“An interesting book, which challenges Curipan and could give the reader a chance to consider all the implications of an extended life; the good, the bad and the down right painful.” – Johnny Hughes, Comic Crusaders

“In the end, I cannot praise The Eighth Immortal #1 enough. It delivers something original and emotional. But the true majesty of the story is how it uses this emotion. By being willing to wade into emotionally troubled water, the story delivers a knock-out punch with its final page.” – Charles Hartford, But Why Tho?

“This book had a strong first issue which, for me, seemed to end a bit too soon.” – E.A. Henson, Biff Bam Pop

Curipan has spent her immortality protecting humanity from the threat of an ancient prophecy. But time and a secret trauma have worn her down, forcing her to choose between her duty and her sanity. The Eighth Immortal is a scandalous fantasy that asks the question, should anything last forever?

The Eighth Immortal #1hits shelves January 27th. Cover art by Tiffany Turrill (Lucifer), Cover B by G. Bifulco, and letters by LetterSquids.

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