Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Season One Review!

Join John and Kernic as they talk in depth about their feelings for the DisneyPlus show Obi-Wan Kenobi!

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Obi-Wan Kenobi Season One

Kenric: [00:00:00] Hey, Hey, you’re back. I’m I dunno why, but you’re here. I

John: never left. Hey, on spoilers.

Kenric: On spoil spoilers, spoilers the network we’re at the spoiler country and welcome back I’m Kenrick Regan, of course. And that. Right there. It’s Mr. Horsley. And today on the show, we’re gonna talk obiwan and we tried to do this earlier.

John: We tried, we failed, we have a blooper episode, which will release sometime down the line.

Kenric: But yeah, and I dogs and technology don’t mix. Yeah. Dogs and podcasting. Don’t always mix. Yeah. Unless you’re a dog show.

John: We’re not, we’re not a dog show yet. We’ll hit that market in a year or two. Yeah.

Kenric: We could be we’ve both got enough.

John: Yeah. And I’ve actually watched the whole show now. So as, whereas last time we recorded only watched half of it.

Kenric: Right. So you watched all six?

John: Yep. I watched the last, so I watched. One more last night then I watched the last two today.

Kenric: Nice. Yeah. Nice. And what was your overall let’s? Let’s get the overall feeling of it out of the [00:01:00] way first, because that’s, you know,

John: Overall.

I enjoyed it. I liked it. I, I mean, I think you McGregor’s great as O we won, I liked his interpretation. The girl who played little Lea was awesome. Leah, Leah. Yeah. you get that joke when you hear the blooper episode. Lea was great. Yeah. She’s very precocious. Yeah. Yeah. I thought hat and Christen did a great job as Beder.

I, I thought I had a lot of fun with it. I mean, it didn’t happen. Do a

Kenric: lot in this one. No. You know what I mean? Mean, I mean, we saw a lot of Vader. Yeah. But Vader is just all about the look and the sound and James Earl Jones.

John: Yeah. But the flashback scenes and stuff like that. Yeah. Yeah. Which James Earl Jones is 91 years

Kenric: old.

I know. And still sounds

John: amazing. And still sounds like

Kenric: Darth Vader. I know. I hope he never dies. yeah. Especially

John: especially if they’re gonna do a Darth Vader TV show. He’s gotta stick around for that, right? Yeah. Yeah. So just whatever, whoever you prey to just say don’t take VA Vader from [00:02:00] us. Don’t take Vader.

no show. Yeah, I liked it. I mean, I have the one gripe. That we talked about what? Okay. One minute. I’m pretend we didn’t record last night about, cause I wasn’t heard it. My main draft for the first three episodes was that the third sister was super generic. Yeah. He was like, you’re a generic bond Villa.

And that was just the actress who

Kenric: plays her or the actor who plays her. Great.

John: Oh yeah. Fantastic job overall.

Kenric: Yeah. She a fantastic job for what, for the material she was given.

John: It just felt the first three episodes very much. The first, I guess I’ll say first three and a half episodes felt very.

Kenric: Dude. I was super fake singing, everything she was gonna do.

Yeah. Oh, this is gonna happen. Oh, I even called it when she killed spoilers, spoilers through this whole thing. So we haven’t watched OB one. Don’t listen to this. Yeah. Or do oh, and then

John: go watch it all. Yeah.

Kenric: Dude, get spoiled, then go watch it. yeah. Yeah. But when she killed the grand inquisitor, I called, I was like, oh, now she’s gonna kill [00:03:00] this person.

Now she’s gonna do this. Now she’s gonna do that. Killed. Yeah. And it just, it was like, oh my God, how cliche can you become?

John: Oh, I know in this character. I know. I know. And it’s just like, I mean, they, they, in the last three or the last two and a half, you know, they made her character better. But even then it was still,

Kenric: I don’t like kinder though, because then,

John: so I might have missed something.

I might have missed something in like the fifth episode. I

Kenric: liked it. Yeah.

John: Yeah. And what I miss is I don’t understand why in the sixth episode she’s going after. Like she had that con that whole conversation with, with OB one about the young lien and how she was part of order 66 and how yeah. She was there to get back at Vader, but then why would she go on try and kill?

Luke was just because did she, because Luke was Anakin’s son. Is that why she, I, I missed, yeah. I think the reason for going after Luke,

Kenric: I think the whole reason is because it’s Raider sun. I don’t think there’s any other reason. And I think she just wanted revenge. And like that guy said, he’s like, revenge is a [00:04:00] to keep, you know what I mean is a great motivator to, to stay alive.

