Spoilerverse is Looking for Writers!

The Spoilerverse is looking for creative and talented people to join our team of Writers.

We are looking for loyal, dedicated and exciting people to help take the Spoilerverse to the next level! If you have any interest in gaining experience with writing reviews, press releases or news articles surrounding the pop-culture world, then this is a great opportunity for you.

The process of applying is as simple as heading over to our Join Us! Page, selecting what interests you, and clicking submit. Once we get the submission, someone from the team will be in contact with you. Be prepared to provide a sample!

Don’t delay as there are limited spots available!

Benefits & Perks

If you are wondering “Why the Spoilerverse?” Well its simple, we are the best at what we do and what we offer!

  • Support from our team of up and coming professionals
  • Access to indie creatives
  • Access to early reader copies of comics
  • Possible screeners of TV shows and movies to review
  • Possible access to interview industry leaders
  • Most importantly joining us will give you the ability to grow and hone your skills and passions

Whether you are new or experienced, the Spoilerverse will absolutely love to help you in your journey.

Below you will find a short description and expectations of a Staff Writer position at the Spoilerverse

Staff Writer

Staff Writers will be tasked, but not limited to, writing 2 articles (news/reviews/press releases) a week, covering all things within Pop-culture, Comics, Television, Film and more. Once a certain criteria is met, Staff Writers will be able to pitch opinion pieces to be published on the site.


  • Reliable and self driven to meet quota and deadlines
  • Well versed in the English Language
  • Have knowledge of or be willing to learn how to utilize WordPress
  • Have knowledge of or be willing to learn how to utilize Photoshop or like programs

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