Street Clothes – Solid story, un-solid name.

Cover by Von Randal

Written by Travis Holyfield
Art by Von Randal
Colored by Kevin Anthony De Castro
Lettered by Taylor Esposito
Edited by James O’Callaghan

Published by Bold Talk LLC
Buy digital on

Today’s offering to the Overlords is a book called “Street Clothes” (John talked to Travis back in March of 2018 for KSB #7).  It tells the tale of Kate Chang.  Kate worked for Big Casino, and then seemingly retired after a fight gone wrong.  Kate has some super powers, and is currently working for a lower level Irish mob.

  Now, let us start with the story telling.  I liked the premise behind it.  It didn’t spell out every little thing, some things you are assuming, but for the most part, it is a coherent story.  Personally, I might have liked a little more backstory, but honestly, it told you enough that you expect bits and pieces of her past will be told at a later issue, and what I’d like doesn’t impede the story because it isn’t there.

Amazing interior art

  One thing I do like is though it’s a city full of people with super powers, which ordinarily I’d find stupid, these people where hangs out at are broken.  They’ve lost fights, they’ve had accidents, and it has affected their…wiring.  Some of their powers don’t work the same any more, some of them are scared, but they’ve all reached D List status.  I’m assuming Kathy Griffin was performing at the bar at some point.  I felt that was actually something new, a very nice twist, and offers all sorts of possibilities for a future story.

  The art was…interesting.  Dark, colored, and thick lined…it reminds me of how the TV show Archer would be done if they put that in a comic.  I liked it, and it was easy on the eyes for the most part.  I did feel that the emotions shown on the character’s face didn’t always fit with what was going on, and at one point was a bit muddy with the story, but on the whole, it wouldn’t stop me from buying the book, or reading it again.

Fantastic action!

  My only other real issue is Ms. Chang doesn’t look Asian.  Not that it is a big deal, but in a world where people are all up in arms about one race playing a character that was originally another race, I expected someone named Chang to look a bit Asian.  It doesn’t really matter book wise, just felt that it was a missed opportunity to have a minority represented.

  Regardless, I thought the title of the book wasn’t that great, the story was really good, the art was above board, the editing was average, but is definitely a book I would read more of if given the opportunity.

  This book was crowd funded, so I’m not sure who distributed it.

  If you have questions, or disagree, you can find me @jaycanchu on Twitter or Instagram.  If you send mean messages, I will retweet them and laugh at you.

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