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Shomari Love Video Interview

Syl: [00:00:00] All right. All right. Welcome to this coffee break in conjunction with spoiler country. I am CEL dual. I am joined by actor, producer, director. Extraordinary. Shamari love. How are you doing today, sir?

Shomari Love: Hey man. I’m doing really well. Thanks for having

Syl: me. Great, great. We’re gonna dig into a lot of projects that Shamari is a part of.

But you already know, as far as on celeb inks channel, we, we gotta touch on the superhero genre just briefly. So Shamari as far as superhero genre, what’s one of your favorite project. Ever, it could be whatever medium comics, television, or even movies. If you wanna throw one out there.

Shomari Love: Yeah, man.

Hands down, black Panther.

Syl: gotta put oh, black Panther, man. That went hard back, man. When man, I remember when that came out, people was dressing up and like, it was like a cultural,

Shomari Love: oh man. Oh, man, it was a phenomenon. It, it was, it was phenomenon. It was a great experience when it just to be, even be a part of that experience, you know, it definitely went down to

Syl: history.[00:01:00]

Definitely, definitely. And, and, and obviously, you know, much respects and RP to chat with Bozeman for sure. He was a king, a legend, and it’s great to even revisit that anytime, you know, that’s rarefied air right there. So definitely good pick right there. Yeah. Now, as far as with with superhero genre one of the projects.

Jumped out for Shamari. Here is black lightning and my viewers know how much I love black lightning . So, uh, this gentle was part of season one, one of my favorite seasons of television period. Right. Wow. So I wanna throw it to you, like, just, what was that experience, you know, you was, was part of that hundred game, you know, use was you know, mean mugging people.

How, how was that in that sense? Yeah, man.

Shomari Love: I mean, that it was a great experience. I mean, they created this entire world. And Freeland and just, you know, from seeing what happens behind the scenes to when the project comes to light and, you know, it airs on television just like, wow. You know, [00:02:00] even as somebody worked on a show, you like, wow, was a part of that.

Like, it was really honestly exactly how you feel about it being one of your favorite season television. It was a great experience, man. The team was great. It was really like a tribe feeling. Everyone was really supportive. My team partner will KA. He was incredibly supportive and, and motivating and great to work with.

And I mean, I enjoyed every moment of it.

Syl: Great, great. Definitely. And like I said, that’s something I that’s a season of television. I could, you know, it’d be like on Netflix or something. I could throw it on just kind of relive it. Right. Just to the, the music, just everything they was putting into that man that’s like, that was black excellence to me.

It was right there, you know, just like black Panther. Right. So, but obviously you’ve been into some good stuff, but there’s something major that I keep seeing attach to your name. Take the night is a major film coming from a Saban films, right? That you’re a part of kind like a, almost like a new wave thriller type thing.

They’re kind, I’m seeing different quotes about it. What is this about? This seems, this seems like a big deal coming up.

Shomari Love: Hey mans. [00:03:00] I like that description that that new wave thriller it’s definitely it’s different. So it’s definitely a thriller. It has a lot of the heist elements in it as well.

If you’re seeing the thriller, you definitely get a glimpse of, of what it’s about, but basically it’s a heist and a, and a prank going wrong. And I’m a part of the crew that carries that out. And, you know, there’s a lot of twist and turns and we go on an adventure. And my character, he he’s, he’s no joke.

he’s no joke. So he definitely brings a different, different element to the film. So it, it is gonna be exciting.

Syl: Yeah, definitely. I encourage anyone watching this. I’m sure the link of the trailer will be below. Definitely check that out. I got the data saying that July 8th. Yeah. That’s dropping right in theaters

Shomari Love: in theaters.


Syl: cool, cool. So theater and then I believe four days later, digital. As well, so, exactly who cool rollout right there for that right there,

Shomari Love: man. Yeah, man. I thought so too. When I, when I found out about the rollout, I’m like, okay, everyone’s gonna get to see you.

Syl: exactly. Across the board. So [00:04:00] again, yeah.

I mean, it gives that whole prank thing going wrong. I think everyone loves a good heist type situation then. Yeah. Obviously everything’s gonna go wrong, right. That’s gonna be interesting to see .

