Tales from the Crypt #4

Kris Jerome and Patrick Buermeyer joined us to discuss 4 more episodes of Tales from the Crypt.

“The Sacrifice”

Season 2, Episode 7: Staring Don Hood, Kim Delaney, & Michael Ironside. (Originally aired on May 15, 1990)

An insurance agent kills his obnoxious client in a plot to take his money and his wife. He soon finds out however that this will be quite very difficult for him when someone shows up to blackmail him for the murder.

“For Crying Out Loud”

Season 2, Episode 8: Starring Lee Arenberg, Katey Sagal, & Sam Kinison. (Originally aired on May 22, 1990)

A greedy rock promoter plans to run off with all of the donation money that was raised at the “Save the Amazon Rainforest” charity benefit concerts, but a greedy banker soon blackmails the promoter.

“Four-Sided Triangle”

Season 2, Episode 9: Staring Patricia Arquette, Chelcie Ross, & Susan Bloomaert. (Originally aired on May 29, 1990)

Farmer George is attracted to Mary Jo, the nubile young woman who helps out with the chores. The problem is… she’s in love with a scarecrow.

“The Ventriloquist’s Dummy”

Season 2, Episode 10: Starring Don Rickles & Bobcat Goldthwait. (Originally aired on June 5, 1990)

Aspiring ventriloquist Billy Goldman tracks down his idol Mr. Ingels, who dropped out of show business following a mysterious incident involving fire and now lives in seclusion as a bitter recluse. Billy finds out that Ingles has a very dark secret pertaining to his success in the profession. 

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