George Gant – Beware of Toddler!

Today we are joined by long time friend of John and very talented creator, George Gant, to talk about his new book “Toddlerhood”, his love of video games and so much more!

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George Gant – Interview


[00:00:00] John: All right. We’ll come back, everybody. People, personal country. I am John. I am joined today by a longtime friend of mine in the comic world.

George Ganz. I met him virtually a long, long time ago. I think back in oh eight is when I first messaged you. Or however we met, it’s been a while. How are you doing, man, man? I’m

George Gant: doing good, man. It’s been so long. Like the first time I’d spoken face to face. I think

John: so

George Gant: it’s been posted all like

John: 13, 14 years.

I think it was awake. Cause I think when I, when I brought my web coming back to the internet, doing it again, that was oh eight. And you were one of the first ones I found online doing the reset button at the time that you were doing. And I w I remember messaging you, but man, it’s a cool comic. And we became friends after that and it’s like, you’ve gone through so many changes since the reset button, man.

I still like reset though, man. I still love that comic. It’s so good.

George Gant: Even though I have a counter about my baby, that was still like my baby, baby. Yeah. And I still try to work on it in some way, shape or form. [00:01:00] Even

John: though I’m doing other things like the project that never dies. Right? Yeah. I know that. I still find myself wanting to work on my old wife’s UCL.

Sometimes you’re going, no, I need to move on. That’s that’s behind me. I can’t do that anymore.

George Gant: It’s hard. It’s difficult. It’s

John: difficult. And it’s hard, man. But what I want to talk about first, besides all that stuff is, but we’re our toddler. This came out after you had, had you had your daughter and it kind of was like a runaway success for you.

Yeah. It’s,

George Gant: it’s funny because this year it makes like 15 years we’d just do a web conference and be where toddler is like the first thing that really got an audience, like, like a solid audience. And it hasn’t even been two years yet. Yeah. Like it’ll be two years next month.

John: Yeah. It hits that, that perfect.

Like. People who are dads, who are geeks, who like comics. And it’s funny, you know, so it hits like that. Right. Niche of people who are like, I think right now it’s it’s whereas I like [00:02:00] the reset button. It was really nerdy. It was a really nerdy comic.

And this one, I think is borough Todd. It doesn’t require you to be a nerd too. Obviously doesn’t require you to be in there to enjoy. You can enjoy it if you have kids or if you don’t have kids, it’s just, it’s it’s quality content. Yeah.

George Gant: It’s funny. You mentioned that that’s like one of the things that a lot of people come to me and say that I don’t have kids yet, but I love your comment.

Or it’s like, this is teaching me what I should expect when I have kids

John: or this is telling me

George Gant: I don’t want to have kids. And it’s always one of those three things. And. I’m like, thanks. I’m not saying don’t have children. I’m just saying the toddlers do crazy things. That’s

John: all they do. Kids will change your life for sure.


George Gant: yes. Yes they

John: will. So it’s man, I gotta tell you there’s there’s so many of your borrower of taller strips I looked at and I’m like, man, I should have drawn Johnny coming up on my kids because I have five kids and I’ve been, I, my oldest just turned 18 and it’s like, I feel like how, how much of your [00:03:00] Kami like comes from, you know, real life?

George Gant: Oh man. In the beginning, it was like the first few comics. I didn’t like really write up much. Last two. I just played it out as they actually happen. And yeah, a lot of it is just based off of things that actually happened and I’ll try to like do something to make it funny or, or give it pop. But like, During it, especially during that time, because this was like right when my daughter was about to third, two years old.


John: every day was something new and something weird, sort

George Gant: of funny that she would do or something that’s like difficult to deal with. And I try to find the funny in it. And it will become a comic. And then there’s been plenty of days where I’d be working on a comic and she would do something funny, like so crazy that I’ll stop the comic that I’m doing.

And just start over with what just happened.

John: No, imagine how many stories you have, if you could do them all. Yeah. It’s,

George Gant: it’s crazy. And [00:04:00] And then that’s the one thing I like about it is because I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now. Like, think we’ve got like a 158, I’m working on 458 right now.

