The Passion of the #Spoilerverse – In the Beginning

Gang, if you’ve been reading my malarkey, you sort of have a hold on who I am, what I like, and where I’m going (nowhere, and fast).

  I know, you follow the links I share, it takes you to a non porn website (I’m as shocked as you), you find my articles, and I think most of you do not heed my pleas to check out the rest of the folks on here.  We have a bunch of people making the #Spoilerverse a household name, and you know what, it’s time you get a little inside look at them.

  So I put the question out to the people, what is their passion?  What drives them, be it in real life and this is a hobby, or what they are doing for the “verse” is their passion.  We have a nice mix of people, and I hope that I can capture a fraction of what drives them.

  This will be a two parter.  Part one will be me putting over the talented group, and part two will be why I am fascinated by this subject.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and hopefully it will respark your passion.

  After each name, the first time, I will put either their Twitter @, or their Instagram @, so you can follow these talented people, and get a better feel of our world.

  The first question was the obvious, what is your passion.  I’m going to start out with the guys who made it all possible, and then follow up with the rest.  Now, every one of them put their families first, and I’m not going to keep repeating that.  For my laziness sake, they all love their families.

Overlord John Horsley (@y2cl)

Immediately replied (because we talked about it in our Spoilerverse Secret Chat Room (SSCR)) and said that his passion was creating.  It makes sense, because he does 3 podcasts, has been involved with multiple strips, comic books, and The Eynes Anthology is ready to go. (as soon as the Plague ends)

He first became aware of his passion to create when he started drawing at around 8, creating self described “silly little comic strips”, eventually moving into music, picking up the guitar at 13, then decided he didn’t want to meet women thru music, so learned the bass at 15, as well.  The next decade was spent writing songs, playing music, and harvesting material for “Jonly Nonly”.  (cheap plug)

Throughout the years, he released a lot of music, which turned back into web comics, and that evolved into podcasting.  Between producing children, John is involved with 3 podcasts that produce content weekly, producing comics, and with what spare time he has left, put together his book “The Eynes Anthology”  (@EynesAnthology on Twitter)

His dream is to some day just do podcasts, and make comics when not producing children.

Luckily for John, he has a very supportive wife and kids, to the point that he does a podcast with Kaylie, one of his 13 children can be heard on occasion.  They also are supportive in his comic book making.

Kenric “Ol’ Kentucky” Regan (@XKenricX)

Says his passion is the Spoiler Country Podcast.  Not only does he get to hang with Overlord John, but he also gets to talk to all of the guests, talk about pop culture, and argue with John for our entertainment.

The first episode that he put out with Overlord John was the hook, and after that, they were off and running.  After that, he wanted to learn all he could about the medium, from sound to promotion.  (Sound isn’t that easy to conquer, and I know about being on a podcast with bad sound)

Spoiler Country is available on any podcatcher service out there.  I could list them, but type in podcast in your app store, download one, and then go download Spoiler Country.  If you do this enough, some day this can be his only job, and with 24 hours, who knows how much content they can put out.

Kentucky and Overlord John are quite prolific in the podcast community.  Next to Joe Rogan (who gets paid big $$$ to do his), they are the most prolific podcasters I know.  There are the two who are prolific, and put out quality.  Plenty are prolific, not all quality.

Casey T (MoonPie) Allen (@robotseatguitar)

He is passionate about story telling.  As a lover of stories myself, I get what he’s saying.  Not just a story from a book, or an imagination, but also from a person themselves.  The story makes the person what they are, or who they pretend to be.  Deep thoughts from Moonpie.

He first became enamored with storytelling as an early reader.  When life wasn’t always that good, he could always disappear into a book or a story.

As he got older, some friends, as well as a few teachers, encouraged him, and made him want to do more.

He stretched his creativity into theater, as well as songwriting., and realized the story telling aspect of them

In school, and I share this opinion, he was an avid history student, because it was a class full of stories, albeit true ones (that’s what the man tells us anyway)  At one point, he actually considered going to college and majoring in history.

His ability to be able to share his love of stories is now sated by doing interviews for Spoiler Country.  Casey is the man on the street, so he gets to interview many of the people that John and Kenric can’t get to.  He does write an occasional article, but he leads a busy life as a husband, father, and terrorizing men with his diabolical creations.

