got to have that. And then be able to,

John: what have you and I, what if I designed a spoiler country tattoo without words?

Just to cut through the hula for us and you and I got a sweat country tattoo together.

Kenric: Yeah. I don’t know, dude, I’ve gone this long with no tattoos. I kind of liked the fact that I don’t have any tattoos. Cause I feel like everybody, I know has tattoos. It used to be like this, like, oh you don’t, you got a tattoo.

Cool. Let me see. Now it’s like, everybody has a tattoo. It’s almost different when you say I don’t have any tattoos. You don’t have a tattoo. What’s wrong with you? You know, the funny thing is I used to tell [00:17:00] people because I don’t put bumper stickers on Ferrari’s. Yeah. And then I was like, but then I thought, but you get custom paints jobs,

but seriously, I sometimes I think yeah, but that does go through my head. Yeah. Yeah. A lot of people have tattoos now. It’s not the same thing. Yeah. I

John: like, I like him. I’m probably get I’ll probably have, I’ll probably have a loose one more by the end of summer. So

Kenric: yeah. Get you to go full sleeves someday.

John: I thought about it, like fall me, right arm. I thought about doing full, like full, super half sleeve, at least down to like right

Kenric: here, guy comic Tom on YouTube. Yeah. So that guy has got full sleeves, all like Avengers and stuff. No. Yeah, it

John: looks actually pretty good. Right.

Kenric: It would be kind of corny to have a ton of

John: tattoos and characters on there.

Kenric: Right. But then if they,

John: if it’s done right, oh, it’s done. Right. They

Kenric: look amazing. Yeah. And then they can look really, really good. Like if I got a [00:18:00] tattoo, it would be probably a kazoo thing or something. And then also, I wouldn’t mind having one with magic, but

John: older. Well, if you’re wanting to do it, man, I’ll go I’ll, I’ll do it with, I’ll do that through the one with you.

I want I plan, I plan on getting the split country logo tattooed somewhere. Cause it’s like a part of our life. It’s been a part of our life for the last four years. I mean actually, by the way, happy, almost happy four years, right? Four years. By the time when we release this, it’ll probably be on our four year anniversary.

Isn’t that weird, Joe? Here’s what it was. It was June 2nd, right? No. July, sorry, July 2nd. I always think June that,

Kenric: that started, we did our first recording in June until July. And then I think we recorded it in late June and then released it in July. I think you can probably look at the actual file and right.

Click and see created on doing

John: that right now.

Kenric: But I don’t quite remember exactly the day. I [00:19:00] just know it’s July 2nd is the, is our anniversary.

John: Oh an anniversary maybe, maybe we’ll release this taught on July 2nd. This, this is their anniversary episode.

Kenric: It’s a show about nothing.

John: So the actual, okay, so here’s your little wrong in your timeline?

Kenric: Can I

John: close? No. On July 2nd at 3:00 PM and then release it that night.

I remember now. Cause I remember I, because it was a quick edit, there was nothing to add to it. I just, I just do it to MP3 and then boom upload it.

Kenric: Okay.

John: That was all July 2nd, July 2nd, 2017. That’s that’s the day the artwork was made that stayed, the files were recorded. That’s the day I was uploaded. Yeah.

July 2nd, 2017. We did, we recorded and released our first episode. That’s hilarious. That was a lot of fun though. And then went to Comicon the next week

Kenric: or two weeks later, San Diego Comic-Con yeah. [00:20:00] Paid for and got to do all these special events.

John: You’re talking about Matt and Mike grill. Yeah, our

Kenric: first, our first actual

John: interview, right?

Where it’s just you talking to him. Cause I was, I was filming. I didn’t want to wait for both of us to get in there. Anyways. I

Kenric: looked so fat in that thing. Hear. Dude. And I know I’m a big guy already, but good

John: God, we recorded that. That was not flattering. Oh no, dude.

Kenric: It’s like fucking interview the hut.

John: Not a bad because it was like looking back at it now I’m like, I should have held the camera up some, and my only thought time was like, I have my bag excited.


