The Top Ten Books You Need to Buy me in 2020 (I’m a Cheap Date)

Gang, Saturday (2/8/20) kicks off my official comic book season.  It ends on 2/7/21, but I went to my first big show in Milwaukee (Super Con).  It’s at the fair grounds, in a fairly large building that was filled up with vendors.  There were crafts, art, toys, comics, and a few other things.  3D printing is getting more and more popular at these things.

  I go with a few friends, we know what the others are looking for, so that gives us a few set of eyes.  With today’s technology, it’s easy to find each other if we see something that the other’s want, though they are into a small window of things, so they know where to go immediately.

  Now, after reading my drivel the last few months, it might shock you that when I go to shows, I make a list.  Yes, one of the few times in my life that I am organized is when I am hunting comics.  (and grocery shopping, I like a list for that too)  The list tends to keep me focused, and I don’t bring home a bunch of crap that I do need, just not right now.

  So here are my Top 10ish books that I am on the prowl for.  Of course I’d like an Amazing Fantasy 15, or an Action Comic, or all the key first appearances, but I am realistic.  These are the books I can mostly afford, and get my heart a racing.

  Tomb of Dracula #1 

I want to find this so you folks don’t have to hear about it any more.  They are going for around a bill, and personally, I think that is a little high for a book that’s main character is public domain, and really, only one issue is sought after in the run (#10 first appearance of Blade), and this book rides on it’s coattails.  I combed the place for two and a half hours, saw one copy (7.0 CGC signed by Gerry Conway and Neil Adams) for $350, and passed.  Even with the autographs and slabbed, I thought it was about $75-$100 over what it should be.  I ended up bidding on one over lunch on ebay and getting it, and I paid well under $100, so I’m counting it a success, and that run complete.

Batman Adventures #12  

This is the first official appearance of Harley Quinn, and I want it.  Unfortunately they’ve crept up to be around $500, so for now, it will have to wait.  I saw a nice one at the show, but if I got it, I wouldn’t have been able to afford lunch, and so it must wait.  It was a great price for the market (under $500), but I feel if I wait, some of the guys and gals with multiples will release a few around the price I want to pay.


This book goes for around $100.  In Milwaukee, they wanted $50 for a second print (nope), and $200 for a first.  I passed on both.  I rarely buy second prints, and I especially don’t overpay for them.  I don’t feel this book is dropping any time soon, so patience is the key, and I might get lucky on eBay.

Batman #181 

This is a great book, the first appearance of Poison Ivy, who is one of my favorite characters.  You can find them reasonable without the insert, but what is the point of that.  Just means you have an incomplete book.  Low end I’ve seen them around $150, high end much more, so I will keep watching.  When spending that much, I like to hold them in my greasy little palms, and get a good look at it.  Some day.  I did not see a copy in Milwaukee, everyone said they didn’t figure it was hot enough to bring.

Special Marvel Edition #15 

First appearance of Master of Kung Fu Shiang Chi.  I saw two of them, and both were $250+.  I looked long and hard at this, because I have it in my head I need it really bad.  I got his second appearance last year.  With the movie coming up, it may be out of reach, but maybe I will get lucky, but not this show.  At least the movie is being released next year on my birthday.  (Until they change that)

Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #106 

This is a controversial book, because Lois gets turned black so she can experience it.  I like these books that are just outrageous, and that you’d never see today.  I looked everywhere for it, but no dice.  I think I can find one for around $75, but up to $100 is more likely.

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 

First appearance of Darkseid.  I saw one, was on the cusp of what I wanted to pay, but saw it while still looking for Tomb of Dracula #1.  I then forgot where I saw it, so I couldn’t try to haggle the guy down to my price I would pay.  I feel he’s a great villain, and can’t be used enough, so I want to jump on it.  I also bought his second appearance in Milwaukee last year.

