Star Wars: The High Republic

Formally known as ‘Project Luminous’ Star Wars: The High Republic has in development for years by Lucasfilm. Finally after weeks of teasing and speculation all has been revealed. But, is it the Star Wars we all want?

Check out their announcement trailer below.

What is Star Wars: The High Republic?

Essentially, The High Republic will be set 200 years prior to the Skywalker Saga. It will explore the intricacies of the Republic and the status of the Jedi within the Galaxy. While we know that the Sith have been extinct for nearly a millennia as of Episode I the Phantom Menace. A new threat will be introduced, The Nile. They will be viking like characters who will presumably be terrorizing the galaxy.

As of now no live-action, video game or animation plans have been revealed to be connected with The High Republic stories. You have to figure that there will be some connections in those forms at some point in the future.


I still disagree with the thought of the Skywalker saga ending. But this direction is an intriguing adventure for fans to explore. It’s a time period in which not too many stories have been told. While it would be nice to see some of the old familiar, The Old Republic & the Skywalker saga, diving into something new is exciting.

This might be exactly what Lucasfilm needs to finally get out of the shadow of George Lucas and all that had come before 2012. Developing their own narrative and universe with nearly no expectations will go a long way in fixing the broken relationship with fans and the Lucasfilm creative team.

What do you think about this new initiative?

The first story from Star Wars: The High Republic is due to release August 2020.

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