RUMORVERSE: More BATFLECK on the Horizon

Back in October our friends over at The Cultured Nerd reported that they received confirmation That Affleck would be retuning to the roled of Batman in multiple films and an HBO Max series. Shortly after that dropped the Editor in Chief of TCN discussed how he was contacted and asked him to hold off on any other scoops related to Affleck’s return. (You can hear that here on the Lightcast Podcast) This immediately drew some speculation on the validity of their information. Obviously if they are being contacted by representatives in the know they must be onto something. Right?

The Rumorverse

While details are still scarce, sources have revealed to the Spoilerverse that Ben Affleck is indeed working with HBO Max and ironing out details for a Batman project on the streaming platform.

From what we understand the idea is they will be using the original script Affleck wrote as the basis of this project. According to some the story played out as Batman vs. Deathstroke with flashback elements showing Batman’s perceived failure when the Joker killed Robin. This death in the family reference was alluded to in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice where we see a burned Robin suit on display with “HAHAHA JOKES ON YOU BATMAN” written across the torso.

Back in 2018 Jay Oliva tweeted about Affleck’s story and how amazing it was. Hopefully this is the same story we get as Oliva himself has made some pretty great content within the DC Animated Universe. So, We would say his words carry some weight here.

As with anything in that comes from the Rumorverse everything is rumor until its official.

With that, an official announcement will come when details are solidified. We have to remember Warner is in the midst of righting many of the wrongs from the last decade many of which included the old regime hastily announcing projects that were not ironed out. With Zack Snyder’s Justice League on the horizon and the fan excitement over the return of Affleck in the upcoming Flash film. The company needs to play things right not to lose the fans trust.

Tell us, are you excited about the return of Affleck as Batman?

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