Shomari Love: I mean, who, who doesn’t, who doesn’t love a high stake situation. I mean, when you get all the stunts and all the, you know, all that stuff in there, you, you can’t go wrong.

Syl: cool. Cool. So we’ll, we’re definitely looking out for that again. Check out that trailer y’all and We’ll definitely we have to follow up when that project comes up to see what’s going on with that there. Yeah. Now you’ve been part of a couple other projects now leading up to this is mentioning where opposite of Jordanna Brewster from, from the fast series on our, on our way.

I don’t have a really stand for that yet, so that’s not out yet.

Shomari Love: Not yet. Not yet, man. It is coming soon. I can’t wait for that one. .

Syl: So now with this one here let’s see well actually, if you wanna kind of touch on that little since it’s not out yet what what do you, I just knows your opposite of Joe Dana and what, what is this

Shomari Love: one about?

Yeah, so that, that is, is a really [00:05:00] touching story. And essentially the role that I’m playing in, in that film, it, it comes when it is a pivotal time in, in the lives of Jordan’s character. And her son. And so the story is really about their lives and, you know, the, the twists and turns that, that they took essentially.

And when she met my character, toasting in the film is when she needed that fresh start, she needed something different. So he essentially was the one who showed her a different way. So it, it, it was a really good project to be a part of. Yeah, man, it was, it was an amazing experie. Interesting

Syl: now. I mean, just the descriptions I’m getting is you like this swaggy British businessman yeah.

You know, you kind downplaying, you, you kind of come, you know, sweeper off a feet is what I’m saying. Hey man,

Shomari Love: listen, listen, listen, listen. I had to channel my, my inner ere. You know, there we

Syl: go. I tell you, bro. Hey, so you know what I’m saying? You got swag it out sometimes. You know? So with this, with this project, do we have a date [00:06:00] on this one?

Shomari Love: No, not as yet, man, not as yet, but when I know you’ll know

Syl: there you’re right. Definitely. It’s really cool. Again with miss Brewster. I mean, again, fans of the fast franchise, they know who she is and right. That’s really cool that, you know what I’m saying? You, you can play opposite of her and you know, looking forward to updates

Shomari Love: for sure, man.

She was a pleasure to work with and I’ve been I’ve I’ve heard great things about it. People that seen early versions of it or whatever the case is. And I’m, I’m excited. I was in it and I forget that I’m in. So now, like I can

Syl: wait, see this movie now see, how does that feel? Because you know, again, I’m sure you work with talented people, no matter what, like, you know, again, take the night that that’s a great looking cast.

Like everyone looks like they bringing it right. Yeah. In that trailer. And then like Jordanna Brewster. We know she’s been like in blockbuster films. Right. Right. And how does that feel? Like we’re just like, man, This is, you know, she’s been in some big things and like, yeah. How do you kind of process that?

Working with someone like that? [00:07:00]

Shomari Love: You know what it is? That’s a great question. What it is is that, you know, everyone is showing up to work. Everyone is showing up in service of the craft and. When you, when you’re fortunate enough to work with actors who truly appreciate the craft, I feel like none of that really matters.

Like everyone is there for, to make that character work for those scenes, for this project. And when everyone’s on that same accord, you know, the art just comes out beautifully. No, one’s thinking about, you know, what we’re in before, what we’re gonna be in after right now is what matters this project and getting it done.

And that’s what that’s, that’s what I got. And that’s what everyone’s. I think that’s why we’re all so happy, you know, with the work that we did. Mm-hmm

Syl: right. That’s dope. That’s dope. That’s really cool to hear. And again, it’s good to kind of, you know, get your perspective, you know, right. Cause you know, with me, it’s like, I’m just saying, I just remember that first fast and furious films, like I’ve read to Ms.

Bruce. I’m like, I’ve get a little wide eye. I don’t know. You know I’m yeah. I’m a little, no man week, you know, no, I mean, [00:08:00]

Shomari Love: listen, when I found, when I found. When I found out that I was gonna be working with her and opposite of her, I was like, all, you know, this is cool. I mean, I love those past the fast franchise.