And I can still just come up with new ideas like that. Because there’s just so much that they do so crazy that it’s hard for me to run out of ideas. Even though my daughter is almost four, like she’s passed

John: a toddler phase. Right. But memories and ideas are just never ending. Exactly. Nice. I got to say it last year was the last year, this year.

I F I lose track of time. I forget where we’re at in life, but I think it was this year. You did a April fool’s joke of beware of grandma or something like that.

George Gant: Yeah, that was last month. That last

John: month. Oh my God. It was so like,

George Gant: wait, wait, wait. Last month. Because last year, last year I did the fake Netflix announcement [00:05:00] this year.

Yeah. This year was to be where a senior

John: editor

George Gant: was. So many people a thought that was real. I wish it was like so many people actually wanted me to make it. And I’m thinking like, I don’t know enough about seniors to make this comment.

John: Maybe when you’re older. There’s there’s your, there’s a new comic.

George Gant: Yeah. That’s, that’s the thing I can do. People ask for B where senior people asked for a B, where a teenager that’d be

John: a

George Gant: good one. And so, what I decided to do with that, and I kind of, kind of played a bit with the last week is to like, do like a little one-off comics at different time periods, like, well, with the last comic, that was about all, about how, how rough B2 is.

And for the dad to find out that three is way worse. So, I might do other feeds like, Hey, this is what it’s like as a teenager, this is what’s going to be like, as a teenager, or [00:06:00] this is what’s going to be like When she’s a senior or this is what’s going to be like, what a dad’s a senior. So that’s a little, little, like one off pieces that I’m going to do at some point.

John: That’s cool. That’s a good idea because it gives kind that I love the, I love when stories ticket, future, jump like that and give you an eye into what could be it’s cool. Right?

George Gant: The substance, like at least twice a season now, and they’re always different. Even though they’re always different and there’s no continuity between any of them.

I still enjoy them. So I wouldn’t mind doing that every once

John: in a while and continuity, whatever. Just have fun with it. Who cares if it’s real?

George Gant: Exactly. I’m not here to connect dots. I have fun. We would tell

John: jokes about toddlers. Come on. Exactly. So even doing this for even when we’re aware of toddler for about two years coming up soon, right?

George Gant: Every two years now,

John: And if I’ve already missed this announcement, go ahead and call me an idiot. Cause I, I know, but have you planned to release that as a book form yet? Or is it already a book form?

[00:07:00] George Gant: I’m working on it. It’s funny. It’s like every six months I’ll announce it, then I’ll get caught up in doing something else and then I’ll announce it again.

And I am absolutely going to do it. I’m just finishing up the one thing that I’m glad, especially with your toddler is that it’s lending me a lot of freelance opportunities. Yeah. So I’ve been doing a lot of non Tolo work. I, I have a weekly comic that I’m drawn for the Beano as well, you know, magazine.

Nice. And some other things that, some other books, so like that. That’s stuff that I love doing that stuff, but every time I get caught up in that stuff, I, in the not working on a dollar book. Yup. But none, no matter what the book will will happen, it will happen this year.

John: I’ll hold you to

George Gant: it. I’ve got a few titles.

I’ve got a few titles that I’m thinking of. And I think that’s where I’m going to do, like with the anniversary. I’ll like finally come up with the final title. If time permits I’ll be able to have like the cover done in a book is already halfway laid out. That’s the, that’s also the [00:08:00] other thing, like I’ve already done the work.

It’s there. I just have to lay the other half out and I wouldn’t do some exclusive stuff that you can’t see online. And once that’s done, I’ll be good to go. Yeah. I’m excited. I budge it’s yeah, it’s taking forever.

John: It be mad. Cause like you’re sitting on a gold mine of like, just imagine like this book, if you have this book and it’s quality stuff that people could buy.

And I mean, I can see people buying and giving into like expecting parents or to their friends who have kids or, you know, or, or whatever. Cause it’s like, it’s a whole book of these, you know, crazy things. Toddlers do they, people it’s like, it can be like that. I don’t want to say, I don’t want to use the word novelty, make it safe, the bad thing, but I really mean like.

