The Down Low – Cats: Normalizing Your Fursona

December 19th, 2019 will be a day that will go down in history. Some other movie came out this day, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Today is the day that Hollywood told us all that it’s ok if you sometimes find your feline companion hot, you’re not alone. Most of us out there have at sometime been heading the advice of 45 and just grabbing our cats whenever we please, putting them on our laps, petting them, and letting that little fur ball vibrator do its job. We used to be shamed when things got a little hot, but only if someone was to walk in.

But be ashamed no longer!

Director Tom Hopper, whether on purpose of not, has given the green-light to a whole new generation of furies. Everyone out there that loves to see anthropomorphic animals in adult situations (you know you have looked) now has a feature length movie if Human like cat bodied celebrities in which to fantasize about now.

It’s ok, Indris Elba DOES look pretty hot as a cat. But to be fair, there’s not much he doesn’t look hot as.

Taylor Swift has never looked better with her human like body shape covered in fur, her cat like movements and purrs.

James Corden looked, well, like an over weight cat. I’m sure that’s someones fetish.

I do question the use of human body shapes with cat features and why only one set of human tits, but no nipples. We either need human nipples on the bodies or we need 6 sets of tits. Let’s do this right guys, come on.

So go my new furry friends, embrace your love for human/cat hybrids. Get your yiff on and be free.

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