She-Hulk! Moon Knight! Ms. Marvel! All coming to Disney+!

Look, Disney, we get it. You won the rights to a lot of really cool characters and IP’s. You keep flexing on us with all these shows before the service even launches and us fans might die from excitement. Learn to tease a little.

That being said, holy crap y’all! Just announced at D23 tonight, THREE new Disney+ shows for Marvel!

She-Hulk! You’ve probably heard us talk about her on the podacst more than once, and we know out good friend Denis from Corvink has been waiting for this for some time. If done right, the introduction of Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer into the MCU will be amazing! Granted, she was originally created out of fear of losing the rights to a character back when the Hulk TV show was on in the 1970’s so Marvel Comics could beat the TV Show to creating a female version of the hulk but STILL, this is exciting. If you have not read John Byrne’s run of She-Hulk do yourself a favor and use it as a prep for this show.

Everyone it seems wants a Moon Knight show, and we literally just talked about how we think Keanu Reeves would be great for this (see episode 185) and how it’s rumored Marvel is in talks with him for this role. It would pretty jaw dropping if this series stared Reeves and then he worked into the MCU movies. For prep go read Moon Knight Vol 1 1-15 by Sienkiewicz & Moench and Vol 6 by Garth Ennis. You wont regret it, I promise.

Finally, they announced a Ms. Marvel series! This one I think is cool because I love the concept of a fan of a character getting powers and honoring that character in name, but with a totally unique power set. I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING. “John, did you guys JUST talk about creating new and exciting characters not re-hashing old ones?” (see episode 185, embedded below) Well yes, kind of. But I like Legacy characters. Carol moved on, Kamala stepped in. For prep good read Vol 1 1-6, then keep reading because they are fun.

So there you have, as if we are not all already going to give big brother Disney our money for this service anyway here are three MORE reasons to do so! What do you think about these shows? Let us know!

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