The Morbius Teaser & Connections to the MCU

The first trailer for Sony’s upcoming comic book film Morbius dropped today. While the response has been rather positive the tease did bring up a few questions and connections with it.

What is Morbius?

Continuing to build on their own shared universe (Sony’s Marvel Universe). Sony is continuing the trend establishing the villains within the Spider-Man lore to expand what they started in 2018’s Venom.

Who is Morbius?

AKA Morbius the Living Vampire, he first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #101 in 1971 and was used as a horror-based rogue within the wall crawlers adventures. As time went on his character became more fleshed out becoming a tragic and brooding anti-hero within his own and other series.

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His true identity of Michael Morbius is an award winning biochemist with a rare blood disorder. Attempting to save his own life he conducts an experiment which fails and turns him into A Living Vampire. Giving him superhuman strength, acute senses and a Vampiric lust for blood.

When and Where does this Film Take Place?

Well, the overall connection to Venom has not yet been seen. But we are aware that Sony is making their own universe so the Easter eggs in relation to that film will surely be there.

One connection we do see though is a picture of Spider-Man on a wall with ‘MURDERER’ spray painted across him. What is a bit confusing is the Spider-Man we see pictured more closely resembles that of the Toby McGuire/Sam Raimi iteration of the early 2000’s rather than the current MCU’s Tom Holland.

And If that message on the wall is to be trusted and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man exists here. Then the word ‘MURDERER’ would probably mean that this film takes place after Spider-Man Far From Home. Where Mysterio reveals to the World that Peter Parker is Spider-Man and that he killed Quentin Beck (Mysterio).

What is most interesting though and truly connects this to the MCU and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is the tag at the end of the trailer. We hear a familiar voice speaking to Morbius.

“Michael Morbius. Got tired of doing the whole good guy thing huh?”

We then see Adrian Toomes (Vulture) played by Michael Keaton.



Since the Disney/Sony agreement back in 2015 fans have been curious as to what events and who Sony could use in their upcoming films. Producer, Amy Pascal in 2018 while promoting Venom played coy when asked about Tom Holland appearing in future Sony films. Now things seem to be pointing at the ability to use at least the Spider-Man villains in their films.

How connected the MCU and the Sony Marvel Universe actually is will only be determined as more films are released. But I would say this is promising if fans enjoy Holland’s take on Web-head himself.

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