It is, it is. And that’s, and, and remember the grand inquisitor says that to her. Yeah. As she’s laying, dying on the floor. Yeah. And then you see her, you know, ID like to know how she, how she got off the planet. There was nowhere ships

John: left or how she survived a light zer stabbed for the.

Kenric: I mean, I mean, they almost could have saved that whole part for the second season.

Yeah. You

John: know, you think there’ll be a season too. So

Kenric: it was supposed to only be

John: one season, which I can see that may one season makes sense with how,

Kenric: but its had so much fanfare. Yeah. And people really pushing for season two that there’s a big rumor that they’re gonna announce a season

John: two. What are they gonna do in season two though for season one?

It’s all about, you know, late well, you can do

Kenric: all you want with OB one all the way up until Luke is 18 and he’s only 10. So you got eight good years. You could literally do eight seasons and end the [00:05:00] series on Luke coming, stepping into the shadow of his cave and then just end it right there. So show Luke, just show a silhouette.

John: So they’ve got eight years to turn to OB one from being 51 to 70. Cool.

Kenric: Well, I mean, is, was he only seven? Was he 70 in the movie? Was they, did they say how old he was? I, I

John: don’t know, but he’s definitely

Kenric: because Luke is 10 cuz he’s twins with Leia and she, they said it over and over again. She’s 10. Right?

So, and he was, he couldn’t have been more than 18, 7, 17 when he, when star wars and new hope happens. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know how old he is. I mean, I’m just guessing N no, not more than 21.

John: Let’s see if I hear my loud as keyboard typing. How old was Luke? Luke was 19 years old. Okay.

Kenric: You’re saying so nine years that I put him 60 that’s about right.

I mean, cuz when we’re little kids and you see OB one for this time, you think he’s really old? [00:06:00]

John: Let’s say how was OB and OB won a new hope.

Kenric: Did we just, Devis a plot hole.

John: Let’s see.

Kenric: We go, people will

John: explain it away. I know. Well, well we should, you know, this, this is the whole thing about us doing research before we do shows, but we won’t do that.

Kenric: Well we just thought of the question. That’s the problem. It comes up while we’re discussing the show. Right, right.

John: Now I was trying to read fast. Of course these things, can’t just fricking say how old he was. I have to read through the whole article. I don’t know, 60 something.

Kenric: well, how, how old was OB one and star wars and hope a new hope 57. Is that how it was? Yep. Obi won Kenobi is introduced in the original star wars film living as a 57 year old hermit under the name of Ben [00:07:00] Kenobi in the planet tattooing.

But Alec esque looked 70

John: Alec Guness was old as fuck looking, but yeah, he I mean, that makes sense cuz then I mean his even Gregs only is, you know, 51 right now,

Kenric: actually in real life. So, so yeah. So yeah, but like I’m sorry, even then 57 did not look that old. No. And he’s.

John: Even regret 51 still looks young but

audio2506905807.output: you

Kenric: know what all the, all the directors, all the people working on, it were like in their late twenties, early thirties.

So for them 57 was old. Right. He was this ancient man. Boom is so old. Yeah. I mean, it’s kind of interesting. So that means, so that means timelines line

John: up

Kenric: pretty much. I mean, yeah. Yeah. OB one then is what? 58 or SI? Yeah, no 48. He’s my age.

John: It’s your age. You’re O you were OB one. I am OB one.

Kenric: Congrats.

Congrats. That is weird as all get out.

John: can you do all the flip? You know what? I was just

Kenric: thinking, you know how we’ll get back to OB one, but I just, just thought of this. [00:08:00] I just thought tangent, you know how people get freaked out about Marvel movies or DC movies, if it’s not what they grew up with.

Yeah. And they get freaked out by the changes and everything. I think I know why that is though. Why? I don’t think it’s all. Some of the political issues that people have people of my age and even your age, yearned, yearned for an X spin or Spider-Man movie back in the day. Yeah. Now for me, that’s the eighties.

I mean, you kind of got the Xmen movie in the nineties. The first one was great. But we yearn for a Spider-Man movie. We yearn for an X-Men movie. Never gonna happen. You know what I mean? Mm-hmm and that was my, my age group. Right. It would’ve been made for my age. You get what I’m saying? Yeah. So I’m waiting and waiting and, and, and, you know, you spend all this money and you’re this huge fan.

And then 30 years later, it finally happens and you’re told, well, it’s not made for you. I’ve been fucking [00:09:00] waiting 30 years for it to be made for me. And now you’re just gonna tell me it’s not made for you.

John: right. I, I get what you’re saying, but to contrast. The people reading it now is who it’s made for.

