Top 5 TV Shows

Tonights show runs a little long, clocking in at nearly an hour and 40 minutes, which isn’t to bad considering we recorded for over 2 hours! We talk about our definitive top 5 TV Shows. As you can see, we can’t count. Enjoy! On the show – John Kaylie Jackie Kaylie’s Top 5: Smallville Nashville Law and Order: SVU The Mindy Project Jane the Virgin Grey’s Anatomy Flash Teen Mom Intervention Catfish Skin Wars Stranger Things Supergirl How I Met Your Mother Supernatural Freaks and Geeks Bones Charmed Scrubs Jackie’s Top 5: Nurse Betty Jane the Virgin Dirty Riches Battlestar Galactica John’s Top 5: Scrubs How I Met Your Mother Buffy The Vampire Slayer Angel Smallville Supernatural Bones Monty Pyton Benny Hill Fawlty Towers Red Dwarf Buy Prints! – Supergirl – Princess Bride – Game of Thrones: Hodor and Bran – Iron Giant – Never Ending Story: Rock Biter – Some photos from the show on the website at

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