This could be a book. People buy it for people who are having kids or are in that process of it and being like, oh yeah, here’s what you’re in store for type of thing.

George Gant: Yeah. Well, one thing a lot of people told me, even though yeah, it’s about kids. It has universal appeal. It does. And so thinking about the condom, cause I’ve never, I never like tried to seek an [00:09:00] audience with this one.

It’s a comic that. This also has to happen. I have noticed that a lot of parents read a lot of people who aren’t parents meet, but also I realized that there are a lot of people that read them with their kids, which I think is funny. I mean, there’s no battling for anything like that. So I’m not worried about, there’s no content that, you know, kids can’t look at it, but the fact that people are reading with their kids, I’m thinking like different messages in this, this isn’t, it’s just fun.

I’m not going to person. I’m not going to give you a message. You’re not going to,

John: well, the beauty of art and, and, and stuff like this is whether or not you put a message in it or not. People can still pull one from it. And I’m sure. And I’m sure people are, you know, I’m sure people are pulling some kind of a message or a meaning.

I put that in air quotes, because if you’re saying you’re not putting one there, I can guarantee you, people are getting one out of it. If they’re, if they’re, because when you read things like this, as a, as a parent, You project yourself onto the store. I can tell you I’ve done that. I’ve done that to your [00:10:00] comic many times because you know, I have, I have kids and I see this.

I’m like, oh, my kids have done this crap to me before pulled this on me, or this has happened and I can relate to the situation so I can promise you, people are pulling things out of it. They don’t even realize that they get out of it.

George Gant: What was that was that a lot of parents, a lot of people tell me that they do relate to the comic.

And that’s actually why none of the characters have names. So many people see themselves in the comics.

John: Well, never realize there’s no names in it.

George Gant: Can you give them names now? They’re still taking them out of it, but Yeah, it’s a whole weird thing. Well, a lot of people used to ask me like, what’s their days, what’s the girl’s name.

She doesn’t have one. A lot of people are yourselves in the comment, the toddler, the toddler, daddy, that’s basically what it is. And I told myself that as long as the viewer tolerance in this, in this medium, is it in comics? I’m not going to give them. Yeah. But any other medium. If, if for whatever reason I get lucky and we start talking TV, I’ll have to give them names.

And I have some in mind, but not,

[00:11:00] John: you can see it as being a cartoon. I can see it as being a full fledged cartoon. It, it would, I think it would translate well over to animation.

George Gant: It is a goal. At one point I would like to learn how to animate myself.

John: It’s tough. I’ve done it once and I hated it and it wasn’t me.

I wasn’t any good at it either.

George Gant: Well, that’s what I hear. I hear it. It’s very difficult. I’ve got books. I don’t have time.

But, you know, I like to do so. And because every, every, every single time I post a comment, I kid you not, this needs to be a cartoon. You need to pitch this to Netflix. You need to to Hulu, you need to pitch this hair. You need to animate this. You need to make this into a cartoon. I am bored.

You know, the kids alone is expensive. Animation is even worse, but I would like to do. And that’s what I’m saying, said. I consider it to be a bucket list item [00:12:00] a life, a life goal. So while I haven’t done it, I’m interested in it and I would like to do so, in, in your future,

John: if you could do, I’m not saying I’m going to put you on the spot here.

Okay. If you could do I can take one of your double question, right? If you could take one of your strips animate, this, that one strap. Which one would it be? Oh man. Somebody said like, here, I’ll give you the budget to animate one, one joke. The right way for promotion. Which one would you do?

George Gant: Oh, man, let me see.

Let me see. You know what, this is the one and just because I think this, this one will run along this because each one, if you animated each trip, it will literally be like five seconds long. So if I had to take one, there’s one where the tolerant made a mess in the living room. The dad picked up the toddler, put her in her crib and cleaned up.

He went back to the crib and the crib was hit the, and when he came out of the crib and he realized that the tolerant made the [00:13:00] exact same mess, you made the first panel and I just have a new face to the entire panel. And as that one, Definitely animation. I get more time out of it. It wouldn’t necessarily be expensive because you’re going to repeat frame.