This is cool. But, but then, you know, I just reminded myself, like we gotta get the work done, gotta get the work.

Syl: Yeah. And it’ll worked. See, that’s the difference? You know what I’m saying? I just pretend to act like you actually ended. So, you know yeah. I bring myself into it, not acting

Shomari Love: Hey man, listen, some, sometimes it.

We do it. We have to, we’re paid, we’re playing other characters, but at the end of the day, they’re human. So some things about ourselves are applicable to these characters. You just gotta know when, you know, turn certain things off and turn certain things on. That’s it.

Syl: Cool. Cool. That’s that’s good advice for you, you up and coming actors out there, you know, Shamari dropping some knowledge for y’all.

With this. That’s cool. That’s cool. Now there’s another project. Not too. Now. I believe this project is available now. Maya and her lover. Yeah. Is another project here now looking at this, I wanna get [00:09:00] your take on your obviously of what this is. I’m getting like, kind of like some stellar vibes.

What we got here.

Shomari Love: Man, listen, listen, if I had a dollar for every time, somebody said that to me. wow. But you know what, you know? I’ll let you run with that. Let’s just say let’s call it. Let’s call it a modern day version of that based in Brooklyn, New York. All right. All right. And then my character, obviously, Caine, you know, he’s a lover, he’s the young love interest.

He you know, essentially. Brings that youthful energy into her life and basically turns everything upside down but he’s, he’s also, he’s also trying to find himself. So it’s, it’s a journey. It’s a self discovery story for both carriages, but it’s a beautiful story and that’s actually available on all black.

Syl: Okay, cool. Cool. Cause it was some nice notes attached to this one because it did, it was nominated for. 2021 [00:10:00] American black film festival, jury award. All right. And I think that’s pretty cool. Just the, the recognition you know, obviously didn’t need good work, right? I mean, that, that’s gotta feel good to, to know you are a part of a project that got that you know, that recognition,

Shomari Love: oh, my hands down, man, that and our director got a nomination at the festival as well.

When we got into the festival and learned of the nomination later on. For me, man, that was like, that is what I would call dream control because I remember years prior, I couldn’t even get into attend the festival. I remember like, wow, one day I wanna, one day I wanna be able to attend this festival and then to find out that not only was I in the festival as a leader, man, we got nominated.

I’m like, wow, this is crazy. Look at God.

Syl: That exactly. And that, that, that’s how he works. Right? Definitely. Yeah, definitely. So that’s really cool. A nice, like say growing catalog of projects. Yeah. And then as far as just what you’ve been a part of now, some people they may, I know, you know, the age of Google they’ll start searching.

It’s like, oh, [00:11:00] yo like, Shamari well, he’s been a part of the shy as well. Right. You know, that’s a major series, you know, show. What was your experience with that? You know, it gives, again, just being a part of something. You know, that’s like name recognition, the shot.

Shomari Love: Yeah, for sure, man, that the shy is honestly one of the, like most authentic projects.

I feel like I’ve been a part of the story was just so real man, even down to like, I mean the smallest details with the set design you know, we shot in Chicago of course, but like, you felt like you were really there and you couldn’t tell anybody else otherwise. And the team, they did a, an incredible job in making sure that everything was authentic and that everyone felt safe.

And that’s, you know, that’s really important as well, but I, I love that experience working on that project.

Syl: Cool. Cool. Definitely. And then, like I said, I know there’s a lot of fans of that. And and then also too, again, we mentioned, you know, you know, you’re obviously you, you’re an actor, you’ve been in [00:12:00] several successful projects, more to come stuff in the past as well.

But then also, I guess you guys have directing chops here short film called the pulse. What, what, what is this.

Shomari Love: Yeah. So, a colleague of mine came to me about project and this story’s really about two brothers who they find themselves in, in a tough situation. They walk two different paths, live two different lives, and ultimately one brother is stuck with having to make a decision between one part of his family.

Another part of his family. And I, we, I felt like when this story came across my desk it was one that I wanted to be a part of and to help tell, because it, it is very real. I like, I like stories that reflect real people in the human experience. And this one, this one definitely gave me that vibe.