Kenric: like, fuck Mike Rowe. And it was his idea

John: to be interviewed. I know it was awesome. It was awesome. And we got it, but I actually, I got like kind of funny you say that. Right here is one of the books we got signed by him with a certificate in comics, four 40, the first Mike grill in Quintero. That’s awesome.

And I have that sent over here too. That wasn’t planned. I [00:21:00] promise.

Kenric: Did you watch the Thomas Jane interview? Yeah, of course. If you guys haven’t yet, and you’re listening to this we had Thomas Jane on yeah. That Thomas Jane that did the Punisher and you know what. We talked about Clint Eastwood a lot during that thing.

Cause he’s like, he loves westerns and he, he loves comic books. He loves like old horror comics. Right, right. And he has a bunch of them, like he was showing off some of his collection that he has framed on his wall during the interview. Yeah. I completely forgot to talk to him about my favorite movie that he’s been in, which is the mist.

Oh, really? I love that movie. I know some people don’t like it, but whatever I loved it. And it’s like, I totally want to know is taking, because the cool thing about him is if he doesn’t like the project, he’s very

John: good. Honest about it. Get him back on Tom. You guys are buddies. Now call them up thinking, oh, my old buddy, Todd.

[00:22:00] I know, I know you had some phone numbers, is that some more guests saving your phone? So I do. I still got Tommy Chong. Yeah. Right. Each other. That was a good, that was good interview.

Kenric: Yeah. That was cool.

John: I mean, do you know if we need to recharge? We’ll have back on oh, Tom Constantino. Oh yes, we

Kenric: do. Orville.

Yup. Yup. And they’re starting to it’s they’re back in production, right.

John: He was so much fun to talk to. Yeah.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah, maybe you can get us a Scott Grimes.

John: I hear he’s kind of hard to get hard, to get some times,

and that’s all I’ll say on that.

Kenric: That’s good stuff. Good stuff.

John: We’ve done a lot in the last year and a half too. But yeah, the last four years, man, I can’t think of any other podcasts out there. That’s released 725 episodes at the time of recording this

Kenric: for years.

John: It’s insane. [00:23:00] It’s insane. It is insane.

Kenric: Yeah. I can’t even. Where’s the money yet.

We’ll see.

John: We have no idea how to get the money. Do you have ideas

you guys get to the next level? So if you’re a marketer out there, reach out to us, let us know what we’re doing. As soon as an email. Tell her. I said, you might want to go to Twitter and DMS because our email there’s like there’s currently a 589 emails in our split country inbox. And I kind of avoided at the playground now because I know it’s going to take me hours to get through

Kenric: all of it.

Oh my God, dude. I go through it mostly a lot of stuff in there. All of a sudden we’re getting tons of spam. All of a sudden. And the ones that drive me nuts is we get spam where someone says, Hey, there’s a position at Walmart right here to fill your position out. Hey, spoiler country, smaller country country.

That’s where they say they dropped the Y

John: spoiler country. No one ever [00:24:00] happened. I think someone put our fucking E like a bunch of spam lists because we started getting at one point we started getting a ton of them all at once. And I, I went and blocked. I blocked so many of them. Yeah. It’s like fucking stop.

Kenric: Somebody else is somebody. I, you know what, it’s somebody over that stupid iron fist

John: episode. Yeah. Speaking of episodes are most, is our most listened to episode. It’s the most hated episode.

Kenric: So much vitriol over that fricking episode. It’s like what? And the funny thing is like, they’re obviously not listening to it.

No, they’re not. Unless they, unless they think that it should be white.

John: Right. If they listened to it, they would hear the whole thing. The whole, like our conversation with John, it’s actually a really good episode, but it goes back and forth. Yeah. It ends in a good place. If you listened to the look of the that’s on Facebook, dude, [00:25:00] it’s like a lot of like, fuck you.

Fuck you, white boy. You’re the fuckers.

Kenric: Yeah, I read it. I start laughing, dude. I’m just like, oh my God, you do, you haven’t listened to it at all. I triggered over a time.

John: Right. It’s like, maybe I should listen to her like that. We should definitely do the clickbait

Kenric: stuff. We should do black

John: Superman next.

Oh dude, we should actually, actually we should really should for, but not for that reason.

