Spyro Re-Ignited Trilogy Review!

Spyro Re-Ignited focuses on the first three games in the Spyro trilogy. The developers had to completely re code and rerecord everything for this remaster. Toys for Bob delivered on this remaster. I looked forward to this for years as I was a fan of the series since the early 2000’s. This is what I thought of the game………


This remaster is basically the same as the original three games. The concept is still the same. You are a little purple, that’s here to collect gems and free the dragons/dragon eggs. But its not just going to be that easy, the orcs and Ripto are here to stop Spyro. Flying from world to world by portals, Spyro must liberate and save the locals.

The level design is as simplistic as the originals were. There aren’t any many hidden secrets in the levels. In fact all of the levels, with the exception of the speedways, are pretty much straight forward linear paths. With that being said, the levels are exactly how they were in the originals, right down to the gem placements.

The controls are identical to the originals. Everything from the basic controls to the flying and skateboarding. In Year of the Dragon the additional characters you control have the same controls as well.


Spyro Re-Ignited’s graphics are bounds and leaps ahead of its Playstation counterpart. The graphics are extremely crisp and flow very well. The orcs in every level have their own unique look. Each dragon also has its own look, including the baby dragons.


Spyro the Dragon has a very simple plot. Ghasty Gnorc encases the dragons in crystal and Spyro sets out to rescue them. Once the dragons are freed across the different lands, Spyro takes on Ghasty and ultimately defeats him. Once he is defeated, Spyro returns to the the dragon kingdom where another spell is cast on the dragons leading to Spyro 2.

Spyro 2: Ripto Rage! has a plot that’s equally as simple as the first game. Spyro is taken to the realm of Avalar. He is summoned to combat Ripto, who is only on this realm because of its lack of dragons. He is tasked with gathering up talismans which will aid him in his fight against Ripto. Once Ripto is defeated, Spyro takes his vacation to Dragon Shores and returns to Dragon Realm setting up Spyro 3.

For a third time the plot for Spyro: Year of the Dragon is extremely simple. The sorceress has captured all the eggs of the Dragon Realm. Spyro must leap from world to world to rescue the eggs with help of different animal friends. Spyro defeats the sorceress and returns all of the eggs to the Dragon Realm. All of the games have extremely short, simple plots that were identical to the original games.

I’d recommend checking this remaster out, especially if you are a fan of classic Playstation era games.

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