With his interviews, he has confirmed that almost all writers have the same feelings.  Many make it their career, and MoonPie found out, even the successful ones always have a feeling of doubt hanging over their head.  They go away eventually, but it takes many years to have the confidence to know that you’ll always have work, people consistently like your stuff, and you won’t starve.

He realizes that he may never accomplish his dream of being a full time writer, and he has come to terms with that.  His main goal is to write the best story for himself, and if he can do that and be satisfied, it will all be worth it.

His second passion is competitive Moon Pie eating.  He was a champion in 2007, and hopes with training, saying his prayers, eating his vitamins, that he will some time become champion again, or die of diabetes trying.

Colton Bird (@whiteruby53

Is passionate about Creative writing.  It allows him to escape the stresses of every day living, He finds it a great way to ground himself when there is anxiety in his life.

Colton’s love for writing started in a creative writing class in High School.  He needed a credit, and as fate would have it, he ended up in the class. 

After a few short stories about nothing, he then did a three part novel series called “Fayette-Nam”.  If you happen upon this in a garage sale, please return to Colton Bird, because it has been lost in time. 

Colton doesn’t get to write much, but mainly for  When you read his articles, you can tell how much he loves it, as they are well thought out, organized, and informative.  (nothing like mine)

His eventual dream is to write full time.  He loves to create, with writing, as well as making films.  He wishes he could write more often, but life is hectic right now, but he plans to in the future.

Mike Peacock (@MiseryPtRadio)

His passion is music.  He is the host of Misery Point Radio, and does such a great job, this was more than obvious. 

  On a side note, if he would have said that cooking was his passion, I would not be stunned.  I follow him on IG, and the dishes he makes is out of this world.  He once made cauliflower look appetizing, and any person who can do that is a magician.

Mike started out as every musician.  He started a band with friends, jammed with many people, and played for quite a few years.

Eventually, the grind of it all became too much, and he quit to focus on his career and family. 

After a few years, he got the podcasting bug, had plenty of recording equipment, and made the jump. Over time, he developed a show where he could share music, but music that his friends made, which led to him sharing music and stories with bands and people he grew up listening to.  The perfect mix of being a fan boy, but also providing people with a look into music they might not have heard of, with the chance to share others stories.

Sara K (@spookeysarakay)

She is in love with the paranormal.  She is a person that has passions that have come and gone throughout her life, but the study of what lies beyond has been the constant.  I have discussed this with her face to face, and have witnessed her face light up whenever we would talk about it.

She discovered this passion at a very young age, probably 7 or 8, when she was sucked into a TV…oh wait, wrong story.  Truthfully, she had an experience at her grandmother’s house.

She was NOT sucked into a TV, and it wasn’t radical, but it was enough that it shook her.  This began a lifelong obsession in what might be out there.  One of her fondest memories, during sleepovers, was recording them, to see if they could hear anything that wasn’t them.  She was trying to get EVP’s before “Ghosthunters” made them popular.

Today, she shares her love for the paranormal by talking about it with whoever will listen.  She claims, and I agree, that most everyone has a story or ten of things that they have seen or heard, that can’t be explained by normal activities.  Most people don’t get the chance to talk about them, in fear that people will look at them funny, but once they know you believe, they open up like a waterfall of information.  Even people who don’t believe often have tales that they have signed off as weird but explainable.

She’d love to make a career out of paranormal research.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of charlatans out there, who have given the study a bad name.  From TV shows that fake things, to false mediums, to people just cashing in, it makes it impossible to run a legitimate business.

A little known fact, most people who do live the life, either examining the paranormal, being a medium, reading palms, etc…, don’t accept payment.  In history, they would use their powers and barter with others that didn’t have powers, but needed their skill.

Sara has taken a sabbatical from investigating at the moment.  She was part of a group (I met them), and for various reasons decided to take some time away.

She keeps in the loop by reading articles and researching strange past events.  She writes shares her love with us, by writing the K Files, and sharing her passion for strange events.