And, you know, we put it together. We got the project out, got into a few festivals with it and people just started receiving it, which is.

Syl: Cool. Cool. So how, how can people find this this short film?

Shomari Love: Yeah, so that one isn’t [00:13:00] available to the public as yet. We are in the works with some things on that, on the back end.

So stay tuned. Cool.

Syl: Okay. Definitely, definitely. So we’ll definitely stay tuned people that’s that’s possibly following you social media. I’m sure when the update’s available. You’ll you’ll hit ’em with that. Exactly. Exactly. Cool. Now I know beforehand, I was kind of picking your brain a little bit as far as just stuff, you know, other stuff you interested in and you you say you go hard on sci-fi.

So I’m gonna just kind of throw it to you right now. Like what what kind of gets you going with sci-fi genre overall? Are we talking like the old school stuff? Like what, where are we going? I was thinking aliens soon. You said scifi. I was thinking aliens the media.

Shomari Love: Yeah, listen, listen, you know what?

You know what? It’s funny because I was having this conversation with one of my friends the other day. And we were comparing like some of the classics mm-hmm , you know, to the modern day SoFi. it’s tough. Right? Because a lot of these classes, they, you know, obviously they laid their foundation for the stuff we have nowaday, but the, the [00:14:00] implementation of like CGI and graphics, it’s, it’s, it’s just taking everything to another level.

Right. Because for me, the basis of scifi, what really intrigues me about, it’s just, it’s the intellectual aspect of it. Like some of the concepts that you have to really put together with the film, like, how did this happen? How does that make sense? Mm-hmm, , you know, they’re, they’re in this world, but the things that are happening in this world are surreal almost.

And I think that intellectual aspect of the scifi combined with like the special effects in CGI for me, it’s it’s. it’s really enjoyable because as an actor, my mind gets to play mm-hmm . So whenever I’m in a space where, where my mind is engaged and I get to imagine different things and create these other worlds, I enjoy it even more.

And that’s exactly what you’re doing besides fiction.

Syl: Right? Mm-hmm definitely, definitely it. That reminds me of like really Scott cuz like. I’m saying he’s always creating [00:15:00] whatever really Scott touches. I mean, cause I was, you know, thinking of aliens, but then he got like raised by wools. He, you know, all across the board, he does stuff.

Did you, did you

Shomari Love: see the first season of raised by wools?

Syl: Yes. Yes, sir. I tell yo that got me through the lockdown, my ass. What raised my wolves, man.

Shomari Love: Listen, listen, bro. I binge watched the first season. I don’t wanna give you, we can’t give spoilers away spoil,

Syl: but hold on

Shomari Love: mother and father crazy. That was crazy.

That was

Syl: my mother goes hard, bro. Mother.

Shomari Love: I said, I said, listen. I said, listen. Let me stay clear. I was like, I don’t want any problems with mother she’s too unpredictable for me. for sure. I swear.

Syl: I swear, like you said, the, the, the visualization, but then just the, the, the, the storytelling elements to that and yeah.

You know, new, new worlds, [00:16:00] new, you know, you’re branching now. It’s just really cool. A really cool genre. Now, if you was going to be a part of a, a sci-fi drama, what, what, what you think you think you’ll be a part of.

Shomari Love: Man come on. You, you listen. That is probably one of the hardest questions I’ve gotten far.

It’s like when you, when you really, when you really appreciate, so you wanna be in all of them, like you just star all of them. I have to say, I don’t know. I have to say all right. So if I had to put three on the list, mm-hmm, definitely stranger things. So stranger things is different. I don’t, I don’t know if you remember the the 100 that was on

Syl: CW. Yeah. I just peeked that out actually recently. Yeah. The 100

Shomari Love: was really good.

I really appreciated that. That kind of you know, that gives me a vibe. That’s almost similar to raised by wolves, but you know, it’s slightly different. It’s more like an it’s it’s a little different. It’s more like the immediate post-apocalyptic and then there’s one more there’s one more show. It was really good.

