Robert Slavinsky

Editor & Podcast Host

Graduating from High School in 2004, Robert aspired to make his way into the film industry hoping one day to work for Lucasfilm. While that dream never panned out, he found himself managing a local video store where his affinity for film continued to grow. As the 21st century roared and video stores became all but relics, Robert spent the better part of 6 years searching for a new outlet in which he could discuss his love of film and pop culture. In 2017 Robert met Colton Bird and they went on to create a Podcast called ‘The Remote Control’. A show dedicated to all things Nerd and Geek.  As their popularity grew a name change was in order. In April 2018 Bridging the Geekdoms was born and their adventure continued including meeting John Horsley and Kenric Regan of Spoiler Country. After dipping their toes with a young Network, 2019 brought a time of hectic schedules and uncertainty with Robert and Colton. However, It just so happened that as the year went on an opportunity opened to not only transition a relatively new show, Shootin’ the Sith podcast, over to but also help with writing and publishing articles for the site. By March of 2020, Bridging the Geekdoms was back on the airwaves and part of the Spoilerverse echelon of shows. Now, as a writer, editor and podcast host, Robert has become an important part of The Spoilerverse.

Twitter – @BridgeGeekdoms