Stumptown at Rose City Comic Con (pre-show)

One of the coolest things about doing this podcast is getting press invites to shows. This is the third in in a row that we have covered Rose City Comic Con (Listen to our 2017 episodes Day 1 and Day 2 & 3 and our 2018 episodes day 1, day 2, and day 3 plus a bonus and a second bonus) and it’s been a breath of fresh air all around. Last year they added Play Fair PDX, which has been renamed to RCCC Jr this year, and this year they have added Leaky Con, a Harry Potter specific event.

Kids, let me tell you about the time your mother…

What’s really exciting about this year is we got the press invite to the press QnA for the new ABC show Stumptown based off Greg Rucka‘s book from Oni Press (who also published the great Junior Braves of the Apocalypse)! This is a pretty exciting time to be in Spoiler Country for sure! This will be the first time I’m involved in a press QnA, but if tv shows and movies have taught me anything shenanigans will ensue. Maybe the cast will tell funny jokes and it will be a ripe ol’ time. Maybe someone will ask an invasive personal question and someone will get upset and a fight will break out. Who knows! The sky is the limit!

So what is Stumptown?

A sharp-witted army veteran becomes a private investigator in Portland, Oregon, where she takes care of her brother.

OK ok, that’s interesting. And it stars Robin Sparkles. I mean Robin Scherbatsky, I mean Agent Hill, I mean Cobie Smulders. I find it funny how her real name is just as ridiculous sounding as the characters she’s known for. Though I’m one to talk, I only have a single letter for a name. What you don’t believe me? Well it’s true. Legally speaking my first name is the letter J. I’ve talked about it on the show before but I’m not going to find the link right now.

Honestly, I’ll be upfront with you. I have not read the comic. However, just for you I will go read it right now.

Alright, I just read the first issue from the 2009 series (pick it up here) and I gotta say, it was pretty damn good man. I do enjoy Greg Rucka as a writer, even though I did have a negative run in with him at a Second Genesis convention in Portland back in 2004. Ask me about it sometime.

Anyway, back to what this is about. I’m super excited to go to this QnA and be a part of this from the press perspective. I’m going to record the audio from this event and we will post it up as an episode. When this happens I will link to it here.

Stay classy my friends, and don’t forget to tip your waiters (is that gender neutral now? I hope so) if they deserve it.

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