Rian Johnson Trilogy STILL on the Table

Writer Sariah Wilson made a bit of splash this week when she tweeted out some intriguing information about a future Star Wars project everyone believed to be dead. You can see the Tweet below.

Since she revealed the news she tweeted again showing that Rian Johnson had started following her which many take as a good sign that she is not incorrect with her statement.

Late in 2020 we posted a Rumorverse article about the Rian Johnson Star Wars project.

We were told ‘the ball is in Lucasfilm’s court as they work out production details.’

While our information regarding his trilogy being the next Star Wars film was incorrect, the Patty Jenkins helmed Rogue Squadron was a heavily guarded secret and was surprising to many within and outside Lucasfilm that it was announced.

With that said, we are working on getting more information regarding this story so make sure to check back to the Spoilerverse for more information.

Announced in 2017, Rian Johnson, Director of The Last Jedi, would be developing a new Star Wars trilogy for Lucasfilm. This trilogy would be released sometime after the conclusion of the sequel trilogy and would be exploring a different part of the lore than we had seen before.

What are your thoughts on this development? Let us know in the comments below!

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