Time Trap

You know, sometimes on the weekend we randomly pick a movie on one of our streaming services we have and see how it is. It’s never something we’ve heard of. This weekend it was Time Trap. Before we get to deep into this, let’s watch the trailer and look at some stats.

I’ll tell you, I had some pretty low expectations going into this movie. The tagline of “Escape to the Future” did intrigue me for sure, but overall it looked like a low budget sci-fi film.

A professor enters a cave and goes missing. Some of his students come looking for him and get trapped in the cave as well.

Synopsis from IMDB.COM

The plot is simple on the forefront of it, there’s a cave that time works differently in. How differently? We never truly find out, we get some hints but it’s a little odd on the time line. What I will say is their timeline is incredibly inconsistent.

How so? How are they inconsistent? Glad you asked.

In this cave we have cavemen, Spanish Conquistadors, Cowboys, this dudes parents and sister, this dude who went in a week or so before the main cast, then the main cast.

According to what they say about the time that passes within this each little flash of light they see in the tunnel is a full year. However we are lead to believe the cavemen in the cave have been living there a long time, but if you do the math on all the inhabiters of the cave.

Cavemen – 300,000 years ago
Spanish Conquistadors – 600 years ago
Cowboys – 200 years ago
Dudes parents – 15(?) years ago
Dude – 2 weeks ago
Future dude – 1,000 (?) years in the future

Ok, we have our base numbers, in watching the movie the light passes over roughly 50-60 times a minute. Let’s figure out how many times a year passes on the the surface versus a year in the cave.

60 (times per minute) * 60 (minutes in an hour) = 3,600
3600 (times per hour) * 24 (hours per day) = 86,400
86400 (times per day) * 365 (days in a year) = 31,449,600

Huh, holy crap.

So how long has everyone been down there?

Cavemen – 300,000 / 3600 = 833.3 / 24 = 34.7 days
Spanish Conquistadors – 600 / 60 = 10 minutes
Cowboy – 200 / 60 = 3.34 minutes
Dudes parents – 15 / 60 = 15 seconds
Dude – Basically instantaneous
Future Dude – 16.67 minutes after they fall in.

I mean even if you cut my guess of 60 times per minute in HALF to 30 times per minute that till means the Cavemen have been there for 2 months and the cowboys have been in there for 7 minutes.

Could you imagine being the Cavemen?

Caveman: Ooga, *let’s live in this cave!*
Cavewoman: Unga, *nice cave to raise our kids!*
Spanish Conquistador: Whoa, que es esto?
Caveman: UNGA! UNGA!
Cowboy: Well boy howdy, what kind get up is this? YEEEHAAAWWW!
Spanish Conquistador: vete a la mierda
Dudes parents: This isn’t where I parked my car.
Cowboy: Well hello there little lady.
Spanish Conquistador: que demonios!
Cavewoman: UNGA *faints*
Dude: MOM! DAD! whoa, I’m older than you. Hey big…erm lil sis?
The cast: Whoa look at all this

Ok ok, that’s getting really hard to figure out. There’s also a scene where this one Rock climbing chick goes up top for like 30 minutes, and it’s like 3 seconds in the cave (these timelines don’t ad up at all.)

Also theres this thing where she goes up, then comes back but the times don’t add up.

Final verdict

If you completely ignore the timeline in this then it’s actually pretty fun. The time travel aspects are secondary to the actual plot and are not explained very well. If they are, then I just missed it. Honestly I was half watching. Though my kids loved it, so there’s that. It’s on NetFlix right now, check it out.


Time Trap poster

Production Budget: ?
Domestic Total Gross: $1,000,000
Foreign Total Gross: N/A
Total Box Office Gross: N/A
Starring: Andrew WilsonCassidy GiffordBrianne Howey
Directed: Mark DennisBen Foster
Written: Mark Dennis
Release Date: November 20, 2018 (limited)
Genre: Science Fiction
Runtime: 1 hrs. 35 min.
MPAA Rating: NR

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