The Final Four Episodes of The Clone Wars

The Final four episodes of Star Wars The Clone Wars is upon us. The arc called The Siege of Mandalore looks to be an exciting adventure for sure. To some this season has been a bit lackluster but these next few episodes should rectify that.

The Jedi Purge will undoubtedly be interesting to see from this angle. And Ahsoka’s showdown with Maul will surely be exciting.

However, Ashley Eckstein teased recently hat the Siege of Mandalore arc will help fans to understand everything that happens in the Skywalker Saga, and that it’s going to be a “pretty incredible” and “epic” ride to the finale.

The final four episodes will be released over the next four weeks. Below are the dates and names.

April 17th – Old Friends Not Forgotten
April 24th – The Phantom Apprentice
May 1st – Shattered
May the Fourth – Victory and Death

Star Wars Day, May Fourth, should be an interesting day. As we all celebrate our Love for the Saga. We once again must endure the fate of the Jedi and all the horrors Darth Sidious brought to the Galaxy.

Finally, here is the trailer for the final four episodes.

You can catch all episodes of The Clone Wars on Disney+


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