Not the people who starving

Kenric: it. I don’t about that, dude. I know you to me. It’s like I have spent money after money for 30 years. Are they? So they, they getting no, no, they have not. You don’t read

John: you. You don’t bullshit. You don’t, you, you did not buy calling books formen for 30 years. No, I just, you stopped.

You stopped at a certain point, new generation.

Kenric: It for 30 years. The point is, dude, is there,

John: there’s a value was one thing for 30 years. If I haven’t, I haven’t touched it or read it in 20, but make it how I remember it. That doesn’t make sense.

Kenric: Yes, it does. No, I’m not saying that. You’re like totally conflating what I’m saying.

You’re you’re over

John: conflating. What I’m saying? No, I’m not. I get, no, I get a hundred percent. I don’t. I’m saying, cause you’re arguing. they’re making no, I’m just saying the reason why they’re doing that is cuz they’re making it for the fans now. Oh [00:10:00] understand.

Kenric: No dude. I understand. Have to make it for the fans now that’s gonna spend the money and do all that stuff.

I get it. My point is I understand why, why some of the people, my age. Are fricking screaming at the wind because they’re just so, because they have been waiting a very long time, whether, and, and, and dude, yeah, you grow up and you start to not read those as much as you were, but also because after so many years you just, it’s never gonna happen.

That’s your mindset, right? Like Spider-Man was supposed to be made back, like in the eighties. And they had, they had so many licensing issues with everything that was going on and it was always this, oh, it’s coming out. No, it’s not. Oh,

John: it’s out Spiderman. They made a TV show movies in the seventies in Spiderman.

Kenric: Yeah, they sure did. They sure did. And it was sure bad. Well, that’s what you’re and the special effects and the way that they could do it, even in the, even in the late eighties, they could do some cool. You know what I mean? Yeah. And in the [00:11:00] early nineties they could do, I mean, Batman was what looked great.

Tim Burton did some cool shit. I’m just saying I can

John: understand. And Tim Burton changed a lot of shit too.

Kenric: Yeah. When, when you love something for that, for that amount of time, and then, and you’re, and you were waiting and you know what I mean? And it kind of sucks to have something past you by and be told, oh, well, that’s not made for you, but it’s like, dude, I’ve been fucking waiting forever.

I’ve been keeping a flame for that. For a long time. And a lot of the, a lot of those comic books survived because of the shit that you know, us I’m pleading, you kept reading and kept buying things. Maybe not us individually, but our gen, the, the generations that we’re from a lot of people kept doing it.

Matter of fact, someone like Kevin faggy, who, who is my age, had a big torch, and these are reasons that we do see it and he’s done a fantastic job. So I don’t want anything to be taken away. I’m not saying that I’m just saying. I can understand the vitriol that, that some of these people have for it. I can, and it’s like, they, they just [00:12:00] want what they originally read and it it’s never gonna happen.

But I mean, and

John: it never happens even if they make the movie when it comes

Kenric: out, you know? Oh, no, dude, they’ll, they’ll always find something. Yeah. And that

John: boy’s toxic. I understand being irritated or frustrated that it’s not exactly what you wanted, but. That doesn’t excuse them, everybody being fucking Dick heads about it.

right. You know, like, and the whole thing is not few. That’s fine. I mean, if it’s not what you wanted to see but you had 30 years ago, you don’t have to watch it. You don’t have to like it, but that’s even

Kenric: worse. Well, you don’t have to watch it. Ugh. Now you telling me I can’t even in, in no

John: me, you can go enjoy it.

If you want, you can bitch all you want. Just, nobody cares.

Kenric: nobody cares. What’s that? What? Of course nobody cares, dude. Yeah, of course. Nobody cares. Nobody care. No one would care if they made the movie that certain people want. Yeah. You know what I mean? At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. The problem is, is if they made.[00:13:00]

Actually, I, I I’m, I’m kinda good with the movies that they have now and, and

John: everything well, except for the, except for the last 10 years of DC movies, for the most part, I’m not happy. I’m not happy

Kenric: with them. I kinda liked, I, I didn’t mind them at all. I still don’t mind them. I, I, I honestly don’t understand why people hate ‘ so bad, so much.

It’s just like, I don’t, I don’t get it. I mean, Yeah. Some things were changed, but they’ve changed a lot of things in the Marvel stuff, too. They just did better

John: writing. It’s not about it. I don’t wanna give attention on this, but it’s not about them changing things. It’s about them not understanding what they’re doing with the changes.


Kenric: Well, yeah, there’s

John: a huge difference. You can make changes to characters and stories. That’s fine. But if you don’t understand the story and character, you’re making changes to your changes, aren’t gonna make sense, you know? Right. You can say like Robert does, you know, different universe, different interpretation, all you want.