You definitely repeat frames there. Right. It’s the most simplistic one. And I think that would be,

John: that would be all right. Follow up question to that. And maybe I did. Does he talk, is the dad talking that one at all?

George Gant: Yes. I forget what he says

John: though. All right. Who would you see? Doing his voice. Would you do it yourself or if you could have some actor coming in and do the voiceover, who would it be?

George Gant: First of all, it will not be whatsoever. I would never, ever, ever do it. And I have thought about this question quite a bit. Okay. So I have a couple of Xs in mind. Number one I think will be perfect for the dad role is our Ron functions. Okay. I [00:14:00] think he would be perfect. He’s a very funny guy. I’d be curious to see what has to be placed like the straight man dealing with the crazy kid.

So he’s one of them. The other one, I can’t remember his name right now. It makes no sense to me. Once again. What is his name? You know, you know, his voice I

John: put down, I just looked up Ron. Funches I, it didn’t recognize the name, but I definitely know who that is. And he would do a good job. Yeah.


George Gant: He’d be perfect. And the other guy, I can’t think of his name.

John: Yeah. Yeah,

George Gant: yeah. But yeah, I ran be my number one.

John: Nice, nice. Well, I hope someday you get to do that and get an animator,

George Gant: honestly, I think some years ago. So Hey, maybe go.

John: So here’s what I’ll do is I’ll I will when this goes live, I will tweet at him from us and say, Hey, guess what?

We’ve got a job for you. It was good. He says, well, you pay an exposure, right? If you’re already paying as much, that’s all we can afford. You will

George Gant: tell him that. And he will block me.

[00:15:00] John: I tell him. We’ll pay you in something else or we’ll send you like diapers for your child, if you have one. I dunno.

George Gant: Nah, I think, I think he’d be great.

And I thought about this for the toddler as well. It’ll, it’ll never happen. Right. But I would not want anyone other than this moment. Oh yeah. Yeah. I w I wouldn’t be perfect. Like, well, she plays, she’s played everybody at sport. Let, let her make tolerances.

John: She’ll do that. Or an actual child, an actual job will be hard, but it’d be it work but out creative.

Yeah, I can, we can do it, definitely do it that I really hope we get to animate at some point. Cause they, I would tell them to read what I’m like, man, this needs to be out like a little short cartoon, like a little and happiness, like kid cartoon, you know, little short clips would be perfect. But

George Gant: I will, I would love to, I it’s so much to do list.

I swear. It’s what to do with I’ve got books. I’ve got, I’m sure I’ve got software. Cause I buy [00:16:00] software like grading, right. Me too. So I get, man, I just need, I need time. Yeah. That’s pretty much

John: what it comes down to. Do you use a time machine or an ability to stop time and get this done and have it come out before, you know your kids in high school and college.

Exactly. I mean, I try to animate my cartoon, my comics, years and years ago, I thought the program and tried, and it just did not work. It was fine.

George Gant: 60 flies in the dining

John: room. They’re fucking huge, man. Okay. Go kill them. I’ll be down in a minute. Currently this flies around dining room.

George Gant: I think we had one earlier and that was the whole thing.

It was just one.

John: You have two puppies and they’re learning how to potty train. And my kids left the door open today. So I’m sure what happened is they’re outside and they came inside because the dogs were being puppies. So yeah. So now we’re having assault gun and we’re trying to get the flies out of the [00:17:00] house.

George Gant: Oh,

John: the top ones were great for flies. It’s pretty awesome. Well, I was saying, I tried to estimate I got a copy of flash and was trying to animate my car, my comic strip into a cartoon. And I got like, I think I got a grand total of maybe six seconds animated. And that six seconds took me like four months so bad.

The one, I didn’t know what I was doing. I was, I was watching this is this also like 2009 era, right? So I’m like watching YouTube videos, trying to figure stuff out and like, It was weird at the time. I feel like I didn’t now I could do it a lot better. Right. If I have the time for it, but at the time, like the concepts of how to animate just it was not clicking in my brain, like the concept of key frames and motion and stuff.

