The “Stephen” Universe

As we have entered the month of October, theres no better time to talk about the author Stephen King. Since the early 70’s, King has written countless novels, known most for his horror pieces. He’s a favorite of mine and having many of his novels turned into films, I thought whats better to make a cohesive universe. Breaking it down into sequences, I put together what would be a solid introduction to a universe.

Movie One: Salem’s Lot

This film is about a young man, Ben Mears, returning to his childhood home to write a novel about it. Little does he know that there is an unknown horror waiting for him there. With the town of Jerusalem’s Lot being converted to vampires, Ben Mears, Father Callahan, and others begin to fight against them. Father Callahan becomes “unclean”, loses his faith, and leaves town, leaving the others to fight. Ben eventually kills the head vampire and leaves town.

This film introduces a lot of the key factors of the Macroverse introduced in this film. The first big thing from this film is Father Callahan. He appears in both Salem’s Lot, the Dark Tower Series, and many more of King’s stories, making the character alone a strong starting point of the Universe.

The White is another thing that would be introduced in this film. It is the good force in the Macroverse, and is a big part of the overall story of Salem’s Lot.

Movie Two: Dolores Claiborne

Dolores Claiborne is about a woman who is under suspicion of killing her boss. While being interrogated by the police, she tells her life story which involved her killing her husband.

The Eclipse, which is a minor point in this film, but sets up a major plot point of a film that would be later introduced.

Movie Three: The Tommyknockers

While walking in the woods, a young girl discovers a metallic object sticking out of the ground. Little does she know that it is part of an ancient alien ship. Over the course of the film, the part begin to manipulate and transform the nearby town into the creatures that once lived on the ship. While becoming more intelligent, the creatures also become more hostile. Throughout the film, the young girls friend sees everyone transforming and sets out to destroy the rebuilt ship.

This film would make a reference to IT. While making a supply run, they make their way through Derry, Maine, the home of infamous clown Pennywise. Tommy Jacklin, while riding through the town, sees “a clown with shiny silver dollar eyes” watching him from a sewer drain. It is also the home of Juniper Hill Asylum, where Henry Bowers is admitted.

Movie Four: The Eyes of the Dragon

Being set in medieval times, it is a classic tale between good and bad. Flagg being a magician that was a consultant of the Queen, he sets up the next heir. He does so that he can lead behind a weak king, which he successfully does. Eventually the heirs name is cleared and he reclaims the thrown.

The Man in Black would be first introduced in this film as Flagg. He is one of the main antagonist of the film and the overall universe.

Movie Five: The Stand Pt.1 Captain Trips

As a deadly strain of Influenza is released in a underground military base. The disease then kills 99.4% of the human population. This film would show the fallout after the strain was released.

This film sets up the Man in Black to make his second appearance of the universe as Randall Flagg. It also introduces the idea of Ka, the driving force in the universe guiding us down our own individual paths.

Movie Six: The Dark Tower: Gunslinger

This film is the beginning of Roland’s Journey to the Dark Tower to question God. It shows his journey to man-hood as he battles various monsters and making hard life decisions.

This kicks off the enter idea of the Macroverse, while introducing many of the major key players of the universe.

Comment below to let us know your thoughts on Sequence 1 and what should be in Sequence 2!

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