Good interpretation still respects the source material of what it’s fucking coming from, you know? Yeah. A hundred percent, [00:14:00] a lot. And a lot of those movies just throw out, throw it out the window. Just

Kenric: don’t. So bringing that around, do you think OB one?

John: That was, that. That was me. My, I have a thing. My Alexa went off.

Kenric: Oh, see, watching OB one. Now did they hit the nostalgia feel. For OB one. Did it feel like you’re watching an OB one show that yeah. Star war, the original trilogy. Cause I, I always think of it like the original Pete set and this is set in the original time. You know what I mean? This is going on. This is like the onset of the Skywalker chapters or.

Beginning the middle of the Skywalker

John: chapter. Oh yeah. This is between, this is between episode three and four,

Kenric: you know? Yeah, exactly. So I’m just curious. Do you think they hit those marks and did they do it? What did they do? Right? What did they do wrong? Let’s

John: ask that. I think they, I mean, For me, I’m not a huge star wars fan.

Like I like star wars, but yeah, I’ve only [00:15:00] as I told, as I said before, you know, I watched star wars with my, when I was eight. Yeah. And I didn’t want it to get into college ice savers are cool. Made me, yeah. Lifesavers are cool, but I just, wasn’t a huge star wars fan. Yeah. But at the

Kenric: end of the day, the force of tele telekinesis, it’s got

John: outta here.

It’s Midians in your body. It’s fine. Little aliens, but so weird. Yeah. I, I, I mean, I like star wars. I enjoy, I’ve seen, I’ve seen all the movies except for solo. I still haven’t watched solo yet for some reason.

Kenric: And I’ve watched, I liked solo. I,

John: it was fun. Yeah. Jacob liked it too. And I, I just I’ve been meaning to watch it.

I just haven’t had it. I just haven’t sat down on Washington. I will.

Kenric: It’s just, it’s not Harrison Ford though. It’s hard. Yeah.

John: Well, it can’t be he’s too old. Yeah. But, and I, I liked, I liked, I liked the I like the original trilogy, right? The old, this is 4, 4, 4, blah, four, five and six. They’re fun. Yeah, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll be a, a, a, I’ll be the the brunt of the negative feedback on this episode is I don’t think there’s the greatest people they say they are, but they’re fun.

Yeah. I enjoyed the prequels one, two, and. For what [00:16:00] they were. I mean, I enjoyed, and, and I’ll say this real quick, anybody alive that saw those movies in theaters, one, two, and three had none of the complaints the last 15 years

Kenric: people affect. I think the third one they did. I think I remember the third one.

People not really enjoying, like, it was like, by the time they got to Hayden Christensen, is that his name? That was episode two though. Yeah. Okay. Well, two and three. And the complaint was he, he was a very rigid actor. That’s not,

John: that’s not him though. That’s that’s Lucas directing

Kenric: camp. No, that’s him because you’ve watched other movies with them and he plays the exact same way.

John: Nothing I’ve ever seen him in. He’s been fantastic

Kenric: in that, that you’re kidding me, dude. The one where, where they can, they can teleport anywhere. Terrible. I didn’t see that. He’s

John: terrible in it.

Kenric: I didn’t see that movie. What are you talking about? You didn’t see that movie. It was like the next big thing he did after star war.

What, what, what was it? What the, what? I don’t even know the name of anymore. It’s where they can teleport everywhere. I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Dude. Every movie I have seen him in, he [00:17:00] might be the greatest coolest guy in the world. I don’t know, but he’s a very rigid actor. It’s like he can’t show emotion very well.

His de his line delivery is always monotone. It’s just like it’s it’s bad, dude. It’s

John: bad jumper. You like jumper, you saw that. I never, no, I never

Kenric: saw jumper. Oh my God. Well, it’s bad. I’m sorry. It’s bad. And that’s, and, and, and I remember when, when he came on the screen, that was everybody that I knew and was like, complaining about, was like, oh my God, this guy is no, no, I, they did too.


John: remember that as well, but like

Kenric: the first one was a huge hit though. It was,

John: but everybody shifts on the first one. Everybody shits on F it’s

Kenric: hardcore. It’s George, our peaks. I think

John: well, it’s jar jar. It’s the fact that it’s made for kids. Shocker, all of star wars is made for kids,

Kenric: for kids. Yeah. That’s the thing that drives me nuts.