Just what I had. I had to look up everything back then. And I got about like five or six seconds animated. And I was like, I cannot do this. And I scrapped that whole project. And as I went back to just, you know, making my salute comics,

George Gant: right. [00:18:00] Yeah. Yeah, I that’s pretty much what I’m going to do. I’m just going to look up YouTube,

John: figure out how to do what great man.

I just, I just know how to edit video for our YouTube channel. Individually in the program called DaVinci, which is a free software, which is a great reading video and I, I downloaded it and was able to edit a video and make it look pretty good in about two hours. Yeah. And I learned, I learned a lot of the tricks really quick and it was like, it was super easy to learn the videos on YouTube or like watch a five minute video.

I w I was like, oh, how do I do a transition that looks like this? Oh, that’s how I do it. Cool. And how do I do scrolling texts? Oh, cool. Now I know how to do that. And I just videos. There’s tons of short videos just on how to do stuff on. It’s like, oh, this is so easy. Why did I put, just push this off for so long?

George Gant: That’s how it is. I definitely, what, how I learned how to fix it from this house is the same. Like I fixed like a washing machine.

John: I replaced

George Gant: like some light fixtures, like some some light switches. Yeah, that’s pretty [00:19:00] what’s happening. Yeah. You’re a pro no, I

John: have YouTube ads done, man. Do YouTube helpful.

Very. I learned how to like, so I’ve, I’m a huge nerd. I mean, outside of comics and like pop culture stuff, like I’m a computer nerd. I mean, I’m, I’m, I’m a software engineer by trade and my day job. And so I have like servers and all this computer stuff here. I’ve got five rack Mount servers in my garage.

I run VMs off of them and stuff like that. So when I got them about a year ago, I didn’t know how to do any, that kind of stuff. You know, I didn’t know how to run servers. I just YouTube to everything and got approximate set up, got a VPN set up all my servers. I just set up localized WordPress sites so I can make test sites locally and have fast response times.

So to have local backups on my websites I got to set up for a bunch of stuff set up for like, for for like hosting video and hosting audio here. I can, I can technically run a website off of my home server here and have it go out everywhere and I’ve required. Like I now have a NAS network-attached storage unit, which has like, 24 terabytes of space in it.

So I, I backed up all my pictures and stuff and all my podcasts and all my, all my art [00:20:00] stuff. I don’t lose anything. And so I’ve become like hella nerdy in the computer world. I don’t play games very often. Like, I mean, I know I’ve talked to you about video games in the past, all over the last few years, but like, I, I play Xbox sometimes.

I don’t play computer games where you’re often, I just don’t have time for them. But I’ve got a nice, nice video editing reg. They could definitely play some games on it, but I don’t. I think I played gauntlett that game that came out like four years ago on it. Like why so far? Yeah.

George Gant: Yeah. I had mine, I bought my rig.

Yeah. I built my rig as as well. And I, I use it just, I try to use it for work and I have, but I have like a million games on it because computer games are cheap. Yeah. But yeah I play on my Xbox. I play with it on my PlayStation. Primarily I was lucky. I was fortunate enough to be able to get a series X 

John: I’m so jealous.


George Gant: That at the same time yeah. I asked you gotten the I got it from myself for Christmas last year. I got it for PS4. Yeah. I [00:21:00] was able to find a PS five about two months ago, and then I finished it on there. This is pretty good. Return was really good. Yeah, I know that last night. Nice.

John: I’m on a PS4 just to play Spider-Man

George Gant: well, that’s how I get my first one.

Like I just want to play for Spider-Man. Yeah. And my wife wants to play something. So I got her in her PlayStation four for Christmas. And a couple of years later when Spider-Man came out they came out with like the limited edition Spider-Man PS4 pro. And even though I bought my wife, Deb PS4, so I could play Spider-Man for myself to PS4 pro,

John: no close to buying one of those.

But I talked myself out of at the last minute and I now look back. I wish I would have, I wish I would have bought the limited one. I just didn’t do it.

George Gant: I, that was me just saying, I’m just going to do, I’m going to do it. I went into the next time I’m going to have money to get a console. That was my logic.

And so I did it and yeah.

