RUMORVERSE: THRAWN to be Played by….

Since Ahsoka demanded the whereabouts of Grand Admiral Thrawn near the end of Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian, fans have been speculating non-stop on who should be cast as the the Imperial military commander. While actors like Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Fassbender and Tom Hiddleston are all fantastic ideas. The most clear and accurate answer appears to be right in front of us.

The Rumorverse

For those unaware Thrawn was first introduced in a 1991 Timothy Zahn novel called Heir to the Empire. He quickly became one of the most feared villains in the expanded universe and was one of the most significant characters within continuity. In 2014 when the Disney owned Lucasfilm designated the Expanded Universe as non-canon, calling it Legends, many were disappointed that such an iconic Star Wars character was being removed from continuity.

Luckily for fans, Dave Filoni brought the character back into Star Wars canon in 2016. Introducing him on the show Star Wars Rebels where he played an integral part of the plot and even becoming the main antagonist for the heroes of the show. In both iterations Thrawn has been depicted as a male Chiss, with blue skin and red eyes. Being a Grand Admiral he is outfitted in a white Imperial Navy uniform that make his red eyes pop and menacing.

Over the years and though different mediums the character has had an assortment of actors voicing him. Tris King, Tim Russel, Marc Thompson and most notably Lars Mikkelsen have all had the pleasure of bringing the villain to life in some form.

As stated above the actors who are discussed would all bring Thrawn to life fantastically however, why go to the well when there is a very well established actor who is already familiar with the character, able and willing to take on the role?

That is right, It’s been revealed to us that Lars Mikkelsen is the front-runner to portray Thrawn in Live-action form. While his appearance could come sooner rather than later, the plans are to make him the antagonist in the upcoming “rumored” Ahsoka series. However, there is a possibility of another crossover with The Mandalorian where both Ahsoka and or Thrawn will appear in some capacity.

As with anything in that comes from the Rumorverse everything is rumor until its official

What are your thoughts on Mikkelsen continuing the role of Thrawn in Live-action?

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