Conan the Barbarian #23 

This is the first appearance of Red Sonja.  I have the first five in the Red Sonja run, I like the books, so this is a must have for me.  I guestimated $50.  As luck would have it, I found this book, and Wonder Woman #199, and combined them into a really good deal for me.  We all left happy, and I got two books I wanted.  Later, I did happen to find another Red Sonja #1, and got that from a guy dirt cheap, along with a few more Wonder Woman comics I needed.

Savage She Hulk #1  

I have one, but I want a better copy.  Once it was released that they were actually doing something with this character, the book has gone up 3x + what it was two year ago.  I picked up one for $40, almost bought another for the same price, but didn’t want to be greedy.  I saw them for as much as $120, and quality wise, didn’t feel it was a $120 book.  And I got a better quality one than what I had for $40, so it dropped down on my list.

Daredevil #131  

This is the first appearance of Bullseye.  I’ve liked this character forever, and Colin Farrel’s depiction in the 2003 stinker film, it made me want this book.  I actually got a signed book (by Marv Wolfman), for an amazing price.  The cover had the roller marks from the printing press, and they wanted $70 for it.  I threw out a really lowball price (uncharacteristic for me), and the guy actually took it.  The book is nice other than the print marks, so I’ll take it.

  Overall, it was a good show.  I got 4 of the ten books on my list, and picked up a few books I had my eye on, but never figured to see in the wild.

  I am a big fan of the Wonder Woman “bondage” covers, so I picked up a few of them (199, 229, 230), another first and second appearance of Nubia for a steal (204, 205), and a Wonder Woman 178 because I always liked the cover.

  My best pickup, at least from the comments I have gotten, is a Green Lantern/Green Arrow #85.  The infamous junkie issue, where Green Arrow’s protégé Speedy is shooting up on the cover.  Obviously the comic book code did not make it on this one.  It’s in decent condition too.  Needs a good pressing, but what book that old doesn’t?  The young man who sold it to me told me that he found a better copy, but the one he was selling has been to a few states with him, because he wanted it signed by Neal Adams.  He then gave it to me for a price I couldn’t refuse, nor could I give him the money fast enough.

  Overlord John immediately inquired about it, as well as a guy on Reddit, and a few messages on Facebook.  I hadn’t had the book 24 hours myself, and I could have turned it immediately.  I love the book, the story was pretty cheesy good, so for now I’m keeping it, until perhaps I take it around with me to a few states, and find a better copy.

  Milwaukee Super Con was a good show as usual.  Lots of guys there who wanted to make some deals, because the books don’t make you money sitting on a display, or in the boxes.  A few overpriced guys, but that’s every show.

  I saw the guys from Evolusion Comics.  I saw my lifelong friend Brock Sondgeroth and his lovely wife at their booth, selling his prints, covers, and all around goodness, and her awesome line of crafts.  Check him out at @artofbrocksondgeroth on Instagram.  My friends got a few books they were looking for, so all in all, a successful day.

  We stopped in Rockford IL, and ate at Sisters Thai Café.  My friend had worked on the machines in their old place (video game), and suggested it last year.  It is now our go to place in Rockford.  Very fresh tasting, the waitresses really know their stuff, and I just let them bring me whatever.  I haven’t been disappointed yet.

  Welp, that’s it for me gang.  I had a great time this weekend, and if you see any of these books, please feel free to buy them, and then send the invoice to Spoiler Country, c/o John Horsley and Kenric Regan.  Make sure to keep an eye out for articles The K Files if you like the weird and spooky.  Check out Shooting the Sith podcast, or follow @rslavinsky if you want to get angry and annoyed with his opinions.  As always listen to The Not So Crazy Podcast of Blizzard the Wizard and Eli, and say wonderful things about that creative bastard Eli.  He does accept groupies.  Misery Point Radio with the great Mike Peacock, or follow him on Instagram if you want to get hungry, and realize what a shit cook you are for making Toasted cheese’s for supper three times last week.  And thanks to ol’ Moon Pie for always being encouraging and positive.

                                        Keep Collecting

                                     El Roacho Supremo

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