[00:22:00] John: Yeah. Have you, did you play the miles rental Spider-Man game yet? Oh yeah, that’s

George Gant: what I got for Christmas. Mozzarella. I got the regular, like Peter, I got that like day one.

John: Yeah. Oh yeah. They’re both good. I feel like, I feel like the miles one is it’s good. It’s but it’s like the same game.

It’s the same stuff. For the most part. I do like his, his, his power set is really cool. Like the stuff he does is really cool, but it’s like, it’s, I mean, and I’m, I don’t, I’m not upset about it being just more of the first game. Cause I loved the first game and I was happy to play it, but I was hoping to have, have more different things in it, but it really didn’t have a lot of different stuff in it.

George Gant: Yeah, me too. I mean, I understand why they’re probably saving the big stuff for the next game plan and then they have to get this out for holidays and pandemic here. It’s probably, it would probably be. Difficult just to get that one finish. So

John: I got that one day one. I ordered it and had it at my house.

I was like, I got to play this one and it’s fine. I’m still playing it. Actually not well, like right this second, but you know, I still play it every couple days.

[00:23:00] George Gant: Yeah. I’m I beat it once. I’m going through the second time. Nice. Cause I, I have to play with difficult difficulty all the way up. I haven’t done it in awhile, but no, man.

I love it. I really, I really liked the bolts. I would say they would be the best superhero games if the Batman games desired sits

John: dark games. Yeah. Yeah, those games are so good. My, my 15 year old, son’s playing through all of this right now and he loves him. And it’s not, it’s playing to the first one.

He’s trying it. My seven year old is trying to play through it by himself the first, very first one. And it’s kind of cool. Well, I know it’s not super appropriate for a seven year old. He he’s he can’t, he’s learning how to read. And so we asked the subtitles on. So he’s like hearing them and it’s like helping them with the readings or trying to problem solve.

So if he gets stuck a lot on it and I have to go help with it, but he’s trying his best to be. Cause it’s his, his older brother, my 15 year old is like, you can’t play this game. You’re too young. And he’s like, yes I am is I can. And so he’s trying his best to go through. He does a pretty good job at he, he mostly plays roadblocks, like, like all kids do.

George Gant: So yeah, my, my, my son was big into roadblocks at one point, roadblocks [00:24:00] Minecraft. Now it’s among

John: us. Yep. Among us Minecraft robots. That’s what I hear all day long.

George Gant: It’s it’s insane. I’m cool with it. I mean, I played Minecraft. I have played Minecraft.

John: Yeah. Can you still be fun if you want it to be? I still enjoy it when I want to.

George Gant: Right when my daughter started into play now, so that’s gonna be fun. How old is your son now? He is not.

John: Okay. Do you get constantly begged to get Hannah, to buy him roadblocks and Minecraft money all the time.

George Gant: Minecraft money my grant money more than anything. He doesn’t really do a robots anymore.

I wasn’t crazy about it. So I told him, Hey, you got to press play. But that was it. That’s what I did. I don’t think I gave it a chance

John: every day. How can I earn robots? Dad? I want robots. How can I earn robots? I’m like, I’m not that good. No, this is bad. No, I’m not going to dump money into a game. Do you feel that make your average look difference?

[00:25:00] The stupid.

George Gant: I know, I know. Right? I tell you it’s all cosmetic stuff. Like at least a little something.

John: It’s like, oh man, fortnight’s the worst. He spent so much money on Vbox all just to make you basically play in Barbie, dress up in a fricking video game, which is whatever. But it’s like so much money. Yeah,

George Gant: man.

I hate Fortnite. I hate a love. Hate Fortnite. I love Fortnite if it wasn’t for the building. Yeah. But the building that affects the ability exists makes me hate it because I think the idea is good. I love, and I love the fact that they get all these different franchises together and they just go wild with it.

But the building kills it for me every time. Yeah. That’s

John: my kid’s favorite part. It’s the building random stuff. Like I just don’t like it. I put with my, my oldest son is 18 and I play, I used to play them a couple of times, like. Well, and I’m not very good at first person shooters anymore. Like I used to be back on like, this is aging myself, but back when doom [00:26:00] two was the big thing to play.

