The Return of Acursian

The hit series from WEBTOON and Legendary Comics is back with its first weekly chapter that will lead up to the sought after ending to season one. Acursian star Arrow’s John Barrowman as the main character of the series. The series originating in 2018, has already released ten chapters.

Charlie Stewart falls victim to an ancient Celtic curse. No matter what Charlie seems to do everything fails. He decides to try to figure out what is causing all of his bad luck. Charlie discovers that his ancestor made a deal with the Celtic God of War, Bregon, and his Three Sisters. Charlie and his best friend Nate search for talismans that he hopes will restore his life to the way it was. Real life and ancient legend collide in unexpected ways as Charlie battles across this world, time, and space.

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Acursian Direct Link

Trailer for the release of Acursian

A Little about Legendary Comics

Founded in 2011, Legendary Comics bring a ton of orignal titles to the comic world. Being a part of Legendary Entertainment, there are a lot of crossovers from the monster-verse. These include Godzilla, Pacific Rim, and Kong. Make sure to check them out at

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