The DualSense….. Playstations’s Newest Controller

Sony has given us the first look of the PlayStation 5 controller, and boy is it something. The DualSense 5 has a lot in common with the PS4 controller, but with a few new additions. The new PS5 controller is a departure from the previous controller designs. Sony has given us a full list of everything this controller can do.

What’s New

Sony has changed the angle of the triggers to make the controller feel smaller, while reducing the weight of the controller. The light bar has been moved to the sides of the touch pad, as opposed to the top. The PS5 controller has a new built-in microphone to compensate for those who don’t have a microphone.

Like earlier DualShock controllers, the DualSense will use rechargeable batteries.

Sony has removed the “Share” button, but customer are told not to worry. Instead, the new “Create” button will let players share content online.

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