And then my first halo game, I was pretty good at them then, but anymore I play like call of duty with them or Fortnite. And it’s like, I’m just dead instantly. This isn’t fun. Like I’m getting, I’m getting dropped pretty much as soon as I spawn. And it’s like, I don’t want to desist, not fun for me.

George Gant: Oh, that’s amazing.

Call of duty sometimes. I’ll do. Okay. But I actually simply halo are fine. Well, call of duty has gotten kind of difficult for me as a late. And and I still played doom actually. Nice. That’s kind of difficult for me now.

John: You know, old man, we’re getting old. I know, I know it hurts. I’m going to be 40 next year.

So I’m not looking forward. Yeah, I just turned 38,

George Gant: so I I’m right there right

John: behind me soon. You’ll be 42, man. Exactly. But forties, forties, like 40 is not as bad as it used to feel. Well, probably because I’m getting close to three now. 40 is not that all. I’m just not that big of deal.

George Gant: It’s not bad. I, it was funny.

Like I was just talking [00:27:00] to someone a couple of days ago about. I think they said something about Popeye being old, consider his age, like his Canada age. And I’m certainly thinking, man, there were dudes in the fifties and sixties that were like in their twenties that looked older than me. Yeah.

John: Yeah.

I feel like, I feel like I love besides my gray hair. I don’t know if that old, but I have, I have gray hair everywhere. I look so. Exactly. Oh, hold on mine.

Okay. I’ll be on a second. I’ll be down in a second. Let me finish this.

Sorry. I’ve been, there’s more flies showing up. I got to go down there in a minute. So I’ll wrap this up here in a second. Other

George Gant: words, I got mine asking me about dinner.

John: Yeah, I didn’t interrupt you. Reggie get out of my room. Reggie is

George Gant: the dog. All right.

John: So one last thing before I let you go today, George, I have [00:28:00] this still, but

George Gant: yeah,

John: it’s a print that I got, I bought off George.

I don’t know how many years ago. It’s a, a recreation of a Hulk, one 81 with a donkey condom. Pac-Man. I think the last six, seven years, right? Yeah. It’s been a lot. It’s been awhile and it hangs at this hangs on my wife’s wall because she’s still it from me because she’s a huge donkey Kong fan. I remember that.

I remember that. Yeah. I brought it home. I got it showed up. I was so excited cause I liked it. Cause it’s, it’s, it’s a funny concept and I, I took it out of the frame when she goes, yeah, that’s mine. And I was like, okay. And it’s been her office and her stuff because she’s donkey Kong is like, Her game, like if she’s been a fight game, it’s going to be donkey Kong, no matter what that, that Mario kart.

But yeah, so she took that. I had to go before I, what I had to go grab before he started was that out of her office to just pull it up real quick.

George Gant: Now make sure that now I know it’s only been seven years now. You just keep it. Right,

John: right. No. Still come take it back. Trust me. She will come take it back for sure.

[00:29:00] Well, I appreciate you coming on the show today before we go. Why don’t you go ahead and drop every place people can find you online.

George Gant: Thank you for having me anytime you want to have me on just let me know. I’ll be

John: around. Yeah. You

George Gant: can follow me at geo CA art on like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Or you can you just want to check up your taller stuff. You can follow beware of toddler. Same, same things. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You can go to the [email protected]. Or if you’re a WebToons person be aware tolerance there as well. We just got like 6,000 subs, so I’m

John: like excited.

That’s awesome. Thank you. Well, man, again, you’re welcome back. Anytime. If you have, you want to come on and chat about something, you wanna talk about the game, let me know to come and I will definitely bring you back on for more stuff. Because I, I, I enjoy talking to you. I’ve, you know, we’ve been been friends online since, you know, for 15, 12, 15, or however long it’s been for a long time before.


George Gant: how long has it been around [00:30:00] when it started was around that time.

John: Well, my space. It was my space because it was pre-Facebook. Yeah.

George Gant: Yeah. Those are my space

John: days. Oh man. Now I feel old. So thank you for that. Hey guys, go check out George toddler, check it out. You will not, not be disappointed. I promise you and George, thank you so much.


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