Slime Rancher Review!


Slime Rancher is a small, basic farming game. It has a colorful art style that’s very eye catching. The best part of the game is obviously the slimes. They are both cute and bring something new to the table in the case of creatures. I’ve been following Slime Rancher since in was in Beta and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. So here’s what I thought of the game…….


This game is extremely fun. The controls could not be easier to learn and are hardly confusing. The main premise of the game is to collect various slimes and feeding them to gain plorts, the main currency of the game.

The way to collect the slimes is with your vacpack. You suck them up then shoot them into various pens you build. The vacpack has various upgrades you can buy. Upgrades include a jetpack, more inventory space, and many more. The pens you make for the slimes also has upgrades. Those upgrades include higher walls, a roof, auto-feeders and collectors, and shading. Most of the upgrades are not very hard to get. Once you establish your ranch, plorts are extremely easy to come across.

The overall map is fairly huge and has a lot to offer. There are various different terrains and each give you a few new slimes and fruits. Fruits can be planted back at your farm. In each terrain there are treasure pods which hold items used in the science lab you unlock late in the game.

In the lab you create different gadgets that are used to make teleporters. Along with the teleporters, there are utilities that help you manage your ranch.


Slime Rancher is a very crisp and colorful game. Everything pops out and catches your eye. The terrains are vibrant and intricate, yet simply designed. Everything in this game is adorable.
The slime – ADORABLE
The fruit – ADORABLE
The background – ADORABLE


The story revolves are your rancher, Beatrix LeBeau as she starts a ranch far from Earth. That’s pretty much it……. and as simple as it is that’s all this game needs.

This game is definitely a must check out, with a game time of around four hours, it’s a great after work game.

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