Rose City Comic Con 2019 Announces Full Schedule of Events

Portlands premiere comic book convention is coming up and today they released their FULL programming schedule!

We recently talked about a bunch of info they released about this years show, and you know we covered it last year with an episode a day, and in 2017 when I had an artist table there, but today let’s take a look at some of what I think are going to be the highlight panels for this years RCCC!


For me personally, I’m looking forward to the Monters in Comics panel which is in Room 7 at 2:40pm. Here’s the synopsis from the site

From EC Comics to the Walking Dead. A fun and informative presentation about the history of horror comics. Live sketching and giveaways, too!

Honestly, I wish I was ON this panel! I did a panel back at ECCC about creating comics (listen to it here) and I am just itching to do more. And with my love of monsters (with the Eynes book coming out soon) this feels like a perfect fit for me as a panelist AND as an audience member.


There’s a LOT of good stuff on Saturday, first thing in the morning is Movement & Motivation 101 with Geek Girl Strong (Room 7 @ 11am), which looks to be awesome. There is a Princess Bride (Room 1 @ 1pm) panel with actors from the movie including Mr. Cary Elwes himself, some pretty awesome education panels about black history, diversity, and astronomy. But I think the one that excites me the most has got to be A Goofy Reunion. According to the site:

Years ago, Goofy and his son, Max, went on a road trip. Now they’ve ended up here at the Rose City Comic Con! Join Bill Farmer (Goofy),  Jason Marsden (Max), and Pauly Shore (Bobby) as they reminisce and answer your questions! 

The cast of the greatest movie of all time (debatable for sure) come together to talk about, well A Goofy Movie. If I make any panel at this show, it will be this one, yeah buuuuuudddyyyy. (Room 1 @ 10:30am)


Sunday has a ton of sweet stuff as well, but I’m only here to tell you about one that I want to see, and trust me it’s hard to pick. I cheated on Saturday and mentioned 3, but for Sunday, the holiest of days as it’s the last day of the show, I will play by the rules. Bright and early at 10:30am in Room 1 we got Power Man himself, Mike Colter. The only way this could be better is if Iron Fist himself Finn Jones was also there. It’s no secret that I’m an Iron Fist fan (I mean I spent a whole day at SDCC searching for the comics). One of the things I’m doing after I finish that series is work on Power Man, cause sweet Christmas I need them all.

Sweet Christmas! Mike Colter (Luke Cage) is here to keep the Rose City Comic Con safe. Harlem’s hero for hire will be on stage answering your questions, and you’ll be there because you don’t want Luke hunting you down!

So take a look at the panels presented for this years RCCC and let me know what ones excite you! Either comment on the post or hit me up on twitter!

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