I don’t even recall the name of it at this moment, [00:17:00] but I think it was on apples, apple TV. It was another side I started recently came up, but definitely stranger things. Yeah, the 100 and then, you know what, for the sake of it raised by wolves, we can put that in there for the next season. Put that

Syl: in there, right?

Yeah. Yeah. That’s good. Good choice. Good. Top three, right? In no particular order, you know exactly. But like stranger things, man. I mean, that’s like a phenomena when you talking about sci-fi nostalgia type. Like I was when I was like, man, you know, when, when something hits, like it just hits. Right. But it seems obvious now why this’s so successful.

But I guess what kind of draws you to stranger things though? Cause it’s like, man, they, they kind of mark off when they come off any summer. They’re like, yo, this is our weekend, man, man, everybody’s gonna watch

Shomari Love: man. You, you know what? You just said it, when something hits, it just hits stranger things, man. I mean the checklist is crazy.

The checklist is crazy. The, the CGI is, is off the charts. The storyline is [00:18:00] off the charts. That along with the character development. Really good. I like how they introduce new characters and tie them into these character stories. It’s almost like a seamless flow. It’s like, oh, that makes sense. Of course that’s who would’ve shown up next.

You know what I mean? Mm-hmm I like that a lot. And then the acting, the acting is strong.

Syl: Yes. Yes. I mean, they got a good cast and we, we just, we saw them grow up. Right. It’s like, yeah, basically. It’s like, man, like, so that’s good work, you know, behind the camera. I always champion a lot of that as far as the people, part of the production team.

Cause you know, we see the actors, you know, obviously, I mean, you’ve done stuff behind the camera too, but it’s like, you know, they’re presenting, you know, I’m saying the actors and everything, that’s a lot of talent, you know, behind the camera with that too.

Shomari Love: A a hundred percent. It’s funny, you said that production value is so important.

Like I know a lot of these projects. I look at a lot of projects and it’s like, oh yeah, I really wanna be a part of that one. And when you, when you get the [00:19:00] opportunity to work behind the camera, you appreciate what goes into it so much more because, you know, as actors, we show up prepared, we do the work, but then it’s outta your hands.

Like you have no control over what happens next. Right. So you just hope that, you know, it’s gonna come out in the best way it can. So, yeah, man, I definitely, definitely, definitely appreciate.

Syl: I always find that funny too. Cause like, I mean, I understand it now, but in the past, like actors will say exactly what you just said.

Like yo, like, you know, they put, they work in. And someone ask me, how’s the film, you know, before it comes out. Right. They’re like, yo, I haven’t seen it yet. like we about to find out .

Shomari Love: Yeah. Like, like, like you, you tell me .

Syl: Exactly. Exactly. So now, so that brings up a good thing before we get a last point here with with you as an actor.

Cause I, again, I love her just to get y’all feedback when I, when I come across y’all and Are you that type where, you know, there’s a certain, there’s certain actors where they don’t even watch [00:20:00] themselves. They, they put the, in,

Shomari Love: they like P I, I don’t, I do not like watching myself, man.

Syl: OK. So

Shomari Love: I remember, you know, it was funny when we when the shy came out, we did a premier the season premier here in New York.

I mean, I think, you know, some months have passed before, since I shot it. And I’m sitting there with everyone else at the premier watching. I forgot the sequence that, you know, my scene was coming on and, and I’m like, I almost forgot. I was like, who’s that

Syl: he was experiencing just like us, right? Like, oh man. Oh hundred. I felt it in

Shomari Love: my body. Like I felt the person was sitting to the left and the right of me. We had the same emotions at the same time.

Syl: literally, that’s cool. That’s always cool to see. Cause it’s like, man, like, you know, people have different, you know what I’m saying?

Approaches to it. And I think I would be the same way, man. It’s like, I do like content videos and it’s like, I hate watching my streams afterwards. It’s like, bro, like I, I know [00:21:00] what I sound like. I don’t gotta hear it. You know? ,

Shomari Love: you know what, you know what, it’s funny. You said that because like when you’re an artist, The the, the more you draw as an artist, the more selfless you become and the more you give to the craft and to the art, you realize it’s, you’re not doing it for you.

