Star Trek – Reboot? Sequel? Prequel? Restart? What is it!

Back on May 8th, 2009 I wrote a review for J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie. Was it a reboot? A Sequal? A Prequel? All? I dunno, but here’s a review!

As always, commentary in (italics)

My sister got a wild hair up her ass last night and decided she wanted to go see Star Trek at the 10:05pm pre-showing. She called me and my dad and of course we said ‘hell yes we will go!’ And go we did.

First thing I want to say is that my stupid ass drank an ENTIRE large soda BEFORE the movie started. Needless today I had to pee 30 minutes into the movie. More on that later.

The tailors start, and I don’t know but maybe it’s just me, but I am REALLY sick of seeing ads for Terminator: Salvation. I could honestly care LESS about that movie. I might be inclined to see it if they called it ‘Batman vs Terminator’. Honestly though, and I’m sure it will be a good action movie, T3 sort of did it in for me. That and the fact that Arnold is not in this movie. /rant. (T3 was the last Terminator movie I saw. I just don’t care anymore)

On to the actual movie! It starts epic with a battle scene and someone dies. Right out of the gate. Moves on to more epicness, I still have to pee, sprinkled in with a little awesomeness and me trying not the wet myself topped off with a little HOLY SHIT THAT WAS AMAZING-ness. And I have to pee.

The ENTIRE cast was fantastic. Simon Pegg was a great Scotty. John Cho was a great Sulu. Sylar made very convincing and awesome Spock. The Hulk did a great job as the villain Nero, very evil and unforgiving, even for a Romulan. I think they way they used Leonard Nimoy as Spock Prime was excellent. I was very pleased with the amount of screen time he had throughout the movie. I’ve always thought he IS Spock, so it was nice to be able to see and compare him to Zach Quinto’s performance. (Still love the cast of this movie)

The only thing that bothered me, and I might just not be remembering this right and if so I’m sorry, but I don’t remember there ever being a love interested between Spock and O’Hura. It sort of seemed like an ‘after thought’ in the movie. Something used to ‘humanize’ Spock. That’s exactly what it did, but I’m just unsure of it. (I never did look into it if that was ever a thing. Ultimately I’m fine with it.) 

I DID really like how they stuck very close to the Star Trek legend while still making it their own new entity. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing more Star Trek films with this crew. Good show all around. (And I saw Into Darkness, but never saw Beyond)

After the movie ended I RUSHED to the bathroom, where I stood for 10 minutes trying to drown a fly. Then when I got home and went to bed, I did this all over again. And then again at 4am. HOW in the WORLD was there that much urine in my bladder? This probably falls under the TMI rule huh? Oh well, sorry about that.

Final verdict? Star Trek was awesome.

Wait, was this a movie review or a review about the size of my bladder?

Sorry about that.

I’ve still tried to get Kaylie to watch this movie and she wont, she has a deep seeded hatred for Star Trek.

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