It’s like the people that complain about things. It’s like, dude, when you saw star wars, you were eight, 10 years old. Yeah. If you saw star wars episodes, one, [00:18:00] two and three, when you’re. 10 years old, you would’ve loved them. That’s what they’re about. Yeah. Yeah. And, and that’s the thing I was in my late twenties when those came out and I already, I understood that I was like, I’m watching ’em I enjoyed ’em for what they were.

And I knew that eight year old me would’ve loved it.

John: I was 17 when episode one came out in 99 and I, I liked it. I didn’t have a problem with it. I mean, I thought, I thought it was a little juvenile, but I knew what I was watching, you know? Yeah.

Kenric: And is been, so is OB one better? Then one, two and three, yes.

On par with, with 4, 5, 6, or just

John: below it. I think four, five and six are on par with one, two and three. Oh, you see them as the same as far as tone goes. I mean, They’re overall better movies because

Kenric: I thought one and two it’s like empire empire to me is the best star wars thing. Movie show anything, hands down, nothing has ever come close to me than empire empire shocker because you know, one George Lucas didn’t direct it.

John: [00:19:00] So that empire and Jedi George, George Lucas did not direct. Those are that’s right. Best just, those are the best two star wars films from that era.

Kenric: Oh, I didn’t think I thought star war, war. I thought new hope was better than Jed. The EOP, just corny.

John: Wait, did he, did he, did he, he, he only directed one of those movies.

Yeah, he did new hope.

Kenric: Did he do new hope? Yeah. I don’t know about the I don’t know about Jedi.

John: He didn’t, but he, he, he only directed one of the

Kenric: three, all the great lines. Yeah. All the great moments come from empire. , you know, Paris, I

John: go a great

Kenric: movie and like, I, I haven’t seen anything, but I thought OB one did do a really good, I mean, you and McGregor is so good in everything he does.

John: Yeah. The it’s it’s great. And what’s cool about what I liked about OB one is it’s a it’s, you know, it’s, it’s go back to the question of like, does it fit into like the university? It really does. I think it does a good job of like capturing OB one where he’s at after episode three.

Kenric: Are they getting the tone right though?

You know, the beats, I think so of how those, those shows and those movies should go.

John: I think so. They it’s, well, [00:20:00] it’s the same thing with the Mandalorian and stuff like that is like, if these would’ve come out after episode three. Yeah. They wouldn’t have worked. Cinematically is storytelling has evolved since 2000, 10,000 12, 8, 7, whenever those movies came out.

Right, right. Like, and the way we tell many serious stories and shows, you know, there’s been a huge shift in the last 10 years of movies to miniseries. Right. Right. Because like, you can tell more in eight episodes than you can in two hours. Yeah. Even though, even though really OB one is only four and a half hours long, if you add ’em all up, right.

It’s like, it’s about four hours and 40 minutes long. It’s like two movies,

Kenric: right. It’s six episodes, which is

John: short. Yeah. But done episodically like that. It allows you, it allows you to have easier story be it’s easier conceivable and tell more story.

Kenric: I want more of

John: that. I love that more than actually going see in a movie.

Cause I think, yeah, I

Kenric: think a lot of times, yeah. Like I look at the Marvel stuff. Like I’ve watch when we, when I watched The doctor strange. I was like, I would’ve referred this to be a, a [00:21:00] show. Yeah. Cuz then like 10 episodes long. They could have really, really delved into some things

John: they try and cramed too much into two hours.

Yeah. Or two and a half hours. Yeah. And it’s just, it’s it’s too much. But they really go ahead. That’s why I love the, the, the Disney plus shows for Marvel. Those yeah. Cause you get to breathe the shows, get the stories, get to breathe. Right. They’re not just shoved in the two hours. Like I loved You know, Spider-Man no way home.

Right. It was really good. There was a lot going on. Right. But it was a long movie, right? Yeah. They had a lot to tell there as opposed to other movies that are long, that, that drag. Right. And, well, we’ll talk about those later, but one thing I really liked about one, which I think made it work so well, is all six episode have the same director, which doesn’t always happen in TV, even in ministries it’ll have like multiple directors.

Right. But Deborah chow did all six episodes. That’s awesome. That allows the show to have the same feel, cause it’s the same direction for all of them. And I think she did a great job. It was really better. My real only complaint [00:22:00] with OB one is I want more of it, but I understand the story. The story they told was told, well in six episodes, It’s pretty complete.

It’s pretty complete. And I like the fact that Vader’s involved in it. And while he is a big part of the story, it was still minimized where it didn’t overtake OB one story, you know? Right. And the fight, the episode six fight scene between Obi one and Vader was fricking cool.

Kenric: yeah, yeah. Yeah. The seen a lot of Vader was fun.

