I took a trip to sunny Orlando, Florida to check out the historic relaunch of Death Metal legends Massacre, and witnessed an event over 30 years in the making as for the first time ever they played their debut album From Beyond in its entirety! And to make it even more epic, the band has reformed:  But this time joining OG Riffmaster Rick Rozz and his longtime partner in metal Mike Mazzonetto are original vocalist Kam Lee and original bassist Mike Borders! This marks the first time that Lee Borders, and Rozz have shared a stage together since 1986.

I got a chance to talk to Rick before the show, and got the inside scoop on the band’s reformation, the idea behind it, the upcoming shows, some insight into the early history of the band, and of course those sweet SP Custom Threshers! Rick is a super chill, laid back dude and this was a really fun conversation. Ignore the motorcycle in the background, the crazy loud Florida bugs, and me stumbling through my words for the first few minutes lol. All part of the experience!

Also worth Noting, though not part of the interview, False Prophet and Druid Lord were also on this killer bill. One of the most epic lineups I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing live!

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Closing Song Credit: “From Beyond”, off the debut album From Beyond. Copyright 1991 Earache Records.

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