Shadow Zapdos comes to Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go has added Shadow Zapdos as the latest edition to Team Rocket. Team Rocket’s plans for Pokemon Go have gone into the month of December. The “A Challenging Development” Special Research quest released earlier today. The quest leads to a battle against Giovanni and his Shadow Zapdos. Completing either this quest or the “Looming in the Shadows” quest will allow players to battle Shadow Zapdos.

The rollover comes with a couple changes to Pokemon Go. The first being that players can no longer capture a Shadow Articuno. Players who haven’t completed “Looming in the Shadows” can capture Shadow Zapdos twice (once for Looming in the Shadows, and once for A Challenging Development.) Players can also hold off on completing “A Challenging Development” until January for the chance at a second Shadow Moltres.

While players are still working on completing “A Challenging Development,” it appears that the steps are identical to “Looming in the Shadows.” So players should be prepared to spend a lot of Stardust to purify their Pokemon. Giovanni and all of the other Team Rocket Admins use the same Pokemon they used last month.

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