Some of the little force moves that he was doing with his, with his hand. Yeah. Made me laugh. You know, cause you never really see him. You see him use it in the star wars movies, but you don’t see him use it and then be able to do a full fight with against that against the third sister, just using hand and not even, you know, right.

John: What pretty, when wanted slash down and broke his helmet open. And then, and the voice box, his voice box started, which changing between yeah. Anderson and Danville Jones. That was

Kenric: cool. Yeah, that was cool. Who do you think what character grew the most for you?

John: I think OB one grew a lot in this, in this.[00:23:00]

Yeah. Well, okay. So I think, I think OB one, invader actually both grew in this, this show, right? To think that OB one. Grew from being, you know, he’s just watching Luke just doing one thing and two, maybe I’ve got more that I should take care of and, and watch and be a part of. And he get to meet Lea and they had that and it explains now

Kenric: he has a very relationship.

Yeah. Has a very intimate relationship with her. And

John: then Vader grew, I mean, Vader grew the op he grew down, right. He grew negative. Right, right. Not like backwards, but he grew in not in a positive way because he is grew. He is grown more hatred and more hatred towards OB one and towards everything else.

And, and. I think it was great, cuz I mean, Vader was already a hateful bachelor beginning when you first saw him, but by the end, that last fight, you know, he’s, it’s got more,

Kenric: more hatred. He’s really drilled its way in.

John: Yeah. But yeah, that all being said, I go back to a point that I made in our chat about Vader and the kids.

How come he can’t find them?

Kenric: Yeah. I don’t know about if it’s about finding him. I don’t think he cares to find them or does,

John: or does Vader or does Vader know they [00:24:00] exist?

Kenric: Yeah, I think, no, he knows her because he knew she was pregnant. Right, right.

John: But did, was it wasn’t he told they died

Kenric: in child birth or something like that.

Oh, he might have been, I don’t remember. Had to, you’d have to go back and watch that movie. I have to have, listen, I don’t

John: remember if he listening, go ahead and messages and tell us he answer that question. Yeah. my thing is is if, if Vader doesn’t know they’re D okay. Yeah. If Vader doesn’t know they’re dead, right?

He should be able to find both them really easily. Leia went to a Senator that he, that he knew, but there’s

Kenric: still good in him. And we know this, you know, he Vader’s direction and his journey culminates in, in return of the Jedi. Yeah. And he become, you know, and there’s good in, they say it over and over again.

Like there’s good in him. There’s good at him. And it might be. That’s why he never goes for the, for his own kids that he doesn’t want to cuz if he goes and he gets them and, and brings them into his world, then, then he infects them and he knows that. Yeah. You know what I mean? Where he can just keep hunting, OB one, [00:25:00] ignore the, you know, ignore those guys.

Yeah. And not bring them into his world. Cuz he knows that, you know, that’s something to think about. Yeah. You know, he’s on a path of revenge. See,

John: now, now that this, this whole conversation makes me just really. The Vader standalone series, the rumored about,

Kenric: oh, that would be cool. See, for me, I thought, so we talked about her with the third sister and, and the reason I’m gonna bring her up is I thought her arc was done really, really well.

I think they, they did the cliches on purpose to kind of keep, keep you at this point. Right. And, and even though it was cliche, I still enjoyed. Watching those, those scenes, you know what I mean? She really,

John: she really takes a turn in episode

Kenric: four. Yeah. When they’re trapped. Yeah. And her and Ben have that communication through the wall.

Yep. And then again, when she’s captures them, he’s like, you’re not bringing me to Vader. I’m bringing him to you. Which I thought was a great scene. That’s a great, was like, [00:26:00] it made it mean all the change. You’re like, oh, that’s different. I didn’t even, I’ll be honest, man. Usually I’m pretty good at catching twists.

Yeah. Did not see that she was a young link. Did not even click with me until they, they said it and I’m like, oh God damn it. That makes total sense. so God dang it. yeah. And then it was cool. It was like, I totally get why she’s doing what she’s doing. She wants to get as close as she can. And she’s willing to sacrifice anything to do it.

That’s why she’s. So, you know, for lack of a better term evil, especially against people that fight

John: they’re well, and then at the end, she goes, goes to assassinate, Luke, and then has that conversation with, with OB wine. And doesn’t like, you see, you see the whole, you see a lot of that. Everything turns, it turns on her and then yeah, yeah.

Kenric: To realize she’s doing. What she’s trying to get revenge about. Yeah. And she’s, you know what I mean? She was going to interrogate Leia and do [00:27:00] all this stuff. I, I was like, oh my God, I hated that scene. Oh.

John: But the little girl was fantastic in that scene. Oh yeah. She was so great. yeah. I thought that were gonna hit her, like.

