SDCC 2018 Friday – Day Two! Metropolis Comics! Andrew Sumner and Titan Comics!

It’s day TWO of the San Diego Comic Con and we have some awesome stuff for you! Today we attended the Diamond Retailers lunch, got a TON of information that we will be releasing soon. We talked with a TON of people, but we bring you two on this episode.

First is Vincent with Metropolis Comics. They are an amazing retailer that deals in high end comics and art. Their booth is like a museum. We plan to have Vincent back on for a full episode soon!

Next up is a man who is amazing. We heard him talk last here and talked to him at the Titan Comics booth then and he is funny as hell. This year we got to record with him and hear an amazing story.

We bring you Andrew Sumner, EVP of Titan Entertainment!

We did have a little trouble with our audio towards the end and since we are releasing these daily right now there was no time to re-record it to fix it. We did the best we could, but towards the end Kenric gets a little quiet.

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One thought on “SDCC 2018 Friday – Day Two! Metropolis Comics! Andrew Sumner and Titan Comics!

  • April 9, 2020 at 7:42 pm

    wrath of the Titan comics hehehe


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