Robert Slavinsky (@rslavinsky)

Bobert’s passion is Star Wars.  Robert LOVES Star Wars, even when they suck, he can find an argument why the movie was good.  I’d venture to say that movies in general came in a close second.

Back in the mid 90’s, Lucas came out with the THX remastered versions of the movies.  His older brother, who was a huge fan of Star Wars in the 80’s, created a monster by getting the movies on VHS, and then letting Robert watch them, I’m guessing on a very regular basis.

He shares it by partaking it in the massive fan base. Playing with the action figures as a kid (last week), imagining what happened between each film, speculating with friends, to adulthood, where he’s involved in a podcast about Star Wars, and also writes about the lore.

Star Wars is about community, and big, smelly, nerd community.  (that last statement was my speculation after Star Wars Celebration)  There is a lot of toxicity involved in the community (my ears are buring), but he enjoys seeking out like minded people, and sharing thoughts and ideas, and geek out about the latest installment.

He would love to make a career out of it, but says his own procrastination doomed that dream.  His goal was to eventually go to school for special effects, and finally see his name on the screen on the end of a Star Wars film.  He feels that starship has sailed, so now concentrates on a podcast (Shootin’ the Sith), and hopes that some day he can make a career of that.

Growing up, Friday nights was made for watching the trilogy with his X-Wings, Tie Fighters, and whatever else he had.  Now his Fridays are filled with watching the trilogy, with his X-Wings, Tie Fighters, and whatever else he has spread around him.  Oh, and taking to social media to talk Star Wars in his groups, putting out an above average podcast on Star Wars (I’ve listened to a few.  Not my thing, but if you are looking for a Star Wars listen, you could do a lot worse)

Robert and I don’t always see eye to eye on…anything…but he is definitely one of the most passionate people I know.  Be it Star Wars, the Snyder cut, or anything else, he goes full bore, and though he is wrong 90% of the time, I respect how passionate he is about his misgivings.

Eli Sirota (@Blizzard_Eli)

Eli said that he didn’t want to participate this, and is comfortable in his role as head cheerleader for the site.  So instead of interviewing him, I got in contact with Blizzard the Wizard, and she will be taking his place in this survey.

Blizzard the Wizard is the most magical cat in all the known universes.  She is also the inspiration for the Blizzardverse, which you can hear about on “The Not So Crazy Podcast of Blizzard the Wizard and Eli”  Eli being her pet human.

When asked, Blizzard said her passion is napping up to 20 hours a day, waking only for Blizzard the Wizard Yum Yum Kitty snacks, and getting pets from her pet human.

She knew this would be her passion practically from the womb.  She started learning with her littermates, then quickly evolving, she eventually went her own route.

She shares this passion by timing her naps just right, so she can lay on Eli’s lap just when he’s ready to get up and do something prolific, so that he can sit there, watch another episode of “Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, or “The Lion King”.

When I asked if she could make a career of it, she gave me a look of disgust, called me a “stupid human”, and said she already has made it into a career.  The key is to find a slave who offers shelter and support, as well as pettings and warm blankets.

She enjoys it every day, sometimes up to 20 hours, waking only to eat, and make sure that Eli keeps making amazing web comics, podcasts, and reading books to her because that’s what slaves are supposed to do.

So gang, that is the #spoilerverse in a nutshell.  It’s a really fun, diverse group, from all over the country.  Sara and Blizzard are on the East Coast, Robert in PA, MoonPie is in the south, Colton wanders the US playing a flute and practicing Kung Fu, and the rest are in Washington.  (I think Colton is also in PA, but my version is stolen and better)

I hope you enjoy reading about us, get you a better feel for who we are, and why we try and entertain you on various platforms.

You may notice (I hope), that I did not include myself.  I told you it’s a two-parter, and these articles are about me.  Part two delves into me a bit, with a bigger message than just me, because I am just an ant in a universe. 

And the #spoilerverse is bigger than this, with some people contributing, and just not to this article.

As always, you can contact me @jaycanchu on Twitter an IG.  I share all sorts of dumb stuff, send prolific tweets, and dick jokes.  You will see me shirtless, or flexing, my cats, stuff I bake, and comics.  It is a microsystem of why I am single.   Sigh…

                                   Find your Passion

                                              Mista J

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