Harm her physically. And I was like, don’t do it. Don’t hit her don’t little girl. Don’t the little girl.

Kenric: it’s not little Lea. Oh yeah. Yeah. She I don’t know. I, I like the fact that Lea got up into the, into the into the tunnel and fixed the, get the, the bay door is open. I thought that was kind of cool.

They did a good job on it. I don’t know. They did. I, I really liked Talia. I thought they did a good job with Talia all the way until she died. Like I liked her enough and they got her emotionally invested enough that you didn’t wanna see her die. And then she did. And then she did. And, and that’s a good, I mean, it was a good death, right.

For the story for the plot line.

John: Yeah. It’s an emotional death cuz you care because I didn’t wanna see her die at all, but her, her sacrifice meant something.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. And I like the, the

John: holster. [00:28:00] Yeah. The whole, the story behind blaster was great.

Kenric: Yeah. Later your 10:00 AM. I give a year on the blaster. and

John: then the ending her outfit at the end, when she put the boots on the white outfit, the holster and the little buns, like I was like, oh, that’s so

Kenric: my God, dude, what it was

oh man, that’s hilarious. Is what, is there another show that you can like say, you know, maybe give people an understanding of how much you enjoyed or did not enjoy it? You know what I mean? I, I

John: mean, for me, it’s compare it to, I think for me, it’s on par with the, the first season Mandalorian. Wow. I liked Mandalorian a lot.

I, I haven’t watched season two yet, cause I just haven’t had time and or reason, but season I liked season one, the Mandalorian a lot. Yeah. And I kind of feel like this was on par with that. I think it was a fantastic, you think Disney’s

Kenric: being smart doing, oh yeah. These book, because these are kind of book ends.

Yeah. This is be, [00:29:00] this is before new hope. Mandalorian’s right after return

John: of the Jedi. I think if Disney was smart and I think, and it sounds, and it feels like they are gonna be doing this. I think they should do. A lot more of these mini series. Yeah. And then their movies should be like really what they, what they should do with, they should make mini series, all these different characters or things.

And then he used the movies as like the bookings to the mini series, like the, the mini series build up to it. And the movie is the big, the big payoff.

Kenric: Right. Right. So Luke was in season one and the Mandalorian, right?

John: No, he was he his Camus isn’t two.

Kenric: Oh, for sure. Cause I, I D if I’ve

John: seen it, but I remember hearing about.

Kenric: Oh, dude. It’s so good.

Yeah. Isn’t season three out.

John: No, I don’t think so.

Kenric: Oh no. Yeah, dude. You haven’t seen that, that scene with Luke coming in. I have seen it. I thought it was the end of season

John: one. [00:30:00] No, it’s it’s season two, episode eight right here.

It’s not season one. It’s season two, episode eight. I just looked it up. Oh, it’s weird. Have you watched was that that’s a cartoon? Nevermind. Doesn’t matter.

Kenric: Which one? What is it?

John: Bad batch. The other star show.

Kenric: Oh, I started watching, I watched like the first five or six mm-hmm . There’s so much stuff to watch.

There is, there’s a lot, it’s hard. Watch, keep, like, I there’s so much star war stuff and it’s, it’s hard to watch something. That’s just one thing. Right. It’s, you know, Marvel’s been doing a pretty good job of keeping things kind of extended out. Not having too much at once. Yeah. And I kind of feel star wars has a lot out at once.

John: Well, cuz there’s cartoons. There’s movies. There’s yeah. Yeah. Shows like this. I think, I dunno. I, I. Mini series is the way to go for storytelling. I think it’s, I think it’s a better format than movie.

Kenric: I think. I think that’s what DC should concentrate on [00:31:00] DC

John: should on HBO max and do mini series

Kenric: and it should, yeah.

And do mini series, like dude, the start of justice of the justice league. Yeah. Was that movie, what was the, what was the book that was the justice leagues in the in the fifties, felt like the fifties or sixth new frontier. Yeah. New frontier. That would be an amazing mini series.

John: It would be it’s one of it’s.

I mean, it’s an amazing book. It’s, ANMA, there’s a cartoon movie, which is fantastic as well. Yeah. They did a good job on it. Yeah. If they did a live actually mini series and it would have to be a standalone mini series, cuz

Kenric: it’s well, they have to update it though. Do you think it’d be okay? I think it would be okay to do it in the fifties.

And matter of fact, do all of DC stuff out of the fifties and sixties. don’t bring it into modern times, keep it, you know, do that, that retro look and that retro storytelling. Cause people would be like, I think it would infatuate people. Yeah. Like mad

John: men do do like the gold DC and the golden age or silver age.

