The Flash Movie… What is Going On!?

Reboot… Rebirth… These are a couple of the words people have been tossing around when trying to explain what the upcoming Flash movie is doing to the DCEU. Luckily for you, the Spoilerverse is here to help in better understanding what is going on and what your expectations should be.

First we will jump into what we have heard over the last year. Then we will take a look at recent discoveries and reveals made over the last few days.

What We Have Heard This Year

As far back as last June we’ve known that 2022’s The Flash will be re-establishing the DCEU as we know. This is not a reboot but rather a clarification with of what the DCEU film universe is going to look like moving forward.

For nearly a year now it has been known that Michael Keaton will be reprising his role as Gotham’s protector, Batman, in the upcoming film. The hot topic of discussion lately is his role moving forward. While there are many fans in this fandom that want to see Ben Affleck continue as Batman for years to come you may want to temper your expectations. Affleck will be stepping aside solely staying as Zack Snyder’s Batman while Michael Keaton will be taking over the duties of Bruce Wayne/Batman within the DCEU continuity. His role will be more of a mentor/leader of a new established Justice League and will be helping someone new take on the mantle of the Bat moving forward.

I want to reiterate this, Ben Affleck is STILL Batman within the Snyderverse of films. If and when the Snyderverse is continued Affleck will be the man for the job. Let’s not forget that the Ben Affleck Batman series for HBO Max is still on the table. Both sides are interested in making it happen to some degree.

Through-out the movie we will get multiple cameos. Some have been announced such as Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Grant Gustin from the CW Flash show, while other have yet to be confirmed or shared with the public. Some of these possibilities are Brandon Routh’s Superman, Henry Cavill and Green Lantern (Actor unknown at this time). Without a doubt Muschietti has some trick up his sleeve that will surely excite fans.

The point of this movie is to re-establish the DCEU while introducing the Multiverse aspect to movie goers. While the CW has explored this with their shows over the last decade. There are fans who have never seen those shows and will need a crash course on what the Multiverse is. Especially if they watch the DCEU moving forward.

Finally, The villain of the film is Barry himself. In a way. The manipulation of time and Multiverse travels will affect his life. Similar to how his Flashpoint in the New 52 affected him and everyone around him. Battling with the loss of his mother and the changes will be a huge hurdle for Barry to overcome. But ultimately will make him a better person and hero moving forward.


A handful of images have found their way online from the set of the Flash. Below you will see a few of them, but there are plenty more circulating.

Lightcast/The Cultured Nerd

On the 6/20/21 LIVE episode of LightCast , Host Matthew and Guest Taylor Murphy, from The Cultured Nerd, discussed the current leaked photos and rumors surrounding the upcoming Flash movie. I broke down some of the highlights from the show which further explains the future of the DCEU. As well as show much of what we heard over the last year has been pretty spot on.


Barry Allen

  • The movie will be a re-telling of his origin
  • Waking up in a Semi-Flashpoint Barry is living the life he has always wanted. His Mother alive, his Father out of prison and he is engaged to Iris West. But despite all of this he has flashes of memories where things were different.
  • As time moves forward he begins losing these memories of his past life. It happens to be that some of these are with Ben Affleck’s Batman.

Michael Keaton/ Batman 89

  • Barry decides to find Bruce Wayne but comes across Michael Keaton’s version
  • Described as a Kingdom Come-esque Batman/Bruce Wayne. We will see he is Batman 24/7 and uses drones do most of the patrolling of Gotham. His suit is reminiscent of Batman Returns but has mechanical alterations because he is an older man.

Grant Gustin Cameo

  • When discovering that he can manipulate time and space when breaking his one rule Barry seeks answers and stumbles across Gran Gustin’s Barry Allen (CW DC Universe)
  • Grant’s Barry explains the Multiverse and his Flashpoint experience describing how things will not be put back the same.. etc…etc.

Josstice League or Snyder Cut?

  • When attempting to right the events and put things back to normal, Ezra’s Barry becomes one with the Speedforce and causes a shift where slight alterations are made in this DCEU continuity.
  • Snyder Cut nor Josstice League are 100% canon at this point.
  • It is Re-Established that films such as Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, WW84, Batman, Batman Returns, Birds of Prey, Shazam, Black Adam and The Suicide Squad are part of this continuity moving forward.
  • Potential images of an altered fight with Steppenwolf will be shown with different characters being involved and even a slightly different looking Steppenwolf.
  • This will make the Theatrical films (sans JOKER and Matt Reeves’ Batman films) the CENTRALIZED CANON

Video HERE >>> Check out their show now!


No one has said that Restoring the Snyderverse cannot happen along side this movie and the rest of the DCEU. It’s important to remember that the Flash was written and greenlit before the the success of the Snyder Cut. And while this movie doesn’t “erase” the Snydverse… It does solidify it’s place as an Elseworlds story. Something Snyder has said multiple times over the last six months when promoting Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Speaking of the Snyderverse. With the Discovery merger looking to be finalized no earlier than Spring/Summer of 2022, its unlikely we get told about it moving forward before then. Too many moving pieces right now for anything to be agreed upon.

Have faith and stay patient.

What About Henry Cavill?

What about him? This version of Supergirl who we are introduced to is the daughter of Cavill’s Superman and Adam’s Lois Lane. Seems pretty reasonable to believe we will have more Cavill Superman in the future in some capacity. Stay optimistic. Can’t forget that Dwayne Johnson wants to face off against Cavill’s Superman. The Flash movie establishes that Black Adam is set within this continuity. So, no reason to believe Cavill isn’t the Superman of this World moving forward.

Let us know what you think about all this. Are you excited for the Flash movie? Do you want to see Keaton be the “Main Batman” of the DCEU? And what about the Snyderverse… Do you still have hope it will be Restored? Tell us in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “The Flash Movie… What is Going On!?

  • August 13, 2022 at 11:00 pm

    Erza Miller is the worst actor ever, he needs to treat his fellow actors actraesses with respect onset and off set. For Ben Affleck hes the worst the batman ive ever seen in my whole life . i would like to see Micheal kaeton come back or gorge clooney to play batman and i love Gal Gadot as wonder women she was awesome as super hero not a bad guy.

  • August 13, 2022 at 11:04 pm

    please make this happen or ll loose all faith my favorite movies thank you Stephen Ingram


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