I’m not, I’m not a super big fan of like click, click, click buddy shit. But

Kenric: I mean, it’s ironic and funny. Yeah, totally. You know, cause that one was not meant to be that way. It’s just like all of a sudden we look back and it’s had like 20,000 views and you know what I mean? Like

John: 14,000 content more than that

Kenric: just said so much.

It’s so perfectly. Yeah. It’s all on [00:26:00] Facebook too, which is even funnier.

John: Right? So it’s yeah. It’s I don’t want to con somebody hate comment on it. Idiot back to hell who those talking are. Insane. Full movies. Ha ha booboo fluff. Fuck boo. It got it. Got a lot of plays in like Singapore and shit. It’s a lot of it.

A lot of these are like internal language. Yeah. I’ll just put, fuck your page then. Fuck you. And fuck you. There’s a lot of fuck. You’s on this guy on his post. It’s like, it’s kind of crazy. Oh, you’re sounding like crap. All of a sudden.

Kenric: Yeah. It’s that connection. Yeah. Which I have mine hardwired in

John: now. I might hard

Kenric: wired to, yeah.

It’s just zoom

John: man. Zoom sometimes. Cause it’s cause it’s cause everybody uses it, you know?

Kenric: Yeah. Well we did get a thousand people on our discord channel. So if you guys are out there and you want to interact with us and, and, and get more love and maybe feel more hate and tell us how much you hate us, we have it.

John: Yeah, [00:27:00] go to S C P O D dot U S slash discord. And I’ll take you right to our door and you can come and join us so you can come tell us how much you find guests. Do a fuck ourselves for our, not talking about iron fist, because how dare some white dudes talk about iron fist, right. We, especially, especially in a way that you would probably, okay.


Kenric: Cause we can have a thousand people on our discord chat. Yeah, then we get partner level and our voice goes from like 64 kilobits per second, there to 300.

John: Oh, nice. We can just score it too. Yeah.

Kenric: And I think you can do video there too, right?

John: Yeah. I’m pretty sure. I don’t know. I don’t know this cord that much, but I, I used to scroll all the time.

He is the voice features of this card.

Kenric: We use discord. I use discord. I wish nobody used Facebook messenger anymore. I wish it would just use discord.

John: I love Facebook for all the plays we get in shit from Facebook. But I don’t [00:28:00] idea.

Kenric: Yeah. I don’t think I don’t, I don’t get on it very often except to do a couple things and that’s it.

And messenger, which I, I had, I took messenger off my phone for like six months. Yeah. I know. And it was awesome, but then people were complaining to me, so I was like, God damn right.

John: Well, now we have discord, so I don’t care, but yeah. Yes. Dude, speaking of Facebook and hope you hopefully Facebook doesn’t like find me and murder me for this.

But do you know if they have Facebook payments? Yeah. Yeah.

Kenric: Johnny’s not allowed to do Facebook payments.

John: Thanks for stealing my story fucker because of your mom. I can’t do it. You fucked it up for

Kenric: me, my mom. And she’s like, I remember that one

John: tonight. How to rip off your mom, what are you talking about to steal money from her?

Kenric: What was it? Tell the story though. Cause I don’t remember everything.

John: So if Facebook payments, you can transform into bank account super fast, right? It’s instantaneous. There’s others now, but at the time when it came out, it was only one. You could do debit card, a debit card. It was like, [00:29:00] we transfer from one account.

So at the time, you know, we have, we have more than one bank account. So five or six years ago. Yeah. Yeah, no, we’re talking like, when this happened, we’re talking like seven years ago. Yeah. But anyways, so we, we had, you know, we had bank accounts, so money, money going into different accounts on different, different from banks.

So to transfer back in fourth, we would just, we had one card on my account and one current case count for each bank and it was super fast and easy. Well, we ended the transfer back. We had the transfer money, your mom, right. And she wouldn’t, she didn’t have it set up to, to be able to do payments. So Kaylee put her card on my account real quick, which was totally fine.

Transferred the money, whatever. And then. Your mom saw a thing on her, on her thing. I don’t know if it knows it, Cause it comes in it’s whatever. And she goes, I don’t know what this is. This is fraud and call it in as fraud what’s in the bank then told Facebook that card was fraud. And so it deleted it off my account.

