The Hunt Begins – AHS 1984 Episode 2 Review

This episode dives right into it, eliminating a few meaningless characters. The only death I have a problem with in the episode was the psychiatric doctor that was studying Mr. Jingles. She shows up for one, maybe two full minutes of screen time and then dies, brutally. If the writers were going to make a comparison to Dr. Loomis, you would think that the doctor would have more screen time. I digress, besides that little gripe, the episode seemed pretty interesting revealing more of the Brooke (Emma Roberts) backstory. So let dive right into it.

The Review

The episode kicks off with Dr. Hopper, the person studying Jingles, arriving to the camp to warn any and everyone of what happened. After Margaret (Leslie Grossman) brushes her off, she leaves the camp only to be murdered by Mr. Jingles on her way out. Brooke, after seeing the gas station murder, begins to freak out and begins to confide in Montana Duke (Billie Lourd.)

This begins a a wedding scene of Brooke’s. While at the alter, her fiance becomes jealous over his friend staying at her house the night before the wedding. Going insane, he draws a gun and shoots both his friend and Brooke’s father then turns the gun on himself. Upon hearing her story, Montana tries to make out with Brooke, causing her to leave the cabin.

Its a nice day for a White Wedding……..

Meanwhile, the guys of the group all go to the showers. Xavier Plympton (Cody Fern) realizes that there isn’t a towel or soap in the showers, and he leaves to go get his beach towel. Margaret decides to cut the power to the camp, pretty much allowing all hell to break loose.

Walking to get his towel, Xavier is attacked by an unknown assailant. It turns out to be his father, or father figure as you discover. He found Xavier on the street, overdosed. He cleaned him up for just the small price of doing gay porn. Which is the reason he’s back, for another video. Xavier promises to have a replacement for him, in Trevor Kirchner (Matthew Morrison.) Taking his “father” back to the showers he peeps through a little hole to look at Trevor, only to have a spike driven through the back of his head, killing him.

The Twist? Kind of? Maybe?

While walking down to the lake to clear her head, Brooke puts her feet in the lake only to find a body. She begins to freak out, only to find the Night Stalker behind her. The Night Stalker broke into her house in the first episode. She over powers him and manages to get away.

While running through the woods, Brooke is stalked by the Night Stalker only before he is tackled by the pedestrian. He gets up and disembowels him and before he goes to chase Brooke again he turns and discovers the body disappeared. Brooke returns to the cabin with Montana, and on his return to the cabin the Night Stalker kills him again. Confused he heads away into the woods.

Margaret returns to her cabin for the night and upon arrival the Night Stalker is there. The only real take away from this conversation between the two is that she wants him to protect the camp from Mr. Jingles. That and you only need two things to rationalize anything, “God and Trauma.”

With the guys finally discovering the body of the man peeping on them in the shower, everyone decides they need to leave the camp ASAP. While everyone is gathering, Margaret finds the pedestrian and discovers that he was a counselor from 1970, the original murders. Everyone gathers into the van, they get it started and are making a get away before Rita (Angelica Ross) jumps out into the road, causing the van to swerve and hit another vehicle. Seeing that the van is destroyed the group splits in two to get Trevor and Rita’s keys, only to have mysterious knocks at both doors…………

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