Kenric: Yeah. I, I mean, I [00:32:00] mean it would, because then you can keep doing the, the movies with. Harley Quinn and all the weird in the suicide squads now, and it doesn’t affect and they can even be in the same universe. They really wanted

John: it to be that actually be kind of, that’d actually be cool if they did movies like movies and different timelines in the same universe.

Yeah. That’d be pretty cool. Or, or, or minis series. There’s the dogs again? Miniseries is, you know, it would be great. I like, I I’m just, I just like the episodic format where it’s like contained 10 episodes or less tell a story. Yeah, I like that. Yeah.

Kenric: I don’t. They really could, they could have done that with, with Marvel, but I don’t think it would’ve took off.

Like it did

John: no, no Marvel had to start the way it started, but now Marvel can move and then they are moving into many series and, and movies.

Kenric: Yeah, I, yeah, one season two should happen. I think. Yeah. I I’t see any reason not to. I mean, they left, it opened, it was a nice contained story, but they did leave it open.

Mm. And you don’t have to [00:33:00] do doesn’t have to do anything to do with the Skywalkers.

John: No, they could do OB one doing something else.

Kenric: Yeah. Possible storylines details teased by a writer

will OB one can Obi era, a new bonus episode tonight, June 29th.

John: Oh, that’s tomorrow.

Kenric: That’d be cool. And where Michael Patterson is living. Disney plus OB one Kenobi has been one of the biggest hits of the year, but will the series be unveiling a seventh episode or has it’s run come to an end? This is on bam.

Smack I don’t know if that’s a, a, I don’t know if that’s really real or not. I mean, we have the We’re pretty legit. I mean, we have

John: we’re we’re legit shit. We’re the best website out there.

Kenric: this. Fan smack power under fan sided will OB one [00:34:00] Kenobi air, a new bonus episode tonight Disney plus OB one.

Kenobi has been one of the biggest hits of the year, but will the series be an unveiling, a seventh episode tonight where as its run, come to an end, you and Rick Gregor made his much anticipated return to the role. OB one Cano Nobi, just a few short weeks. Just a few weeks ago. It’s like six weeks ago.


John: I meant that’s a few

Kenric: train, the character and the long awaited Disney flood series, he brought everyone back for an adventure. I’m like he had, oh my God, this is a, this

John: is such, this is okay. I wanna same an article. I’m stopping you now because I read ahead real quick. This is such a click bait, stupid fucking article, cuz it’s just for clicks.

Cause you read. Go to the next section section. Unfortunately it will not. It had its serious finale. it’s little. This is literally, this is the click of click bait. Bullshit. Clicking is

Kenric: of click

John: bait. I’m just back com you do better, better

Kenric: be better. Oh my, I

John: feel bad. Clicking on your website and giving you my hit results.

There. [00:35:00]

Kenric: I, I dude, the, these, this is why I tried not to do. We tried not to do any kind of news stuff. No, I don’t. Cause I don’t want Lucas officially breaks. Silence. Lucas film, officially breaks. Silence on OB one, season two. And it’s on this stupendous wave channel.

John: It’s all click BA bullshit.

Kenric: Yeah. It’s all click bait.

I dunno. Maybe it’s legit. I don’t know. I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t give them shit. I mean, either try to do what you need to do, do what you gotta do, but whatever. I just think that it’s I gotta get a haircut, man. Geez. Yeah. My hair is outta control.

John: Well, I think what you said, what needs to be said about OB one tonight, OB one.

Kenric: Thumbs up fun show. Hope to do a, I do hope they do a season two. I liked OB one. Give us OB two. Yeah, like OB one, give us O OB two,

John: hashtag OB two, OB two.

And then if they make a season two thing called OB Trice, like the rapper

Kenric: [00:36:00] we tri no game. All right, guys. Thank you for coming along on a journey with us today. If you haven’t watched over one, go out there. I, I suggest you watch it. If you have watched it, let us know what you.

John: Down below heads up on Twitter, comments, YouTube, whatever, maybe subscribe,

Kenric: maybe hit that little bell icon

John: and yeah.

You know, do all the fun

Kenric: stuff, do all the fun stuff that comes along

John: with it and go to Patriots and give us money too. If you want to we have one of those, you know what I’m gonna say? Don’t do it. It’s not . I mean, you’re not gonna get anything. We don’t do anything with it, but you can give us money,

Kenric: you know, who subscribes to that?

I need

John: we use, we use Patreon as our little, our little funding to pay pay for the website

Kenric: day year, just for the show.

All right, guys. We’re pathetic. Come along. We’ll talk you soon.

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