And then it blocked my account from Facebook payments. I have sent emails [00:30:00] to them no less than four or five times. Actually. I just don’t want to him yesterday or today about it? No, probably never give it back. No, and they’ve responded and they’re like, you need to be able to approve this. So I’ve actually sent them the fucking documentation showing them that this was just a fucking mistake.

Yeah. It was like, well, you need to be like, and then every time they come back, they always add something new. I have to do. I’m like, oh yeah, just fucking give me everything up front that I have to do. And I will provide it for you

Kenric: because they don’t want to be responsible for any of that. So would that not be in the business of doing bank transfers like that?

I know they’re trying to make it easy, but that’s a prime example why they shouldn’t be, be doing that. They don’t want to deal with the responsibility of what that means. Yeah. So the things for them to do is to say you’re not allowed to do it.

John: What it, what it means is like for our pages, I’m from my page.

I can’t, I can’t pay for it. Yeah.

Kenric: Yeah. I’ve been, I pay for

John: ads. Yeah. Well, I just, I, I made CALEA and admin on the, on there, so I can just pay for them through her, but I can’t add off my account. I can only do it off of her account, which is so fucking sad. [00:31:00] There’s some behind the scenes bitching for you.

Kenric: Yeah. It’s, it’s it’s crazy out there, man. When it comes to social media, there’s too much. I don’t know. I’m I’m starting to really revert. I’m there’s been times now I’ve left my phone at home on purpose and

John: it’s been worse. We’ll do it. I’ve been reverting to lot, a lot of self hosted stuff. Yeah. So I’m pulling a lot of my stuff off the cloud and building on my own cloud.

Yeah, like all my photos are, I’ve taken them all out of Google photos, all out of all one drive everything. All my personal photos are now held into a private cloud that only I have access to. And only people I say I’ve actually been made. They don’t live anywhere else, except for on the servers and hard drives that I’d say they can go to.

Kenric: Yeah, it’s funny too, because in the early two thousands, that was, I was doing that. Yeah. I mean, I had personal things. I was using. To stream stuff. Oh yeah, I did. I had, not that I built personally, I had a file servers. I did all that at my [00:32:00] house and that was more and more. And then everybody moved everything to the cloud.

Can you, the cloud, can I do the cloud and all those types of services now it’s all like the last four or five years has been kind of making a

John: comeback. Well, it looks like everybody realizes that the fucking cloud is like, it’s great. In theory, until you realize what access these companies have to your shit and the fact that they don’t fucking know.

Yeah, like I was telling one of my buddies is like, we know why do you why’d you? Why do you have everything local and shit. I’m like, well, basically because it Google one, I was, I was fine with Google because Google had an easy way to have what they had in the cloud. Mirrored locally to your, to your, to your server, to a hard drive.

Right. Yeah, I could have everything. Well, Google has that. We will drive, but for Google photos specifically, right? Yeah. I can have Google photos saved to my local, to my, my server here. And so that I could use, I could use the web cloud through them for like, you know, and then have it here. And then, then Google took that away.

Google said, you can only sync your photos. They can [00:33:00] only be in the cloud or wherever they came from. And I’m like, you can’t, you can have

Kenric: multiple, you can have multiple.

John: Okay. No wow. Location as you want. Yeah. Well, the difference is it’s not, it’s not one drive because it’s not equal drive. It’s Google photo specifically.

Kenric: I get, I get what you’re saying. I’m just saying one drive is all encompassing where you have just for fun. And you can tell it where to go and all that

John: stuff, but Google has it separated out. We we’ll drive. We’ll still do all that shit. But I don’t like to drive too much, but Google photos, it, it, it does all the CloudHealth stuff in the cloud, but you can’t like say, okay, I want to save all these to my computer to and sync them.

It’s like, Nope. And if you want to download, I just did this. I downloaded all my Google photos. It was 94, 2 gigabyte files. I. Yeah, there’s really for two gig files, I had to download it, which is a pain in the ass. Took me all day to do it. I had to like do five at a time, but I’ll find those download that I had to remember to go back and do it again.

