Ryan Reynolds, Taika Waititi and Green Lantern

This is funny.

I mean it made me laugh, but it also kinda makes me upset. Not like OMFG HOW DARE THEY! TRIGGERED!!!! upset. More like “really, come on” upset. You all know how I feel about the Green Lantern film (and if you don’t, go read about it here) and it really kinda rubs me the wrong way all the open hate for this movie as if it is as bad as say Catwoman.

Was it perfect? Hell no. Was it entertaining and fun? I sure thought so. My dad thought so too.

I’m not going to sit here and defend that movie, cause no one will care. I will just say that at some point can we agree that it’s not Ryan Reynolds worst movie? I mean his X-Men Origins? R.I.P.D? Blade Trinity? Anyone? No? I’m on this soap box alone? Cool.

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