Stranger Things Season 3 – Did they just [REDACTED]

I know, I KNOW, I’m a little late to the Stranger Things game here. We talked about it a little on our The Boys episode, but I sat on this show for a good year. My wife Kaylie (co-host of Haphazard Adventures and regular on Spoiler Country) watched season one, well binged it is a better way to say it, when it first came out and told me how amazing it was. I wanted to watch it, I did, but for some reason though I just didn’t.

Once season two came out Kaylie started watching and got about three episodes in and I was like “WAIT! HOLD ON! LEMME CATCH UP!” So I went to the office in the house we lived in at the time and binged the entire first season in one night so we could watch season two together. I know, how romantic.

Well, OBVIOUSLY season one and two are great, and they are so different from each other. Let’s do a quick recap of the first two seasons then jump into the third. These will be VERY quick and obviously miss what that season was fully about, so yeah, deal with it? I mean if you want a legit recap there are HUNDREDS of videos on youtube to see recaps of season one and season two. Hell, even season three. You’re not here for that, you are here for something way better.

Spoilers, obviously.

Season One

This season is about establishing all the main characters, meeting Eleven, finding out she has super powers. Will getting trapped in the upside down. Reliving the awesome 80’s. And falling in love with Hopper.

Season Two

Season two is very different than season one. Eleven is on the run, we meet new kids with powers, Dustin get’s a new pet, Steve becomes everyone’s favorite mom, we meet Max and Billy, and they fight off the demon things again. Eleven closes the portal, or so we think. Also we are first introduced to the big bad for season three, although it’s in a drawing.

Season Three

In another vast turn in what this show does, it takes everyone we know and love and tortures them in different ways. We get to see what a mall should be, in all it’s 80’s glory. Though to be fair I was born in the early 80’s, but I grew up in the 90’s. The mall was close enough to how I remember them, so I’m going to go with it.

Let me just say the most heart breaking part of this season happens at the end. I’m going to talk about it first because DAMMIT it pissed me off. They killed Hopper! I mean, they didn’t SHOW him die, so maybe he’s in the upside down or something, but they ELUDED to killing Hopper! He is legit my favorite character on this show! And they KILLED HIM! I mean, if he’s NOT in the upside down in season four or comes back in some way, I will be very sad by this.

Anyway, Billy get’s infected, eats some cleaner stuff, people become the horde, the monster starts absorbing them all to become the big creepy thing we saw in season 2. Oh, and the Russians are in this and bad guys too. So while half the team is fighting monsters, the other half is fighting the Russians.

I just cant get over Hopper.

I mean, Jim Hopper. The man, the father, the cop.

That’s all. They killed Hopper and that makes me sad.

Thank you for your time, now excuse me while I go write some fan fiction about how he survived and Joyce, Will, Jonathan, Eleven, and Hopper now all live together as one big happy family that go by the name Hopper-Byers, because they are progressive.

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