But I got them all now. So what I’m, what am I planning now is I’ve got, I’m a local, I’ve built my own little photo server with my own [00:34:00] FTP. The

Kenric: Google photos, Petra home. No,

John: no Google makes it incredibly fucking hard to get your shit. So, what I’m doing is I’m bring them all down and put on my own server here direct and then host.

I can still, I can still put my phone back up to it. No problem. And just like Google photos, all the same features, Google photos is just hosted here locally. And I have a backpack to my mom’s house. I backed up to Cameron’s house. And then I’m going to delete everything. I Google photos and say, fuck you guys.

Kenric: Plus they took the unlimited storage.

John: Yeah. And I’m always 

Kenric: photos and below with JP is a great resolution, but 10 80 P and below was unlimited storage. And instead of we’re canceling that and people who have it are grandfathered in no one new can have it. They just took it away from everybody. All your photos remain there that are there, but at the same time, it’s like you guys, they’re kind of assholes because you did this to get people to start using your service.

And now you’re

John: taking it. Yeah. And I have, I had 200 gigs of photos up there that had download. Oh

Kenric: dude. Yeah, I know. I [00:35:00] have at least 200 gigs

John: of photos. Yeah. So I, I get them all off there and I’m like 15,000 photos up there. No problem. So I’m working on, you know, self, self hosting stuff and, you know, learning all this stuff.

I didn’t know before it’s been kind of fun, you know, I dunno. It’s

Kenric: good stuff. It’s good. Is it our copy or.

John: Our copy.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. That’s a good one that it’s free. Well, it used to be free. I don’t know if it is anymore. I used to use that back in like 2002 that would set up syncing between servers for different things, you know?

And then they were bought out. Actually it worked out great, you know, to

John: Google it.

Kenric: My brother just made his own. It’s called Mr. Copy.

John: Mr. Copy for Michael Regan. Yeah, I use, I use initials.

Kenric: I kind of hate them for that, but Mr. Yeah, Mr. Coz like Mr. Whatever, Mr. This, Mr. That, and then he had a branding iron steak, what his ex-girlfriend gave him.

20 years [00:36:00] ago before he met his wife present, she ever gave him and he would, you could brand his stakes and it’s an MDR. So you’d eat cow. He’d be like Mer.

John: Oh, that’s awesome.

Kenric: You know, mine’s like Kerr,


John: Mine’s J


Kenric: J. Yeah. Just sounds like you’re. But,

John: but if you take, if they can minus on case until it’s JK for just kidding. So just kidding.

Kenric: JK

John: joking. Right. So there you go, dude. Have you ha have you had beyond burger?

Kenric: I have had a beyond her. I even had the Whopper version of it. Well,

John: that’s impossible meat.

Kenric: Oh yeah.

Yeah. It had to be on too

John: though. Yeah. So I love to be on burgers. I think they’re great. Tonight we had a, I bought some of the beyond ground beef made tacos [00:37:00] with it.

Kenric: That was a good dude. It was really good. That’s the problem with that stuff. It’s great. It’s you know, but it’s still overpriced. Oh, yeah.

Yeah. You can watch it. I can send you, there’s a YouTube link about it. I think it’s on YouTube, but it’s so over-processed, it’s like you might as well be eating baloney, but you feel, I mean, some people feel better because they’re not eating animals and that’s enough. Well, I

4th Anni Tot Part 2- COMBINED: like

John: it because I can’t eat red meat anymore.

Kenric: Well, you can’t eat shitty red meat.

John: No, I, I I’ve, I have to cut out all red meat. So that’s probably better within like, like special anniversary. I can have a bite or two, a steak. It’s like, that’s not going to kill me, but I really can’t have, I really should

Kenric: not be eating any red meat. Oh yeah. So it just people know in 2017 we went to, we went to the San Diego Comic-Con and then we went and met Robert Kirkman.

And then we come out of that Robert meeting lab at Kirkman and having drinks with Robert Kirkman. We come outside and there’s a hot dog vendor and I’m like, Hmm, I want a hot dog and king. John’s like, yeah, I want a hot dog, too Johnson.

[00:38:00] John: He dealt with

Kenric: it. I can’t eat this. And then we get to the next.

