Rose City Comic Con Jr 2019!

One of the reasons I brought Jack (5 almost 6) and Saidey (11 1/2 (yes, the half is important)) and her friend Katie (almost 12) down to Portland with me for Rose City Comic Con was so they could experience RCCC Jr. A cool thing that RCCC does each year (I think it started last year which we talked about) is they have an entire section set up for kids with tons of kids activities set up.

Saidey going for the top of the rock climbing.

Last year they had an entire obstacle course set up that kids could run through and test their might against. It was pretty awesome. This year they changed it up a little, which thinking about it now I really enjoy the fact that it wasn’t just the same thing. They had Trackers Earth there doing a bunch of cool things.

They had
Rock Climbing
Knot Tying

Can you guess which one of those was the biggest attraction? Yup, you guessed it. Knot Tying. Who DOESN’T love tying rope into a knot?

Rock Climbing, it was Rock Climbing. That last thing was a joke, come on people, catch up.

There was never NOT a line for Rock climbing the entire time I was there, and my kids did it several times. Sadly Jack was unable to climb the wall as he was too small. This caused a mini fit that lasted only about 5 minutes to get over, but that’s ok. Safety first, right? (He would have been fine, he was like half an inch too short and 1 pound too light).

They also had a coloring booth area, several booths aimed towards kids, legos, a science area, and other cool stuff. In the very back was also a Dodge Neon that had been tricked out into a NEONtendo. This is the coolest thing, check it out.


Gallery of images from the RCCC Jr area.

It’s safe to say that if you like comic conventions, and you have kids, and you want to go to a convention that has stuff set up for kids, then Rose City Comic Con is a great show to attend!

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