We welcomed Travis Webb to talk about his upcoming project Starlite. Originally this episode was recorded as a double episode, as Travis stayed on to talk about a couple of episodes of Tales From the Crypt. We have decided to re-release it as two separate episodes. Make sure to join us for episode 62, as we review another 4 episodes of Tales From the Crypt

The creative team for Starlite consists of Brett, Greg, and Travis; three friends with shared experiences in creative media, rave culture, Burning Man, and drinking at comic conventions. Our very own Greg Smith is one of the creators of this project. 

“What happens to child superheroes after they’re all grown up? Do they end up like countless Hollywood child stars: a heroic past haunting their present, forgotten by the pop-culture zeitgeist only to be recalled in nostalgic listicles on YouTube?”

You can follow the project and back it by heading over to Kickstarter. Follow Travis Webb on Twitter.

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