The Zombieful World of Oz #2

Eric Hawkins joins us this week to talk about his project, The Zombieful World of Oz, and to review Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. Originally recorded on the same day, these are now being re-released as two separate episodes.   Eric Hawkins has been drawing comics since he was a kid and released issue #1 of The Zombieful World of Oz in November of 2019.

“Its been ten years after Dorthy’s fantastic adventure to the world of OZ. She’s 24 years old and is being released from a mental hospital. The years following the cyclone, people could not comprehend her tales of adventures and wonder in the Land of Oz. ears of therapy and rehabilitation followed. Now she is being released and her will and new resolve are going to be tested like never before.

In the years after Dorothy’s arrival in Oz, a mysterious plague has swept the land. The Winkie Country was the first to fall. The Great Winkie Army is now under the control of Nikko the Great Winged Ape. Along with his army of flying primates, Nikko has been using the Winkies to infect and take control of The Land of Oz.

Dorothy, The Cowardly Lion, The Tin Woodman, and The Scarecrow return to OZ after an encounter with The Zombie Winkies in Kansas. They find the Emerald City has been taken over and the Ozma is missing.”

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