The Day the World Quit Jiggling – AHS 1984 Episode 4 Review

This episode had everything reach its peak, all while revealing the big twist of the series. This episode basically turns everything on its head, and everything you’ve been lead to believe has been a lie. So without any further delay lets dive into the episode.

The Review

This episode kicks off showing how Montana (Billie Lourd) and Ramirez (Zach Villa) meet. Montana teaches an aerobics class, where a ton of cocaine is used, when Ramirez walks in. The two are talking before being interrupted by one of the students over the music. After the class is over Montana goes to the locker room to discover that the student was murdered by Ramirez. While saying that its “the most fucked up thing anyone has ever done for her” the two proceed to have sex in the puddle of blood under it. Once done Montana uses him for revenge on Brooke (Emma Roberts) who she thinks had her brother killed at her wedding.

Bertie’s Time to Shine

Xavier (Cody Fern) shows up in the mess hall where Bertie (Tara Karsian) seems to be completely unaware of what’s happening in the camp. She is peacefully making sandwiches, before Xavier clues her in on whats happening. No sooner as he finishes telling her, Mr. Jingles barges in. Xavier hides underneath the table. Bertie, both shocked and scared, tell him to sit down at the table and she would make him his favorite sandwich. As he’s eating his PP&J, she tells him that he’s not a bad person. Xavier drops his flashlight under the table, causing Jingles to look under the table. As he tries to flee Jingles gets him, knocks him out, and puts him a bag. He is later put into the oven. Thinking all hope is lost, Bertie reaches up and opens the door. Being extremely cut up, Bertie make Xavier mercy kill her.

The Battle for Dominance

Brooke escapes the hut that Donna (Angelica Ross) put her in. She almost immediately gets trapped in a giant net, living up to the stereotypical helpless woman and villain trap. From the parking lot of the last episode Montana finds Brooke suspended in the tree and tells her she’s going to go for help. She finds Ramirez and he begins to torment Brooke. While doing so Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch) appears and Ramirez idealizes him before deciding its his turn to terrorize the world. As the battle ensues. Montana finds Donna in the shrubs near Brooke and attacks her. Donna is eventually knocked out when she is smashed in the face with a rock by Montana. Both going blow for blow on each other, Jingles gains the upper hand and puts Ramirez’s skull through a branch on a nearby tree. Montana, shocked, runs away into the woods.

The Moment We’ve Waited for

As Margaret (Leslie Grossman) is sitting in her cabin she grabs a wooden bear and we flashback in time. We see Jingles sitting at a picnic table carving the bear as Margaret, whose a camp counselor comes and sits next to him. Other counselors make fun of the two and Jingles says he would defend her. Cutting his thumb while carving the bear, Margaret sucks the blood off of it and proposes him killing them. We then flash to the night of the murders as its actually Margaret that kills all the kids! And cuts her own ear off! And frames Jingles!

Back in modern day again, Jingles barges into her cabin and she confesses that she did everything. Jingles, brainwashed by what happened to him in the Asylum doesn’t believe her. That’s until she tells him exactly what happens in the flashback. He tells her that he will act like the monster she created, and lunges at her. Margaret with her revolver shoots Jingles dead on the floor. Trevor (Matthew Morrison) hears the gunshots and runs to her cabin. Seeing that Jingles is dead, he is relieved until Margaret says that Jingles killed him before stabbing him in the chest.

Returning to the parking lot, we see the last of the survivors around a car that on fire. As this happens Donna comes to from being knocked out and sees Ramirez being revived, floating and all kinds of crazy……

Let us know how you felt about this episode of AHS!

One thought on “The Day the World Quit Jiggling – AHS 1984 Episode 4 Review

  • October 18, 2019 at 11:23 pm

    I haven’t watched this season yet, but from ther sounds of it, it’s a pretty cool season.


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