The Daily Bugle’s Spider-Man!

The Daily Bugle has always been a part of Spider-Man’s story. The Daily Bugle will now be releasing a five issue, limited run of the web-slinger! This series will also coincide and tackle issues from Nick Spencer’s current run of Amazing Spider-Man. Guiding us will be writer Mat Johnson (Loving Day) making his Marvel Comics debut. You can see more of his work here. And with art by Mack Chater, known for his work on Black Panther and the Crew.

Cover Art of the Amazing Spider-Man: Daily Bugle

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: DAILY BUGLE will give readers an inside look at the investigative journalism as Robbie Robertson. Robbie’s story will dive deep into Spider-Man and Kingpin’s past. And just like the goal of any great news story, this run will change the view of Spider-Man forever. As the story develops, Robbie discovers a secret that will affect both Spider-Man and anyone who’s ever come into contact with the web-slinger! This run will be chock full of twists and turns as the Daily Bugle dig into the past to uncover the deadly truth.

This will be one story worth chasing and you can read all about it this January!

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