It’s it’s the artist is meant to be received by someone else and to maybe impact somebody in, in a way. So I don’t need to see it

Syl: right, right. You know, that’s a good way to put it. Definitely a good way to put it, man. Definitely. So before we close out here, I’m gonna throw it to you. You know, this is a wild card.

I didn’t ask you before, but you a sports fan.

Shomari Love: Yeah, man. What’s up hit you

Syl: with. Basketball or football, basketball, basketball. Okay. NBA’s kind of wild right now. It’s very, I dunno, very wild. You saw the news to say, you know, we we’ll break it to, I know you you New York base, right. So I don’t know if you enter the Brooklyn nets, but yo, what’s going on,

Shomari Love: man know, man, listen, that’s crazy.

We were just talking about that in the group chat that listen, that was bound to happen in [00:22:00] my opinion. It, it was. Ever since I feel like ever since gold state started that like super dark, super stardom thing. Like I, I never thought that was a sustainable model. And then in New York, it’s just too fast paced for that.

Like in New York, if a team is not getting the results that they need to get and having the right success, it’s not gonna last though. So I mean, maybe it is for the best, these trays are gonna happen for the best. And you know, the man said he wanted out, so Hey.

Syl: Right. It’s like, it’s kind of hard to, you know, now, as far as out there, were you more of a, were you supporting both the nets and Nicks?

Or how would you,

Shomari Love: I I’ll be honest with you. So like, you know, being a New York native, I always supported the Knicks, but you know, the Nick story, everyone knows the Nicks story. We’re not, we’re not gonna get into that 30 years. We’re not gonna get into that. Uh, that’s, that’s, that’s traumatic, but I ain’t going, I ain’t gonna do that too, but, but.

I’ve always been a, I’ve always been a [00:23:00] Kyrie supporter. So Kyrie is one of my favorite players. So, you know, dope him going. Yeah. Him going with the nets. And we, we, we came up around at the same time as well. So seeing him grow and then seeing him go to the nets, like, all right, I’ll support the nets as an extension of, you know, Kyrie, but mm-hmm , that was

Syl: about it.

It’s crazy right now. So it’s like now, I mean, I guess they’re gonna blow that up, but I think in a, in a, in a weird. This, this management team for the nets. Mm-hmm they can go out there. They can go out there and get the team they actually want. Cause Hey, yeah, you trading to Kevin to Duran. You can get to whoever you want in the league right now at

Shomari Love: this point.

Yeah. That’s that’s yeah. That’s that’s that’s, that’s a, that’s a good trade and option. Like you, you got a lot, you got a lot of leverage, a lot of

Syl: leverage did. I’m just saying, I know one rumor was Kevin Duran wants to go to Phoenix. So I mean, you can get one of them young stars from over there.

Yeah. Her.

Shomari Love: I heard that. I don’t know how I feel about it. Him going to Phoenix though, man. [00:24:00] K KD KD. He’s he’s an interesting, interesting play, man. I don’t, I don’t know how that’s gonna work out in Phoenix, man, but listen, listen, listen. I don’t wish anything. Anything bad on anybody. I hope it works out. I just, I’m just not sure how it was gonna work out.

Syl: we’ll we’ll definitely see we do our sports update next time, which love. Right? So any last things you wanna throw out there, any shout out to whatever, before we close this one down.

Shomari Love: Yeah, man. Well, shout out to you. Shout out to this platform here. I appreciate you guys having me. Definitely, definitely.

Everyone who tuned. Be on the lookout for take the night, July 8th. And you know, I’m, I’m reachable on Instagram at Shamari love. That’s like my main social platform. That’s about it.

Syl: Cool. Cool. Definitely. It’s been a pleasure talking to you, bro. And I’m looking for J July 8th. Take the night. I, I may do a watch party.

We may, we may do something on the channel.

Shomari Love: That’s a great idea. [00:25:00] That is a great idea.

Syl: All right. Definitely, definitely stay tuned. Again for a spoiler country, celeb ink, we outta here much less to everyone. All.

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