Garbage pail and he can, and he picked that garbage pail. Then we get to the next garbage pail peaks in that we’re on our way to the train and every garbage fill that we get to there’s John puke. And then we get on the train and he’s like, I’m going to throw up. I’m like, if you’re going to spew spew in this and I gave him this tiny little bag and you totally did it to me.

Yeah. Yeah.

John: Well, then I got back to Pat’s place. I puked in the bathroom for an hour,

Kenric: but then you were fine after that. Yeah.

John: Once it, once it passed, I was okay. But just to do what I’m trying to say is to put the point on it. They weren’t just hot dogs inside the road. They were bacon wrapped hot dogs.

Kenric: Yeah.

Yeah. They were.

John: Not at fucking all over my lesson. I definitely do well, I

Kenric: think it was the drinks that you had. You’re probably like, yeah, I could totally eat,

John: had a couple of drinks to me. Just hanging out with Robert Kirkman for an hour or two tons of really good free food. [00:39:00] I’m really sad.

Kenric: How fat are we?

We just came from a free buffet with drinks and all the food you could eat and then had a fucking bacon wrapped dog on the outside. Like

John: it was good food, the bread to the buffet.

Kenric: Yeah. What

John: is wrong with us? And like the next year, last, last time we went or yeah, last time next, all this time. Next year it was that it was like a waffle breakfast thing.

Yeah. It was nowhere near. Yeah, it was still good, but it was nowhere

Kenric: near as good. I wanted to go to the morning. It was the first time we went, it was in the evening dinner. And then the second time

John: we went, it was in the morning. I want to go again to that, the sky bound, lunch and dinner thing, but I don’t think we’re ever going to do again.

I know that was pretty awesome. You never know? I’ll tell you. We just got to get in with another conflict store. Yeah. So if you have a comic book store and you’re not going to Comicon just the Hills right by you and what they go over here. Oh yeah. They were there

Kenric: at the.

John: At Skybound. Yeah. Yeah. They

Kenric: were there and they bookstores.

Don’t go though. Cause this kind of [00:40:00] there’s like bookstores and there’s only like maybe 15 representative

John: comics. Keep doesn’t go in Bremerton.

Kenric: Well, there you go.

John: Let’s get, let’s get ahold of it. Talk to Dan and be like, Hey Dan, I know you, you, you get these tickets, you have a building to get them. We will, we will happily represent you there.

All we ask for is to be able to go to the SkyBell and dinner. And to keep all the comics, but you’ve got to keep a couple gives you tickets for picking your ass. But that being said, if you own a comic book store and you want to like sponsor us and get us those tickets that does events, we will happily represent you and promote the shit out of your store on the show.

That’s right. That’s right.

Kenric: Well, Johnny

John: Milkin, Rick, I

Kenric: got to work. I got to get some work done. Yeah. And then I got it.

John: Go back and take care of my sick kid.

Kenric: So, oh, tomorrow though. Seriously. Let’s see if we can, if we can, but let’s at least do a recording. Even if we can’t get together face to face, let’s still do a recording.

John: What does that mean? How do we record [00:41:00] on face to face?

Kenric: Like we’re doing right now?

John: Oh, you mean, if you can’t, if you can’t beat, you got ya. I’m like you are face to face. I can see your face right now. What are you talking about? We’re going to record it with just audio. Wow. But so are we going to. I know, look, dude, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna pick myself up over here.

I have lost 45 pounds this year and it doesn’t look like it. And I’m kidding. You look good. That’s all. I’ve lost 26 pounds in the last month.

Kenric: What, what are you doing? What’s your secret

John: surgery? No, I met a Mediterranean diet. I basically eat very little meat, fruits and vegetables. Non Briggs, healthiest diet in the world or some shit.

Yeah. It’s pretty awesome. And here’s my kids come and say, why aren’t you cuddling with me? Say hi to

Kenric: him. Color, color, color. Oh my God. She

John: looks like Kaylee. Yeah. She was like, it looks like hell. She’s so sick. All right. I’ll bet. She’s so sick right now. I gotta go. Do you want you to drink? We’ll see you guys later. [00:42:00]



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