SUPERMAN Directed by JAMES GUNN Almost Happened

During an interview promoting his upcoming film The Suicide Squad, with Empire Magazine. James Gunn revealed a few details in what nearly transpired with Warner Bros. and DC.

A day after getting the job to write and direct The Suicide Squad Alan Horn, Chairman of Walt Disney Studios, called Gunn to discuss returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Guardians of the Galaxy volume 3. This after Horn criticized Gunn in 2018 for years old tweets.

James knew he would have to inform Marvel Studios head honcho, Kevin Feige of his upcoming DC project to which Feige asked – “Is it Superman?”

Gunn informed Kevin that it was not but that was a possibility. He went on to tell Feige that it was The Suicide Squad which led the Marvel boss to beg the director to “please, please, make a good movie. Just make a great movie.”

You can read more of this interview in the newly released Empire Magazine available now!

Gun is set to complete his work on The Suicide Squad and the recently announced Peacemaker project before jumping back over to Marvel Studios. Despite the ups and downs the last couple years have had it’s encouraging to see that Gunn will get an opportunity to expand on all he has created and will continue to create with the two “rival” companies.

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