Colton Payne

Writer & Podcast Host

Colton is the co-host of Bridging the Geekdoms as well as the founder and host of Polygon Warriors. From time to time he can also be found on the Spoilerverse’s premier Star Wars Podcast, Shootin’ the Sith. From a very young age, Colton has had a love for entertainment, whether it be film, television, video games or comics. In 2019 he and Robert Slavinsky of BtG transitioned their show to SCPOD.NET. Since moving over to the Spoilerverse Colton has been covering press releases while also reviewing movies and video games. As the network grew Colton’s ambition grew with it and has since started his own show called, Polygon Warriors, a video game podcast.

Twitter – @Whiteruby53
Instagram – Whiteruby53