Earlier this week Pablo Hidalgo’s new book Star Wars: Fascinating Facts was released. Along with it, came some intriguing new information regarding everyone’s favorite Space Opera including some similarities of Luke Skywalker’s fate in both The Last Jedi and George Lucas’ original unused sequel treatments.

Despite what you have been seeing or hearing, this specific revelation is not what caused such a huge divisive view in regards to The Last Jedi. To our point, the amount of traction this story has received is not totally surprising but without a doubt it is absolutely unwarranted.

This excerpt from the newly released book is being used in an attempt to further the divide within the fandom.

Page 140

In a not so shocking revelation, George Lucas also intended on killing off our beloved hero, Luke Skywalker, in the second part of his sequel trilogy as well. What people don’t seem to realize is the fact Luke died in the sequel trilogy, or Episode VIII to be more specific, is not what caused The Last Jedi to be the most divisive film in the franchise. Rather the lack of acknowledgment from the movies that preceded it as well as the disconnect from the overall Skywalker story started in 1977 is what caused the Rian Johnson written and directed film to garner so much controversy.

Regardless of your feeling on what JJ Abrams did with The Force Awakens, there is no denying that Rian Johnson took a hard left turn making his installment of the trilogy nearly unrecognizable when you look at where the story was headed. Is this to say either of those films are bad? No, both have their merits and flaws, but what this does say is there was a lack of vision with the overall story.

What do you think, is this excerpt something that should be used to prove something about Episode VIII or is it just an interesting bit to see what George Lucas had in mind as well?

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Star Wars: Fascinating Facts by Pablo Hidalgo was released October 13 by Simon & Schuster

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