The Quarantined Avenger

Nike (turtle) and Arya (cat) cordially saying good morning.

We as a world are all dealing collectively and individually with this pandemic. The first day as an English Major in college they tell you never to use “we” because it’s too broad. In this specific circumstance the world as a whole is dealing with the pandemic. But people are finding different ways to mentally cope with the social distancing.

Until the pandemic broke out I was enrolled at my university in a graduate program for teaching. I lived in a house with 6 roommates. I was managing my college’s campus restraint (it’s a cafeteria but we call it a restaurant to sound fancy don’t argue with my boss about it).

Due to social distancing the kitchen closed the ice cream machine. I logically emptied out the machine.

Since the pandemic my student teaching was cancelled. 5 of my roommates went home indefinitely. My kitchen went from serving 800 a night to roughly 75. Most of my time now is ensuring my cat and turtle don’t fight amongst each other.

I made the bold. Neigh. The brave decision to watch all the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in release order. I understand every die hard fan believes there is a correct order to watch them in, but for the sake of this undertaking the release order fits best.

Randy Emberlin moments after signing my sneakers.

What gives me authority to do so? (Besides John letting most ideas through) A Marvel comic book could be found in my hand from a very young age. For my 8th birthday there was a clown painting faces, I requested my face be painted as the Spider-Man mask. To this day, every first date I go on I wear my lucky Spider-Man briefs. The hour after Stan Lee’s passing, I texted my tattoo artist to schedule an appointment to get ‘excelsior’. One time I was at Jet City Comic Con and I had Randy Emberlin autograph Donovan Mitchell’s Spiderman basketball shoes. My goal is to someday own a house large enough to adopt enough cats to name them all after an Avenger. That way when it’s dinner time for the kittens I can shout ‘avengers assemble’.

The journey will not be an easy one this I recognize. Some of these movies I have not seen in quite some time. I enter this endeavor with an open mind and heart. As I re-watch these films I am taking note of whatever pops out at me. 

My friend and I auditioning for the sequel.

I’m going to with reason space out the viewings of these milestone cinematic movies. A 3 day binger is for another journalistic feat. If you happen to be reading these as I am writing/watching the movies, feel free chime in and give your thoughts. Even if you don’t share the same heroic opinion as me, as any girlfriend of mine can attest to, I thoroughly enjoy discussing these films in great length. 

So, pop some popcorn. Slip into your favorite Avenger nightgown. Slide into your Hulk slippers. And situate your Galilean binoculars (AKA known as opera glasses I heard it on NPR). I know what briefs I’ll be dawning.

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